Thursday, July 30, 2020

Melted Bodies define our collective anxiety in "Club Anxious" video, announce album debut

"Throw David Lynch in the pit of a 2020 grind show and the noise that it makes might resemble Melted Bodies... The soundtrack to a radioactive spaghetti western where everyone's throwing up." -- Kerrang

Los Angeles quartet Melted Bodies share an epic 2-hour long new video today, designed as a "guided meditation" through our collective anxiety, via Flood Magazine. The ambitious clip for album track "Club Anxious" is available to watch & share HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Melted Bodies also announce the forthcoming release of their full length debut Enjoy Yourself with a stream of the song up at Bandcamp and Spotify

About the video, the band explains:
"The premise is that this is a guided meditation. Seeing as the track is titled "Club Anxious", it's a journey of stress, discomfort, and very much an endurance test. It begins with an actual guided meditation to set the stage. We then head into the formal 'music video' portion of the track. From there, the song begins to 'decay' in a variety of ways (playing in reverse, at double time, and half time) before building up into 10 minute plus mega remix for the song. At the climax of the remix, an hour long deconstruction of the song repeats until it slows to a completely unrecognizable crawl.We leave the viewer with a 20min "palate cleanser" of serene nature sounds."

Earlier this year, the band released their insanely clever video for their single "Ad People." The hilarious video spoofs our vapid Internet content spewing culture and is available to watch and share on YouTube.

About Melted Bodies:

Melted Bodies creates music for people to propel their limitless potential. We aim to inspire a can-do attitude that's culturally relevant, relatable, safe, and accessible to everyone. Instead of breaking boundaries, let's shatter them into a million mobile-friendly pieces, together. Motion creates emotion, and emotion creates content that challenges our core cultural influencers in our ever-increasingly connected world. 

These are all ideas and themes that we can leverage and take advantage of in the new media democracy. We are here to target influencer content and engage media partners through collective storytelling and game-changing ideas. Autonomous social media helps drive peer to peer authentic engagements that can be tracked and measured to create augmented experiences which can then be leveraged to connect human truths. Our aim is to pander to the needs and wants of these global progressive influencers and pander we will. 

Enjoy Yourself will be available on limited edition vinyl and digital on September 18th, 2020 via Sweatband Records. Pre-orders are available HERE

Artist: Melted Bodies
Album: Enjoy Yourself
Record label: Sweatband Records
Release date: September 18th, 2020

01. Eat Cops
02. 99 Scents
03. Ad People
04. Funny Commercials and The Five Week Migraine
05. Club Anxious
06. Phone Tumor
07. The Abbot Kinney Pedophiles
08. The Rat
09. Helplessness
10. Meat Cleanse

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EXHALANTS share new track ('like Unsane meets Unwound') from forthcoming sophomore album via CvltNation

"Somewhere between Unsane, Jesus Lizard and Dazzling Killmen sits Exhalants, a new Austin group comprised of members of Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes and Body Pressure. Following in the steps of the legendary Cherubs, Exhalants make caustic noise rock with melodic inflection." -- Revolver Magazine

"If you're a fan of bands like UnsaneJesus LizardCherubs, and Dazzling Killmen, then you're going to love Austin-based noise rock crushers Exhalants." -- Metal Injection

"Atonement is beyond unreal to me. This band has taken what many people call Noise Rock and have created a collection of songs that are full of soul and off-kilter empathy." -- CvltNation 

Austin, TX trio Exhalants share a new track from their forthcoming sophomore album Atonement today via CvltNation. Hear and share "Blackened" HERE. (Direct Bandcamp.)

Metal Injection recently hosted lead single "Bang" HERE.

Exhalants began in 2017, sprouting from their local DIY and club scenes with one goal in mind: be loud as f*ck. The three-piece quickly cut a demo, played some shows around town, and then set out to record their first full length not long after that. That first LP yielded a strong collection of songs that balanced the moody experimentation of indie heroes like Unwound and the harsh distortion and feedback-drenched noise rock of Unsane, coupled with raw emotion on display. The record received a great amount of acclaim, which helped Exhalants tour throughout the U.S. During this time they also recorded a split 7" with fellow Texas trio Pinko (Hex Records) to have while both bands were out on tour together.

