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Old Man's Will stream entire album via The Obelisk; Share new video via Classic Rock Magazine

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“Listening to the unpretentious Swedish four-piece, who capture warm tones in the dark cold of Umeå — a northern town known for being the birthplace of Meshuggah and Refused — they make little attempt to hide their ’70s affinities, their Graveyard influence or their penchant for swinging their way into a memorable hook, but there is a vitality at the core the material that only emphasizes how much the sound of then has become the sound of now.” — The Obelisk

Umea, Sweden's Old Man's Will stream their new album Hard Times -- Troubled Man in its entirety today via The Obelisk. Hear and share the full album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Classic Rock Magazine also recently premiered the video for lead single "Troubled Man", which is available to watch and share HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

The album track "Easy Rider" recently premiered via Roadburn, available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.) MetalInsider previously shared the single and semi-title track "Troubled Man" HEREHard Times - Troubled Man is available everywhere on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records as of October 2nd, 2015.

Real rock ‘n’ roll requires a little bit of mystique, a little bit of swagger, and a little bit of trouble for good measure. Sweden’s Old Man’s Will possesses all three of those ingredients in spades, and they comingle into a wonderfully inebriating aural concoction on the band’s second full-length album, Hard Times - Troubled Man. The quartet -- Benny Åberg [vocals], Klas Holmgren [guitar], Tommy Nilsson [bass], and Gustav Kejving [drums] -- delivers a brash, bluesy, and brilliant opus that’s the perfect soundtrack for all kinds of trouble.

In between drunken late night jam sessions, parties in apartments with instrument-covered walls, a healthy diet of Deep Purple, Free, and Stray Dog, and other assorted mayhem, the boys emerged from Umeå’s underground with their self-titled debut in tow. They embarked on a successful European tour before RidingEasy Records came upon their Soundcloud and offered them a deal to reissue their first offering. In the midst of it all, Old Man’s Will began compiling ideas for what would eventually materialize as Hard Times - Troubled Man, sharing a collective vision.

“It was a step towards a more classic rock sound,” says Klas. “On the first album, we were heavily influenced by a lot of contemporary sounds and bands-something we are moving away from. For Hard Times - Troubled Man, we used old hard rock and blues as a foundation, creating something that’s meant to become the sound of Old Man’s Will.”

The first single “Troubled Man” shucks and jives between a hummable riff and a swinging stomp. “Basically, it’s about being a creative musician today and the life around it,” explains Klas. “Musicians and creative people are unique, and they’re troubled. Sometimes, the more troubled you are, the closer you are to writing that magic An ordinary life just can’t compete. Playing rock music today means big sacrifices and insane amounts of work with barely no return, but we love what we do and we don’t trim our sails to the wind.”

Ultimately, Old Man’s Will do what their idols did. They take the foundation of rock ‘n’ roll and leave an indelible stamp of their own. “We never had the intention of inventing a new genre,” concludes Klas. “We’re not about social media, posing, being ‘hip,’ or playing a certain fuzz or guitar pedal. For us, it’s just about great songs.”

Artist: Old Man's Will
Album: Hard Times - Troubled Man
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

01. Fools
02. Troubled Man (STREAM) (VIDEO)
03. Easy Rider (STREAM)
04. Ratking
05. Got It
06. Hazel Eyes
07. How Could You Know?
08. Another Seven Days

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mothertapes share new song from forthcoming album, play Portland album release show on 10/01

“You can hear just how well the pair palaces the experimental and the accessible on the terrific new single ‘Do Make Say.’ For all the risks the song takes, from its washes of chillwave synths and huge, almost dubstep bassline, everything serves the melody which is sumptuous and gently catchy.” — PopMatters

Portland, OR band Mothertapes premiere another song from their forthcoming debut album today via New Noise Magazine. The art-rock-synth hook laden track "Avalanche" is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

PopMatters. previously shared the album's first single "Do Make Say", available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE / Free MP3 D/L HERE.)

Mothertapes' self-titled album will be released October 2nd, 2015 via the Self Group creative collective.

At the heart of Mothertapes' music lies vivid melodic themes, heavy beats, and lush layers of programmed and live-looped instrumentation wrapped around intense guitar hooks and vocals. A live Mothertapes performance is an impressive show of workmanship in which Pete Bosack and Tommy Franzen build each song from the ground up, creating the sonic footprint of a much larger band. Rather than ceding control to the bloodless clockwork of sequenced loops, the band breathes life into the technology, eliciting an elastic, dynamic quality that has drawn the admiration of critics and earned the band a loyal following.

