Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fuzz Evil share monolithic rock single recorded at Dave Grohl's Studio 606 via Metal Injection

"Assaults you with a dense wall of riffery."  --Ghost Cult Magazine

"A foundation of quality songs. It's reassuring to hear a young band with such a clear idea of who and what they want to be." -- The Obelisk

"High energy stoner rock with plenty of raw fuzziness from the 70s." -- More Fuzz

Sierra Vista, AZ trio Fuzz Evil premiere the first track from their forthcoming sophomore album High on You today via Metal Injection. The album was recorded at Dave Grohl's Studio 606 in Los Angeles with producer Paul Fig (Alice In Chains, Slipknot, Ghost). Hear and share "Get It Together" HERE. (Direct YouTube and Bandcamp.)

Fuzz Evil hits the road in September to support the album. Please see current dates below. 

Formed in 2014, Fuzz Evil is a chug-heavy trio that tames the fuzziest guitar and bass tones on the planet and wields them to blast a monolithic speaker-ripping fuzzapocaplyse for your ears and soul. Raw and dirty in Stooges-like fashion with soaring soulful vocals. Fuzz Evil released their first single, "Glitterbones" on a 7" split with the California trio Chiefs on Battleground Records in 2014. In 2016 they followed up the single with a self-titled full length debut, also on Battleground.

The group then teamed up with the prominent Bay Area rock label, Ripple Music, and the Texas trio Switchblade Jesus to release Chapter 7 of the on-going vinyl splits known as the Second Coming of Heavy series. The current line-up is Orgo Martinez on drums, Wayne Rudell on guitar and vocals, and his brother Joey Rudell on bass and vocals. 

High On You will be available on CD and download on September 14th, 2018. Pre-orders are available HERE.

09/14 Sierra Vista, AZ @ The Horned Toad
09/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Lexington
09/16 San Jose, CA @ Caravan Lounge
09/18 Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge
09/19 Tacoma, WA @ The Valley
09/20 Seattle, WA @ Highline
09/21 Kallspell, MT @ Old School Records
09/22 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
09/23 Las Vegas, NV @ The Dive

Artist: Fuzz Evil
Album: High On You
Label: Fuzz Evil
Release date: September 14th, 2018

01) Get It Together
02) You Can Take Her Away
03) Ribbons and Kills
04) If You Know
05) The Strut
06) High On You
07) Are You In Or Out?

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Dunbarrow share new track from hauntingly classic new album on RidingEasy Records

"Proto-doom at its best! Fuzz pedals are absent and the guitars are driven by a warm tube amp drive." -- More Fuzz

"I really can't rave enough about how great this album is."-- Doomed and Stoned

"The Trondheim-based outfit are in the process of carving out their own niche aesthetically, and they're doing so with the sharpest of teeth." -- The Obelisk

Norwegian quintet Dunbarrow share a new track from their forthcoming sophomore album on RidingEasy Records today via CvltNation. Hear and share the killer hook of "On Your Trail" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

The Obelisk recently premiered album track "The Wolf" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

There's a hauntingly classic feel to Dunbarrow's sound that gives it, in the band's own words, "an eerie rawness." It's not raw in a lo-fi or distorted sense -- far from it, the production is exceptionally clean and powerful. It's the vibe to the music that has a dreamlike and ghostly quality, like a mysterious recording imprinted onto an old cassette tape. 

Dunbarrow's pristine, unadorned sound shares the unpretentious brilliance of classic heavy progenitors jamming in basements and barns, before the big budgets and bloated habits diluted hard rock records into an echo chamber awash in reverb and layered in distant, screeching hobbits. "It's a heavy sounding record without being just tons of over-distorted guitar tracks," says guitarist Kenneth Lønning. "We've never been fascinated by that, and we're trying to push in the other direction." Its heft comes from the band's use of space in their songs. 