Immediately following the release of their self-titled debut album, Exhalants started working on new material. They spent most of 2019 writing and touring, fleshing out newer material on the road while still promoting their 2018 debut. While on their West Coast Tour, Hex Records spent a couple days getting to know the people in the band and offered to release their next record for them. After wrapping up both West and East Coast tours, Exhalants focused on finishing the rest of the record and decided to take Hex up on the offer. Plans began to emerge for what would become their second LP, Atonement.

The band began recording the album in the Spring of 2020 in their practice space, with a pandemic looming on the horizon. While the pandemic caused some hiccups with getting things finished in the studio in a timeframe they had planned on, it eventually came together with a great deal of DIY know-how and taking some of the mixing duties into their own hands.  

Exhalants hail from Austin, Texas. The members all have roots with playing in multiple bands around the area and have been employed by various venues in town, so they are no strangers to the community aspect and DIY nature of playing the sort of decidedly non-mainstream music they do.  With a mountain of amps, precision pounding drums, eardrum-rattling feedback, and a healthy dose of experimentation Exhalants are easily one of the more exciting newer bands to gain attention within the punk/noise rock arena in recent memory. Atonement aims to push that sound further for anyone willing to listen.

Atonement will be available on LP, CD and download on September 11th, 2020 via Hex Records.(Pre-order HERE.)

Artist: Exhalants
Album: Atonement
Record Label: Hex Records
Release Date: September 11th, 2020

01. The Thorn You Carry In Yr Side
02. Bang
03. Passing Perceptions
04. Definitions
05. End Scenes
06. Richard
07. Crucifix 
08. Blackened 
09. Lake Song

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Gaytheist share clever COVID-19 safe video; livestream show this Saturday night

"The fifth -- and best! -- album from longtime MetalSucks faves, Gaytheist... Another blast of infectious, energizing metal, punk, and noise rock from a band that has already proven to be masters of the form." -- Metal Sucks

"A trio that brings Thin Lizzy-like riffing, AmRep-styled noise rock mayhem, and a punk attitude to everything they do. An absolute motherf**ker of a record." -- No Echo

Portland, OR trio Gaytheist share a clever new video from their recently released 5th album today via Metal Injection. The clip, shot partly before COVID-19, and finished after lockdown shows the band's approach to health precautions just about as over-the-top as its music. Watch/share "The Dark Deep" video HERE. (Direct YouTube.) 

Gaytheist also play a unique livestream show this Saturday, July 25th at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern Time. For more information, see the Facebook event HERE

Metal Sucks recently streamed their new album How Long Have I Been On Fire? HERE. (Direct Bandcamp.)

Gaytheist return Spring 2020 with their 5th full length record and their finest work to date, How Long Have I Been On Fire? Following several years of living on opposite ends of the country, the band reassembled in Vancouver, Washington and delved into a writing frenzy.

Once again under the watchful eye of master engineer Stephan Hawkes, Gaytheist recorded all of HLHIBOF on the last weekend of June, 2019. Thirteen songs of KABOOM rock, depression anthems and various attempts at communication. Feedback, rhythm and speed, it is an amalgamation of punk, hardcore, metal, and wild rock.

Incredibly catchy leads and soaring vocals are carried by subatomic, weighty bass grumblings while a tornado of drum wailing knocks the listener on their ass. Oh, and they're really funny too.  Who says metal has to be so serious all the time?

How Long Have I Been On Fire? is available on LP and digital, released April 10th, 2020 via Hex Records. Purchase available HERE

07/25 The Internet @ Facebook Event 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

Artist: Gaytheist
Album: How Long Have I Been On Fire?
Record Label: Hex Records
Release date: April 10th, 2020

01. The Dark Deep
02. Let The Wrong One Out
03. Hashbrownblessed
04. Crooked
05. Hornsoggled
06. Fetid Delights
07. Dental Records
08. Border Patrol
09. Anticestry
10. It's Reigning Men
11. All Choices End In Death

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MONOLORD singer/guitarist Thomas V. Jäger streaming solo album 'A Solitary Plan' early via Brooklyn Vegan

"The hazy atmosphere and production echo Monolord’s aesthetics, with Jäger applying the underlying sonic principles of the band to his solo material. Consider the track “A Solitary Plan” to be Jäger’s “Planet Caravan” - even the heaviest and doomiest need to keep it chill sometime." -- Consequence of Sound

"Compared to Monolord's towering doom metal, Thomas' solo material is more in the psychedelic folk realm, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's just as good at this kind of thing." -- Brooklyn Vegan