The creative collaboration of Pete Bosack and Tommy Franzen is entering its second decade. From the beginning, they recognized in each other an experimental spirit and strong sense of purpose rooted in a commitment to precision and musicianship. Their early garage jams led to the formation of their first band, Wax Fingers, and a debut album soon followed.

When Wax Fingers lost their bassist and, eventually, their second guitarist, Bosack and Franzen were back at a square one. Instead of recruiting new members, they chose to wipe the slate clean and double down on their original partnership, determined to fully realize its promise. They launched a new two-man band, Mothertapes, and began working on all-new material that would push their unique, progressive pop sound to new heights. 

Astute listeners will notice the influence of artists as varied as Animal Collective, Radiohead, Matmos, St. Vincent, Battles, and Maps and Atlases. But such comparisons serve only as reference points for this thoroughly original duo. After ten years of collaboration, Bosack and Franzen regard Mothertapes as the culmination of their work together, a breakthrough project resulting in forward-looking music that is both artistically ambitious and highly accessible.

10/01  Portland, OR @ Holocene

Artist: Mothertapes
Album: Mothertapes
Label: Self Group
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

01. Do Make Say (STREAM)
02. Aftermath (STREAM)
03. Debts/Bets
04. Carrot Stick
05. Not At All So Much Like
06. Gravity Wins
07. Beta Bank
08. War Song
09. 12 Step

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Electric Citizen tour supporting metal legends Pentagram resumes tomorrow

"No band, except maybe Pentagram, deserved the big stage more -- or used it as well -- as Dolan and her band. I can only compare the ecstasy of her stage presence to Bobby Liebling himself, the way she flung herself around, shimmied, danced, and showed genuine enthusiasm from start to finish." -- Consequence of Sound

Electric Citizen continue fall tour dates supporting metal legends Pentagram this week, with the second leg picking up tomorrow in Philadelphia following West Coast dates in late August. Please see complete dates below.

Electric Citizen's dynamic frontwoman Laura Dolan is often compared to Pentagram singer Bobby Liebling, which makes this pairing all the more fitting. The tour comes in the midst of the band's ongoing work on a new album at Black Keys' frontman Dan Auerbach's studio Easy Eye Sound with producer Brian Olive (The Arcs, Dr. John).

Watch & share Electric Citizen's "Light Years Beyond" video HERE.

The band's highly praised performance at L.A.'s Psycho California festival earlier this summer was named by Consequence of Sound among the 10 best sets of the 3-day event.

Electric Citizen is a rock n roll band from Cincinnati, Ohio whose heavy sound is timeless and music to the ears of any rock n roll fan. Formed in 2013 by guitarist Ross Dolan, vocalist Laura Dolan, drummer Nate Wagner, and later joined by Randy Proctor, the band has busied itself with turning heads and ears onto their music. Since signing with RidingEasy Records in early 2014, they've done several direct support tours with PentagramWolfmother, Fu Manchu, and Budos Band. The band's recent debut album Sateen ended up on several 'Best of 2014' lists.

Sateen is available on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records as of July 1st, 2014.

09/30 Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
10/01 Providence, RI @ The Met
10/02 Amityville, NY @ Revolution
10/03 Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
10/05 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
10/06 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
10/07 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
10/08 Detroit, MI @ Marble Bar
10/09 Chicago, IL @ The Abbey
10/10 Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
10/11 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop

Artist: Electric Citizen
Album: Sateen
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: July 1st, 2014

01. Beggar's Need
02. Magnetic Man
03. Future Persuasion
04. Savage
05. Hawk Nightingale
06. Shallow Water
07. The Trap
08. Light Years Beyond
09. Burning in Hell
10. Ghost of Me

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Swedish doom trio Spelljammer stream entire forthcoming album ahead of release via Metal Injection

Swedish trio Spelljammer are streaming their forthcoming album Ancient of Days in its entirety today via Metal Injection. Hear and share the full album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Decibel Magazine recently shared an insightful interview with the Stockholm based trio, debuting the epic album closing track "Borlung" which is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.) Brooklyn Vegan previously introduced the album track "The Pathfinder", available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

“We like things on a grand scale,” says Spelljammer bassist/vocalist Niklas Olsson. That’s a bit of an understatement considering the Stockholm, Sweden trio’s penchant for massive, slow-burning sludge riffs intercut with dramatic melodic interludes. There’s the pummeling heft of detuned guitars rumbling across the rugged expanse of unwieldy drums counterbalanced with moments of Master of Reality-era Sabbath’s introspective acoustic breaks and Pink Floyd’s Meddle-era psychedelia. These extreme shifts in dynamic give the band’s third album a sense of epic depth unlike most of Spelljammer’s peers. 