Without the Haugesund, Norway quintet's exceptional musicianship, such an intimate sound would be impossible. Drummer Pål Gunnar Dale sets the skeletal core with driving urgency and tastefully punctuating triplet fills, Bassist Sondre Berge Engedal slinks throughout with the limber bounce of John Paul Jones, while Lønning's and Eirik Øvregård's guitars weave dark, bluesy tapestries with emphasis on melodic chord structures without burying them in distortion or other effects. Vocalist Espen Andersen ties it all together with his warm, folky delivery that gives it all the feel of a bygone era of storytelling in song. 

"Maybe more than the previous record, this one is more vocal driven," Lønning says. "But it still has those quirky transitions, eerie build ups, folk-inspired parts and the haunting solos." Many of the album's poetic lyrics were written by former bassist/vocalist Richard Chappell, whose writing personifies the group. Along with the album's running theme of love and despair, is that of recognizing one's own dark sides and developing your shadows into something you can control, inspired of the work by Carl Jung.

Key to the band's impressive sound is that the singer is also the recording and mixing engineer. Andersen also recorded the band's excellent 2016 debut (formally released wordlwide by RidingEasy in late 2017), now with more studio experience for both Andersen and the band, Dunbarrow II is a truly refined experience. To further perfect their sound, the group teamed up with one of the most prominent producers in Norway, Christer Cederberg (Anathema, Tristania) for the first few days in order to get the sound just right. Then, Espen did the rest. The result is as eponymous and definitive as its title. 

Dunbarrow II will be available on LP, CD and download on September 14th, 2018 via RidingEasy Records. Pre-orders are available HERE

Artist: Dunbarrow
Album: Dunbarrow II
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: September 14th, 2018

01. On Your Trail
02. Please Let Me Be
03. Weary Lady
04. Ode To The Moon
05. Feberdrøm
06. The Wolf
07. The Demon Within
08. Witches Of The Woods Pt. II
09. On This Night

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Psych/spacerock legends ST 37 stream new 2xLP at Brooklyn Vegan, on tour now

"Long-running specialists in bubbling-mercury riffage and German-flavored trance-rock" -- David Fricke, Rolling Stone

"The same mix of punk, psych, and space rock that they’ve been making for decades, but they still sound as invigorated as ever. The whole thing is a dense, trippy wall of sound that really encourages you to turn on, tune in, and drop out." -- Brooklyn Vegan

Austin spacerock legends ST 37 are streaming their forthcoming self-titled double album in its entirety ahead of release today via Brooklyn Vegan. The self-titled epic will be released via Super Secret Records (following up last year's 12" split with Acid Mothers Temple on subsidiary label Self Sabotage Records.) Hear and share ST 37 HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

The band kicks off a headlining tour tonight. See dates below.  

After playing 30 shows in 31 days all over the US and Canada with Acid Mothers Temple in 2015, ST 37 felt an immediate need to decamp for Ohm Studios to capture some shit-hot lightning in a bottle with Chico Jones at the helm in an attempt to translate the incredible energy that was exchanged between these two psychedelic juggernauts as they battled their way across North America. It seemed as if the Japanese sonic wizards and the Texas space rockers were rubbing off on each other: AMT guitarist Makoto Kawabata guested live several times with ST 37 on the Twin Peaks cover "Just You" and the bands made immediate plans to issue a TP-themed split 12" 45 with AMT's version of "Sycamore Trees" (Self Sabotage Records SS-08); AMT bassist Atsushi Tsuyama found himself channeling ST 37 bassist Scott Telles's lyrics onstage at the Mercury Lounge in Mahattan; and Telles suddenly started adopting Mitsuru Tabata's idiosyncratic vocal style.

Thus: a band changed translates this newfound energy into a brand new double LP and CD, three years in the making from the initial basic tracks at Ohm through more sessions with Evan Kleinecke at 5th St. Studios to numerous efforts at various band members' home studios. The new eponymously-titled record is in effect both current (new songs like War Fever, Boss and Shadesty) and timeless, as the band explores its roots with tracks like Houston punk chestnut Hollywood Cemetery and the old Elegant Doormats classic Grey Area.