Monolord singer/guitarist Thomas V. Jäger is streaming his forthcoming solo debut today ahead of release via Brooklyn Vegan. Hear and share A Solitary Plan HERE

Consequence of Sound previously launched the title track "A Solitary Plan" HERE. Revolver Magazine recently shared the emotionally powerful closer "The Bitter End" HERE

Thomas V. Jäger is best known as the vocalist/guitarist in Monolord, the hottest, most crushing melodic doom band in the world. So, releasing an intimate, deeply and boldly personal album of acoustic and synth based songs hot on the heels of No Comfort, the band's most successful and powerful album to date, might seem like a risky move. And yet, that's not even the most daring and inspiring thing about A Solitary Plan

Rather, this 7-song album is a cathartic depiction of very real and heart-wrenching situations as a means of musical therapy for the artist and, hopefully, for the listener as well. "This album is me venting all of this emotional energy I've been carrying around," Jäger says. "Now I'm feeling more open about it, but at the start I had a hard time talking with friends and family. The record is what came out instead of talking about it." 

The central lyrical theme to the album is a coming to terms with the likelihood of not becoming a parent after wanting to have a family for a long time. "When I put down vocal tracks on the last song 'The Bitter End', you can hear my voice is trembling at parts. Every time I listen I get goosebumps, which rarely happens with songs I write."

Other songs also deal with personal challenges, like health scares, existential searching, and death in the family. "Goodbye" is written for Monolord bassist Mika and his wife Emma. "When they had to put down their dog Eskil it affected me greatly. This song is him talking to them and telling them it is gonna be alright." Heavy stuff, indeed -- but in a different way from Monolord's pummeling riffs. 

Jäger doesn't intend for the album to be a "woe is me" exercise, but rather something constructive. "I know that music helps people," he says. "This is without any irony, it's therapeutic. I know fans can interpret and use the songs for their own purposes. That feels meaningful to me." 

The album began organically, as Jäger often writes and records at home, sketching out song ideas on acoustic guitar into a computer with no set goal for anyone else to hear them. RidingEasy Records chief and Monolord manager Daniel Hall cajoled the guitarist into sending him some of the home recordings he'd been working on, and he immediately pushed for them to be released in this stripped-down form. 

"I could've rearranged them to get a Monolord vibe, but I wanted the basis of just voice, guitar and synths," Jäger says. "Really laid back and mellow." He completed the album between tours, with mixing and mastering by Kalle Lilja at Welfare Sounds. Emil Rolof plays a real Mellotron on the title track, all other instruments and voices are Jäger himself. 

A Solitary Plan will be available on LP, CD and download on July 24th, 2020 via RidingEasy Records. Pre-orders are available at

Artist: Thomas V. Jäger
Album: A Solitary Plan
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: July 24th, 2020

01. A Solitary Plan
02. Creatures Of The Deep
03. It’s Alright
04. From The Ashes
05. The Drone (Oh Why)
06. Goodbye
07. The Bitter End

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

All Souls share new single from forthcoming album, members of Josh Homme's Desert Sessions, Totimoshi, Black Elk, Fatso Jetson

"All Souls appear to model everything based on a simple motto: be efficient and alluring." -- New Noise

Los Angeles quartet All Souls share the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album Songs for the End of the World today via Brooklyn Vegan. Hear and share "Winds" HERE

A stunning animated video for album track "You Just Can't Win" was released earlier this year. Watch the dark portents via YouTube

All Souls formed in Los Angeles in the winter of 2016 and have gone from playing local gigs to performing in theaters and arenas. Featuring Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson, Josh Homme's Desert Sessions, Deep Dark Robot with Linda Perry) Antonio Aguilar and Meg Castellanos (Totimoshi) and Erik Trammell (Black Elk), they were recently hand-picked to tour with Tool, The Jesus Lizard, (the)MELVINS, and Meat Puppets.

All Souls creates songs that are lyrically dark, infused with the band's unique style and perspective on the state of today's world. Their music has been described as intelligent, majestic, exciting and original. They are unafraid to bridge into big open spaces discovering new wastelands; ultimately stepping from dark to light.