“The vastness of everything is something that I seem to think about a lot,” Olsson says, “and I guess that shows in the lyrics.” Some of Ancient of Days’ words were inspired by the epic poem Aniara by Swedish author and Nobel laureate Harry Martinson in which a spaceship leaving an uninhabitable Earth is hurtled off course, sending its thousands of passengers on a steady course in the wrong direction and there is nothing they can do about it. They will all slowly die as the ship continues from the solar system, forever into nothingness. This type of apocalyptic woe permeates throughout the 5-song, 40-minute album in perfect bond with the vastness of the music. 

Ancient of Days is not just the band’s third release, but in many ways, a rebirth. It’s Spelljammer’s first recording as a trio -- with Olsson taking over bass duties and new drummer Jonatan Rimsbo battering the skins -- and the culmination of a progressive move toward a heavier, doom-laden sound, away from the desert rock leanings of their 2010 debut Inches From the Sun. Vol II saw the band spreading out into darker territories. After writing sessions fell apart in 2013 for a followup to Vol II (reissued in early 2015 by RidingEasy Records) Olsson and guitarist Robert Sorling scrapped nearly everything following the departure of half of the band. The two began to build from the ground up as a duo with new ideas that resulted in the invigorated Ancient of Days. It’s the band’s most focused and deliberate in both its complexities and simplicities.  

“Having recorded the previous two albums in a more patchwork kind of way,” Olsson says, “we were very set on going into one studio and doing the entire thing.” In so doing, they banged it all out over a weekend in January 2015 at Ingrid Studio in Stockholm, engineered and mixed by Christoffer Zakrisson. Here, syrupy guitars ooze from the speakers, the drums sound like they’re perched atop a giant barge and howling vocals float throughout the proceedings. Ancient of Days very effectively embodies the boundless, otherworldly essence of its inspiration. 

Ancient of Days will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 2nd, 2015 via RidingEasy Records. Pre-orders are available for LP, CD and download via Bandcamp

Artist: Spelljammer
Album: Ancient of Days
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

01. Meadow
02. Laelia
03. From Slumber
04. The Pathfinder (STREAM)
05. Borlung (STREAM)

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Indian Handcrafts stream entire forthcoming album early, tour with Kylesa in October

"Sits right in the pocket of great melody and ripping guitar thunder, and feels perfect for your next beer-drinking, whiskey-swilling mixtape." -- Noisey

"Feels indebted to some of hard rock and heavy metal’s most muscular acts - everything from KISS to Queens Of The Stone Age - without lapsing into pastiche or hero-worship. In fact, Indian Handcrafts adeptly steer away from obvious choices in favor of more exciting ones." -- Stereogum

Canadian duo Indian Handcrafts are streaming their forthcoming sophomore Sargent House album in its entirety starting today via Metal Injection. Hear and share the full album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Indian Handcrafts also return to the road on October 6th supporting Kylesa. Please see complete dates below. 

Stereogum recently premiered the song "The Divider" HERENoisey previously debuted the first single from the album, "It's Late Queeny" HERE

"The last one was our 70s album, this is our 80s album," jokes Indian Handcrafts drummer/vocalist Brandyn James Aikins. Although it's an offhand generalization, there's a good deal of accuracy to the jest. Whereas the Canadian duo's 2012 Sargent House debut Civil Disobedience for Losers was full of 70s style heavy groove within its drop-tuned riff-rollicking, Creeps has more sheen and steel. Or, while the previous album was more of a shag carpet lined party van, Creeps is a souped-up time-traveling Delorean. 

The songs for Creeps came about quickly after the band had spent considerable time on tour, the two of them riding in a van -- er, time-traveling Delorean -- for hours on end. "On tour you're listening to everything all the time, going from Celtic Frost to Faster Pussycat," says guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen. "It tends to work its way into the writing." The effects of that mindset opened them up to the musical twists and turns of the new album. 

"It's anthemic at times," Allen says. "Hopefully listener friendly. It's kind of a mixed bag." 