Bobby Baker - guitars, synare
Bob Bechtol - electronics, tapes, backing vox
Lisa Cameron - drums, percussives, electronics
Joel Crutcher - guitars, lead vox on "Informed By Death"
SL Telles - bass, vox, drones
Matthew Turner - guitars, electronics, tapes

Chris "Sauce" Sorrentino - saxophone on "War Fever"
Michael Chamy - electronics on "Shaper of Worlds" and "Vengeance of Faces"
Kirk Laktas - piano on "Shadesty"
Walter Daniels - harmonica on " Snootle y Choobs"

All tracks except "War Fever," "Inward, Please," and "Rooster Feather Paycheck" recorded by Chico Jones at Ohm Recording Facility and mixed by Chico Jones and ST 37 at MicroMega Studio (Austin TX). "War Fever," "Inward, Please" and "Rooster Feather Paycheck" recorded & mixed by Evan Kleinecke and ST 37 at 5th Street Studios (Austin TX).

ST 37 will be available on 2xLP vinyl, CD and download on July 27th, 2018 via Super Secret Records. Pre-orders are available at Super Secret/Big Cartel.

ST 37 LIVE 2018:
07/26 Denton, TX @ Backyard on Bell
07/27 Norman, OK @ The Deli
07/28 Fayetteville, AR @ house party
07/29 Iowa City, IA @ Gabe's Oasis
07/30 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
07/31 Galesburg, IL @ Cherry Street Restaurant & Bar
08/02 Chicago, IL @ The Owl
08/03 Kansas City, MO @ miniBar
08/04 Nashville, TN @ Betty's Grill
08/05 Fort Worth, TX @ Lola's Saloon

Artist: ST 37
Album: ST 37
Label: Super Secret Records
Release date: July 27th, 2018

01) War Fever
02) Shaper of Worlds, Pt. 2
03) Grey Area
04) Hollywood Cemetery
05) Shadesty
06) Boss
07) Inward, Please
08) Snootie Y Choobs
09) KBDP
10) Rooster Feather Psycheck
11) Vengeance of Faces
12) Informed By Death

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

HORNE + HOLT (Knest members, Godspeed Y!BE collab, ex-White Denim, Young Mothers) share 2 tracks of cello & guitar orchestrations

"Masters at soundscapes and weirdness... To have just the two of them playing off one another, riding a mood out as simply as possible, has a pure sense of beauty to it worth cherishing." -- Nextbop

"Wires is an extraordinary collection of works that show both mastery of the genre it works in while also defying these styles’ traditional formulas." -- Heavy Blog is Heavy

Austin experimental music duo Horne + Holt share two tracks from their forthcoming album Wires today. Heavy Blog Is Heavy showcases "The Thin Invisibility of Wires" HERE, while Nextbop features "In Need of Rescue, Strings Attached" HERE. (Direct Bandcamp HERE.)

Horne + Holt is the instrumental duo of experimental guitarist Jonathan F. Horne and classically-trained cellist Randall Holt. Both are members of Knest with drummer/percussionist Thor Harris and further developed their sound while he was away on tour. Looking to capture their early development, the resulting combination of composition & improvisation, Wires, is Horne + Holt's debut collection of expressionistic soundscapes and emotive tone poems.

Recorded at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango in Montreal, Quebec, with Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor; Silver Mt. Zion) on the soundboard and mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Studio in Austin TX, Wires is the sound of two friends effortlessly shredding and a fresh take on new music & collaboration.

FFO/RIYL: Julia Kent; This Patch of Sky; Break of Reality; My Education; Jo Quail; Godspeed You! Black Emperor; Silver Mt. Zion

Jonathan F. Horne: guitar
Randall Holt: cello

Recorded at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango (Montreal, Quebec).
Engineered by Efrim Menuck.
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio (Austin TX).