Throughout 2016, the quartet -- Aguilar [vocals, guitar], Castellanos [bass, vocals], Trammell [guitar], and Tornay [drums] -- recorded what would become their self-titled full-length debut, All Souls, during intermittent sessions at Sound of Sirens Studio in Los Angeles with producer Toshi Kasai known for his work with Tool, Foo Fighters and (the) MELVINS.

Following tours with the likes of Red Fang, The Sword, Kvelertak, and Torche, the band released All Souls in 2018 via Sunyata -- the label founded by iconic Screaming Trees and Mad Season drummer Barrett Martin. Earmarked by Spaghetti Western-style expanse and rough-and-tumble riffing, the music proudly bears the wild wear-and-tear of the nineties Palm Desert scene with a twist of psychedelic voodoo and metallic edge.

For Aguilar and Castellanos, the music spoke to a dormant primal need that harked back to their time in the fan favorite underground mainstay Totimoshi.

All Souls just-completed second album which they recorded in 2019, Songs for the End of the World, reunites them with Kasai. This follow-up recording is an evolution for the band. Aguilar's distinctive vocals are at times lyrically bleak and deeply personal, set against a musical backdrop that challenges listeners with inventive songwriting and ethereal melodies. Tornay's explosive drumming matched with Trammell's innovative guitar and Castellanos' low end and feminine back-up vocals lend to their power and unique approach. One could say they are connecting the dots between Led Zeppelin to the Pixies, Soundgarden to the Cure all the while carving their own road with authenticity. 

Songs for the End of the World will be available on LP, CD and digital on October 2nd, 2020. Pre-orders are available HERE

Artist: All Souls
Album: Songs for the End of the World
Record label: self-released
Release date: October 2nd, 2020

01. Sentimental Rehash
02. Twilight Times
03. Winds
04. Bleeding Out
05. Death Becomes Us
06. You Just Can’t Win
07. Empires Fail
08. Lights Out
09. Bridge The Sun
10. Coming With Clouds


Thursday, July 16, 2020

R.I.P. share first single from forthcoming album 'Dead End' (RidingEasy Records) - New sound, new lineup, same grimy Street Doom attitude

"A disgusting, punk-rock-meets-Black Sabbath shredder that's going to leave a film of filth on any speaker that has the misfortune to output its gnarly sounds." -- Metal Injection

"R.I.P. find a place for '80s and early '90s nostalgia that's not overblown would-be glam or retro-minded thrash, but would nonetheless fit well on a bill next to Slayer during their big-hair days, despite the obvious sonic discrepancies." -- The Obelisk

Portland, OR 'Street Doom' quartet R.I.P. announce their forthcoming third album Dead End today, sharing the first single via Metal Injection. Hear and share the track "Out of Time" HERE. (Direct Bandcamp and YouTube.)

When R.I.P. came crawling out of the sewers of Portland, OR four years ago, their grimy, sleazy Street Doom was already a fully formed monstrosity that quickly infected the minds of everyone it encountered. At the time, none of us expected its depravity to take such fierce hold, and yet, here were are, sheltering in place and/or stealthily creeping through a nightmare dystopia that the 80s sci-fi/horror movies foretold. 

Dead End is, ironically, a recharge of the band's sound, bearing influences ranging from John Carpenter films, post-apocalyptic grunge, pro-wrestling attitude and salty lo-fi hip-hop aesthetics to the band's ferocious heavy metal. 

During the three years since the 2017 release of their sophomore album Street Reaper, R.I.P. has been busy tightening their sound and their line up while loosening their grip on sanity - touring the west coast with bands like Electric Wizard and Red Fang, and taking Street Doom overseas for the first time for a month long headlining tour of Europe. These years on the road and the addition of a more aggressive rhythm section have allowed the band to fully break free from their influences and deliver on the promise hinted at on their first two releases. 

For Dead End, R.I.P. worked with legendary producer Billy Anderson, interring onto wax their heaviest and most ambitious album yet. Continuing to move further away from their classic doom influences like Pentagram and Saint Vitus, the band offers a rare blast of originality in a scene rife with formulaic bands. Dead End is a fast and anxious ride where the very idea of doom is put to the test under duress of manic lyrics about death, insanity, and leather, and hook-laden guitar tracks that draw as equally from Nirvana as Black Sabbath.  