For Creeps the band once again teamed up with previous album engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Tool), surreptitiously sneaking away from their Barrie, Ontario home for 10 days' recording at Kasai's new Sun Valley, CA studio Sound of Sirens. There the pair focused intently on distilling their ideas down to a 9-song, 44-minute can of whip ass labelled simply, Creeps

Creeps will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 2nd, 2015 via Sargent House. iTunes pre-orders available here:

Oct 06 -  St Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre **
Oct 07 -  Miami, FL @ Grand Central **
Oct 08 -  Orlando, FL @ The Social **
Oct 09 -  Savannah, GA @ The Jinx **
Oct 10 -  Asheville, NC @ New Mountain **
Oct 11 -  Nashville, TN @ Basement East **
Oct 13 -  Columbus, OH @ The Basement **
Oct 14 -  Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme **
Oct 15 -  Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle **
Oct 16 -  Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop **
Oct 17 -  Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar **
Oct 19 -  Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall **
Oct 20 -  Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts **
Oct 21 -  Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus **
Oct 22 - Jersey City, NJ @ Monty Hall **
Oct 23 -  Richmond, VA @ Broadberry **
Oct 24 -  Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel **
Oct 25 -  Atlanta, GA @ The EARL **
Nov 10 - London, ON @ Call The Office #
Nov 12 - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews #
Nov 13 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Nether Bar #
Nov 14 - Winnipeg, MB @ Windsor #
Nov 16 - Saskatoon, SK @Vangelis #
Nov 17 - Edmonton, AB @ Mercury Room #
Nov 18 - Calgary, AB @ Broken City #
Nov 20 - Vancouver, BC @ Wise Hall #

** w/ Kylesa, Inter Arma, Irata
# w/ Greys

Artist: Indian Handcrafts
Album: Creeps
Label: Sargent House
Release Date: October 2, 2015

01. Down At The Docks
02. It's Late Queeny (STREAM)
03. Murderers For Hire
04. Brothers Underground
05. Maelstrom
06. Snake Mountain
07. The Divider (STREAM)
08. Degenerate Case
09. Rat Faced Snorter

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Friday, September 25, 2015

The Well premiere video via Brooklyn Vegan, announce tour dates with Kadavar

Photo: Rob Hilker

Austin heavy power trio The Well premiere the official video of the track "Mortal Bones" from their recent album today via Brooklyn Vegan. The clip is available to watch & share HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

The Well also launch a batch of U.S. tour dates next week supporting Kadavar. Please see complete dates below.

The Well's full length debut, Samsara was produced by Mark Deutrom [Melvins, Sunn0)))] and released September 23rd, 2014 via RidingEasy Records.

09/28  Columbus, OH @ Carabar
09/30  Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Kadavar
10/02  Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb's Lounge w/ Kadavar
10/03  Pittsburg, PA @ The Smiling Moose w/ Kadavar
10/04  Chicago, IL @ Double Door w/ Kadavar
10/07  Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone w/ Kadavar
10/08  Austin, TX @ Lost Well w/ Ruby the Hatchet, Fogg, Mothership

Artist: The Well
Album: Samsara
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: September 23rd, 2014

01. Mortal Bones
02. Trespass
03. 1000 Lies
04. Lucifer Sam
05. Refuge
06. Eternal Well
07. Dragon Snort

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard share first track from forthcoming debut via Noisey

Welsh quartet Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (or MWWB as we like to call 'em) share the first track to their forthcoming debut today via Noisey. The track "Les Paradis Artificiels" is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

The 3-song, over 50-minute album Noeth Ac Anoeth to be released by London, UK label New Heavy Sounds derives its title from an old Welsh phrase which is a druidic concept meaning an abode of existence, or Hades crossed with nothingness. It is the band's first release on LP and CD, following a cassette demo released in early 2015 comprised of the single 30-minute doom rock space opera "Nachthexen" which is included on this release. 

MWWB’s sound has all the crushing weight and expanse of Ufommamut, Windhand or Yob, combined with a love of the hypnotic grooves of Amon Duul II, the cosmic soundscapes of Hawkwind and Cult of Luna at their most cosmic, and a dose of dark psychedelia. Crammed with a dark medley of riffs and textures, and topped off by MWWB’s secret weapon, the angelic siren song of vocalist Jessica Ball.

Kerrang made MWWB ‘Band of The Week’ and when TapeWorship Records issued the demo on cassette, it sold out in two days. 

In addition to the epic "Nachthexen", "Les Paradis Artificiels" is another downtuned epic, the mammoth riffs and shifts are still there, but here the vocals are more present, mesmerizing and fully integrated. It’s like the Cocteau Twins or My Bloody Valentine landed in a doom band and said "fuck yeah, this works." Closer "Slave Moon" is experimental... progressive even. 10-plus minutes of thumping atmospherics and ascending guitar layers, and some pretty filthy, yet catchy riffing.

Expect MWWB's first proper album in 2016. Noeth Ac Anoeth is released by New Heavy Sounds on CD, download and limited edition transparent frosted vinyl (with CD included) on December 4th, 2015. Physical pre-orders are available HERE

Artist: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Album: Noeth Ac Anoeth
Label: New Heavy Sounds
Release Date: December 4th, 2015

01. Les Paradis Artificiels
02. Slave Moon
03. Nachthexen

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