Painting by Annie Alonzi

Artist: Horne + Holt
Album: Wires
Record Label: Self Sabotage Records
Release Date: July 27, 2018

01. Mvmt 1 - A Margin
02. The Lily Marches 
03. A Wake For Polaris
04. Stumbling Past The North Star
05. The Thin Invisibility of Wires
06. In Need of Rescue, Strings Attached
07. Mvmt 7 - Amend

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Austin melodic noiserock trio Exhalants share track via Metal Injection

"Somewhere between Unsane, Jesus Lizard and Dazzling Killmen sits Exhalants, a new Austin group comprised of members of Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes and Body Pressure. Following in the steps of the legendary Cherubs, Exhalants make caustic noise rock with melodic inflection." -- Revolver Magazine

"If you're a fan of bands like UnsaneJesus LizardCherubs, and Dazzling Killmen, then you're going to love Austin-based noise rock crushers Exhalants." -- Metal Injection

Austin, TX trio Exhalants share a new track from their forthcoming debut album today via Metal Injection. Hear and share the appropriately titled "Punishers" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud)

Revolver Magazine recently featured the first single "Latex" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

After the ending of his Carl Sagan's Skate ShoesExhalants guitarist/vocalist Steve (the band prefers to be on a first-name only basis with you) further honed his already wide guitar vocabulary in the downtime. He soon recruited fellow CSSS alum Bill on bass and Tommy, the drummer in Body Pressure (known for his high-energy, hard-hitting precision) to form the power trio before you now. 

Their self-titled debut album, heavy & melodic, acknowledges their influences like Shellac,
Unwound and Cherubs while extrapolating and building on those legacies into their own along with likeminded peers like Melkbelly, Kal Marks and A Dear A Horse

Recorded & mixed by Ian Rundell (Ghetto Ghouls) in Austin TX and mastered by Greg Obis (Yeesh) at Chicago Mastering Service, Exhalants is a refreshing return to dynamic complexity in a field obsessed with monolithic pummeling.

Exhalants will be available on LP and download on August 24th, 2018 out via Self Sabotage Records (Pre-order at Big Cartel-Self Sabotage).

08/21 Austin, TX @ Beerland w/ Skeleton
09/15 Austin, TX @ Beerland  - Austin Jukebox #12 w/ Body/Head, The Austerity Program

Artist: Exhalants
Album: Exhalants
Record Label: Self Sabotage Records
Release Date: August 24th, 2018

01. Latex
02. Cauterized
03. Ego Death
04. Public Display of Failure
05. False (St)art
06. If Only
07. Bow Yr Head
08. Unshut
09. Punishers
10. And I’ll Take You To A Quiet Place

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Jody Seabody & The Whirls drop aggro psychedelic punk-doom track, album art by Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys) on Artificial Head Recs

"A remarkably brilliant album which may just enter itself as a late runner in the album of the year lists."  --Echoes & Dust

"Jody Seabody & The Whirls mix and match musical genres with an eclectic elegance and seamless confidence." -- PopMatters

"Strikes a satisfying symmetry between pensive and punishing." -- Big Takeover

"A band whose sound is hard to pin down, yet that seems to be what makes them so appealing." -- Houston Press 

Houston quartet Jody Seabody & The Whirls share the first track from their forthcoming third album Hawksamillion today via PopMatters. Hear and share "All Gone White" HERE. (Soundcloud and Bandcamp.) 

Jody Seabody and The Whirls has long been as difficult to define as its mysterious moniker -- of which there is no Jody Seabody nor a group of Whirls among them. However, the Houston quartet's forthcoming third album Hawksamillion seems an effort, at least, for the band to define itself. 

Whereas the band's 2015 sophomore album Holographic Slammer dabbled in psychedelia, garage-prog, proto-punk and neo-grunge with manic bouts of aggression, their new album is pure, refined bile and vitriol. The band had hinted at the sound to come on the last 3 tracks of their previous album, but even those hadn't hit the extent of urgent fury evidenced throughout the 8 incendiary songs of Hawksamillion. With cover art by legendary Dead Kennedys/Alternative Tentacles collage artist Winston Smith, a sharp 180-degree turn from the work of Dutch '60s psychedelic artist Marijke (Cream, Apple Records, Procol Harum, The Hollies) even the album art is like a line drawn in the sand.