Dead End will be available on LP, CD and download on October 9th, 2020 via RidingEasy Records


Artist: R.I.P.
Album: Dead End
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: October 9, 2020

01. Streets of Death
02. Judgement Night
03. Dead End
04. Nightmare
05. One Foot In The Grave
06. Death Is Coming
07. Moment of Silence
08. Buried Alive
09. Out of Time
10. Dead Of The Night

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

EMBR stream upcoming New Heavy Sounds debut early via Metal Injection

"A Sabbathian dirge swirling with Southern Gothic vibes and lifted above the fog by Crystal's soaring vocals. For fans of Black Sabbath, Windhand and Royal Thunder." -- Revolver Magazine

"Characterizes EMBR somewhere between doom and ambient sludge or post-metal, but it’s less about conforming to style than it is about offering its own take through largesse and range alike, the changes in structure and arrangement adding to the focus on craft that is so prevalent throughout." -- The Obelisk

"The type of record you need to let wash over you through a good pair of headphones, or the type to close your eyes to and get absolutely lost in." -- Metal Injection

"Melodic, epic, cosmic doom." -- CvltNation

Birmingham, AL quartet EMBR are streaming their forthcoming debut album 1823 in full starting today via Metal Injection. The album is the band's first release signed to UK label New Heavy Sounds (Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Vodun, Blacklab.) Hear & share the full album, 1823 HERE

The Obelisk recently shared the video for "Where I've Been" HERE. (Direct YouTube.) Revolver Magazine previously launched the video for "Your Burden" HERE. (Direct YouTube.) CvltNation shared the single "Eyes Like Knives" HERE

Four musical kindred spirits have delivered a crushing, yet beautiful debut album in 1823. At this point, it is worth stating that the title 1823 has special significance. It’s not just a numerical title, it has substance. Eric Bigelow (drummer) has been on the list for a kidney for around 4 years. 

Eric received a kidney transplant in May of 2019. This happened right in the middle of writing the album. The kidney was from a deceased donor and all Eric and Crystal Bigelow (singer and Eric’s wife) know about the donor is that it was a young woman between the ages of 18-23. The album is dedicated to the donor and the surgeons at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville TN. And what a fine tribute it is.

Musically, 1823 could be categorized as ‘Doom’. However, on this debut it’s obvious that EMBR have range, drive and a desire to add to the genre, to broaden it whilst staying true to its core fundamentals. 

Rest assured, the band have all the nuts and bolts in place. Mark Buchanan (guitar), Alan Light (bass) and Eric Bigelow (drums) keep everything tight and weighty. Massive drop-tuned guitars, chest rattling low end, pounding drums, fuzzy distortion, it’s all there. But they also add in synths, a bit of grunge and alt rock flavors. 

The vocal talents of Crystal absolutely soar and strengthen the music. Her range, patterns and harmonies transport the band’s music skyward. Crystal adds soul and an air of melancholia to the musical creations. If a pointer were needed, think Mastodon meets Witch Mountain with epic sweeps and a shade of gothic drama.

Tracks like ‘Prurient’ and ‘Where I’ve Been’ combine thick heavy riffs with Crystal weaving through, powerful and epic, yet soulful and intimate. Musically, the bands core vibe is keep it slow and low’ but EMBR aren’t afraid to mix it up a bit. ‘Stranger’ takes it down, allowing Crystal’s voice to float over the softer elements and riffs in an almost folk-like manner. ‘Powder’ channels throat ripping growls and soaring clean vocals in one loping relentless journey. ‘Eyes Like Knives’ , ‘Your Burden’ and ‘Vines’ are epic doom fests, drenched in gothic veils and dripping with thick distortion.

The lyrics are deep and are usually written collectively by Crystal and Eric with one of them sometimes taking the reins on certain songs that they identify with. For instance, "Powder" is a song Eric wrote about past struggles and trying to power through them with relentless determination and positivity. "Prurient" was written by Crystal and initially was based on the 2016 movie The Boy but also was inspired by her past experiences with a haunting figure in her life.  

The songs on 1823 are loud, brutally beautiful, aggressive, abrasive and at times atmospheric, uplifting and emotional. Welcome to the next chapter of EMBR.

1823 will be available on LP, CD and digital on July 17th, 2020 via New Heavy Sounds. Pre-orders are available HERE

Artist: EMBR
Album: 1823
Record Label: New Heavy Sounds
Release Date: July 17th, 2020

01. Prurient
02. Where I’ve Been
03. Stranger
04. Powder
05. Eyes Like Knives
06. Your Burden
07. Vines

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