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RidingEasy Records - 2018 Year in Review

It’s time for your Album of The Year picks is here once again! 2018 has been another incredible year for RidingEasy Records. Below are details and links on everything RidingEasy for 2018 for your consideration for those year-end picks. All bands are available for interviews, downloads are available and if you need anything else, please let us know. 


SPINY NORMEN Spiny Normen (released 2/23) 
Houston band's incredible twisted psych posthumous album finally released 40 years after it was recorded. Spiny Normen was an incredible mid-70's hard rock, progressive, psychedelic rock band whose singles featured in the Brown Acid compilation series inspired RidingEasy to track down any additional recordings. A totally lost relic, the self-titled album was recorded at the local community college and never released, until now. 

BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT Blackwater Holylight (released 4/06)
Portland, OR quartet's breakout debut inspired Paste Magazine to write, "this quartet has been burning up stages all around their hometown, fueled by their abrasive blend of doom metal, psych rock, goth and a tangy soupçon of pop music." Already an Album of the Year contender early in the year, this one is bound to top many lists this year. 

The popular compilation series of long-lost vintage 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles' sixth edition continues the headbanging tradition. The series is curated by L.A. label RidingEasy Records and retailer/label Permanent Records. The two have assembled a selection of songs that's hard to believe have remained unheard for so long and tapped a goldmine of hard rock brilliance. 

THE DEATH WHEELERS I Tread On Your Grave (released 5/11)
Heavily inspired by the aesthetics and ethos of bikesploitation movies such as The Wild AngelsWerewolves on Wheels and Psychomania, The Death Wheelers seek to glorify this unsung era of movie making through their sordid sounds. Taking musical cues from rock's greats such as Davie AllanThe CrampsMotörheadThe Stooges and Grand Funk Railroad, the Death Wheelers perpetrate the tradition of heaviness by making zero compromises when it comes to laying down the groove.

SVVAMP Svvamp 2 (released 6/08)
"Near perfect" (New Noise Magazine) and "arguably the band of the year" (Doom Charts, 2016) the Jönköping, Sweden trio surpassed the highest expectations for their sophomore album, despite the "high tech" leap from 4-track to 6-track recording. Their earnest, homespun and bluesy classic rock sound hearkens to Cream, Grand Funk Railroad, Crazy Horse, et al. Simple, unpretentious fun.

HERE LIES MAN You Will Know Nothing (released 6/15)
What if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat? The musical concept heard round the world on the band's 2017 debut is fully realized on the breakthrough sophomore album by the L.A. based quintet is founded and conceptualized by Marcos Garcia of Antibalas. Press praise from MojoUncutQuietus and countless others continues while the band wows audiences at Primavera Sound, L.A.'s Desert Daze, and nonstop headlining tours in North America and Europe. 

MICK'S JAGUAR Fame and Fortune (released 6/22)
"Every song on the record is a fucking anthem," exclaims CvltNation. "An infectious 10-track spinner," hails Doomed & Stoned. The Obelisk called it "clean, classic-feeling" with a "penchant for big hooks." And many others loved the street-fighting sound of the NYC 6-piece's debut. if you missed it, it's time to get yourself some Fame and Fortune

DUNBARROW Dunbarrow II (released 9/14)
Norwegian proto-doom with a back-to-basics sound, Dunbarrow's clean, unadorned "eerie rawness" gives the band's sophomore album a hauntingly classic feel. "I really can't rave enough about how great this album is," says Doomed & Stoned. "Photo-doom at its best," says More Fuzz. "Quite simply one of the best true 70s sounding doom bands out there," says Doom Charts

ELECTRIC CITIZEN Helltown (released 9/28)
"A back-to-basics return to their raunchier roots," says Dangerous MindsNoisey says the band's "greasy pop hooks come buried under layers of swaggering stoner licks, hot rock leads, and vocalist Laura Dolan's sinewy yowl, keeping things good and dirty even as they let a little sparkle peek out." The third album is in many ways a homecoming, and a honing of their concise heavy rock sound that continues to electrify all who come into contact. 

SATAN'S SATYRS The Lucky Ones (released 10/19)
Co-released with UK label Bad OmenThe Lucky Ones is produced by Windhand guitarist Garrett Morris and showcases the band's pioneering of a punky, glam-infused form of doom and roll aligning great hooks with heavy thunder. Revolver Magazine says, "the core of the band's approach -- Blue CheerSabbathDeep Purple -- remain soundly in place, just imagine applying those groups' swaggering fuzz-rock riffs to the soundtrack of a Russ Meyer film." 

ALASTOR Slave To The Grave (released 10/31)
The breakout Occultist Swedish band's RidingEasy debut full length garnered so much advance buzz before its Halloween release, you'd think it was the Boogeyman. Brooklyn Vegan says that they, "really nail l that satisfying middle ground between super heavy, super catchy, and super psychedelic." Metal Injection says Alastor "are all about the classic, darker aspects of the genre, and they nail that sound and mystique well." It immediately debuted on Doom Charts Top 10. 

The popular compilation series featuring long-lost 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles' seventh edition ups the ante evermore. The series curated by L.A. label RidingEasy Records and retailer/label Permanent Records recently received the pinnacle of endorsements: Lenny Kaye, creator of the legendary Nuggets compilation series (and guitarist in Patti Smith Band & Creem Magazine scribe), picked up his own copies of the previous editions, seen here via Instagram.

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