Just like the Bad Brains going from jazz-funk to inventing hardcore punk and onward, JS&TW have the musical chops to pull off any sound that takes their interest. Album opener "Ultra Defiant" starts off like a doom-inflected version of the aforementioned legends before jostling into a breakneck metalpunk storm with an ever-morphing riff and throat-searing vocals. "Malignant Terror" bursts out incisively decimating everyone in under 2 minutes, with the last 40 seconds dedicated to an instrumental jam. "Terror TV" shows the band's melodic and acrobatic skills with blistering guitar work and multiple vocalists overlapping one another. Elsewhere, "Grenade Green" is the album centerpiece at nearly 7 minutes long, flitting between old fashioned punk rock and Kill 'Em All-era thrash that may embody the fury of Hawksamillion best. Throughout, the level of intensity and anger is relentless, but not at the expense of the music. 

Somewhere over the past two years, the people and society that the band members loved and trusted have betrayed them. This album is a response to that betrayal of the promise of a better life and the "good times" of rock and roll. These are ugly, bitter days, and these guys are watching, like a hawk. 

Hawksamillion will be available on LP and download on August 24th, 2018 via Artificial Head Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

08/17 Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall
08/18 Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar
08/19 Tulsa, OK @ The Soundpony
08/20 Wichita, KS @ Kirby's
08/21 Topeka, KS @ Boobie Trap Bar
08/22 Lincoln, NE @ 1867 Bar
08/23 Lawrence, KS @ Gaslight Gardens
08/24 Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
08/25 Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine’s Live
08/27 Denton, TX @ Killer’s Tacos
08/29 San Marcos, TX @ Valentino’s
08/30 Austin, TX @ Dozen Street
08/31 San Antonio, TX @ Bexar Pub
09/01 Bryan, TX @ Revolution

Artist: Jody Seabody & The Whirls
Album: Hawksamillion
Label: Artificial Head Records
Release date: August 24th, 2018

01) Ultra Defiant
02) Malignant Terror
03) Terror TV
04) All Gone White
05) Making Demons
06) Grenade Green
07) Nightmares
08) Violent Tantrums

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Evil Triplet (Heavy psych by Austin punk pioneer ex-Terminal Mind) stream album via Brooklyn Vegan

"Evil Triplet have the psychedelic factor turned up to 11. You might just have an out of body trip through whatever space-time wormhole they were spawned from." -- Cvlt Nation

"Evil Triplet's laissez-faire, anything can happen attitude works really well. There's no pretense or chest thumping, just an enjoyable fuzzed out ride." -- The Sludgelord

"The band's power space rock punches all the right buttons: distortion, winding melodies, propulsive rhythms, astronautical lyrics, whooshing electronics - even the occasional Middle Eastern lift." -- Austin Chronicle

Austin trio Evil Triplet are streaming their entire forthcoming sophomore album Have A Nice Trip ahead of release today via Brooklyn Vegan. Hear and share Have A Nice Trip HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

PopMatters recently shared "Space Kitten" HERE. And, Ghost Cult Magazine hosted the rocker "Pyramid Eye" HERE

Evil Triplet is a heavy psych trio from Austin, TX. The space rock behemoth is comprised of Steve Marsh (guitar and vocals), Kirk Laktas (drums), and Joe Volpi (bass).

Marsh traces back to Terminal Mind, a seminal band in the Austin punk scene of the late 70s that spawned The Big Boys and The Dicks (Super Secret offshoot Sonic Surgery Records will be reissuing Terminal Mind's original recorded output, plus unreleased studio and live tracks, later in 2017). He then led Miracle Room, a psychedelic industrial hoedown that shared stages with Snakefinger, Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, Negativland, and Sonny Sharrock, among others, and morphed into Wisdom Tooth, which released a CD on Knitting Factory's imprint.

Kirk is the keyboard wizard in post-rock bands My Education and Cinders, and was an early member of Stars Of The Lid. He has worked sessions with Acid Mothers Temple, Shearwater, Pauline Oliveros and ST37.

Mr Volpi toured and recorded with Primordial Undermind, as well as lending his chops to countless other Austin bands, including The Flood and Reverend Glasseye. He also performs a dark acoustic song cycle solo as Kaiser Soze, and plays standup bass in Cinders.

While not a double LP this time, Trip was also recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in West Texas, produced by Rob Halverson and Steve Marsh, engineered by Charles Godfrey, mixed at Halversonics Recording in Austin, and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

The songs on this album continue in the lysergic direction of the previous record, dealing with a world view that is decidedly psychedelic, while simultaneously growing in terms of song craft and also somehow gaining a more aggressive, explosive edge. The topics explored in the songs veer occasionally toward the interpersonal, albeit from a quizzical perspective ("Space Kitten", "Aren't You Experienced?") or a tortured one ("Open Heart", "Apparition"). "A Day Like Any Other" is surely about a day that was anything but ordinary, and "Pyramid Eye" takes on the disturbing image at the core of the Great Seal of the United States.

Once again, the group has attempted to use the studio to its full potential, adding mellotron, keyboards and swirling synths and electronics. While the overall trend is punchier, there are still the blissful space-outs. They even manage to use the time tested approach of turning the 24 track tape over and recording guitars backwards against the existing rhythm tracks, a la Hendrix.

Even the cover art is a trip, with the front cover deriving from a photo Marsh took of a paint drip in the corner of Rob Halverson's studio. The image was reminiscent of a falling human, which led to the album title.

Have A Nice Trip will be distributed by Revolver USA, available in 180g vinyl and CD at record stores or by mail order from Super Secret Records, and in digital formats on July 20th, 2018.

Artist: Evil Triplet
Album: Have A Nice Trip
Label: Super Secret Records
Release date: July 20th, 2018

01) Space Kitten
02) A Day Like Any Other
03) Aren't You Experienced?
04) Open Heart
05) Pyramid Eye
06) Apparition

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Minimalist songwriter Victor Lovlorne streams album before release, dark songs using just voice and analog synthesizer

Self Sabotage Records proudly presents the self-titled debut of Austin, TX minimalist songwriter Victor Lovlorne, sharing the full album stream today ahead of release via Soundcloud, and hosted by GhettoBlaster Magazine and New Noise Magazine

Victor Lovlorne is fascinated by the beauty that can be found in the dark: the slow speed of night, the long silences between sounds, the heightened loneliness, the sense of loss, the fear of unforeseen terrors that reminds us of the blood-and-flesh animals we are. To Lovlorne, all the modernity we've built turns into a sparse repetitive landscape in the dark, and we return to being the beasts we've always been since humans existed, calling out for love as animals do, singing simple songs of inevitable despair.

With just his voice and a Korg Volca Keys, the self-titled album is the essence of minimalist dark wave: bleak yet warm & romantic. Recorded at Mexico City's Estudio 13 and mixed in Austin TX, the album includes a duet, "Sangre," with Marcela Viejo (formerly part of iconic Mexico indie rock band Quiero Club), who also contributes backing vocals throughout the album.

FFO/RIYL: Leonard Cohen; Alex Cameron; Arca; Moonface; Timber Timbre; Grouper; Jenny Hval

Victor Lovlorne: vocals, analog sequencer
Marcela Viejo: vocals

Recorded at Estudio 13 (Mexico City, Mexico).
Mixed by Chico Jones at MicroMega Studio (Austin TX).
Mastered by Greg Obis at Chicago Mastering Service (Chicago IL).
album art by Conor Q. Walker

photography by JXN ART (Jackson Montgomery Schwartz)

Artist: Victor Lovlorne
Album: Victor Lovlorne
Record Label: Self Sabotage Records
Release Date: July 20, 2018

01. A Cloud of You And Me
02. What's Left of You
03. Your Shadow
04. Sangre
05. Don't
06. Hideous Monster
07. Sound From the Throat
08. The Smell of Our Graves
09. Shining

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