Monday, October 31, 2016

Electric Citizen launch U.S. tour today with Horisont

"Steeped in catchy 70s rock riffs, slick solos, and heady grooves, anchored by strong, sweet vocals -- think Blood Ceremony without the pagan vibes and a lot more more dirty Midwestern rock'n'roll." -- Noisey

"Going from one riff-filled masterpiece to the next, Electric Citizen go well beyond anything that they accomplished with 2014's Sateen. The band is coming into their own, and they know it." -- Metal Injection

"With songs this good, they deserve to blow up." -- Consequence of Sound

Electric Citizen continue their relentless tour schedule in support of their groundbreaking sophomore album Higher Time beginning today, Halloween 2016. The Cincinnati quartet hits the road with Century Media artists Horisont through November. Please see complete dates below. 

Electric Citizen's new album was recorded at The Diamonds studio in Cincinnati by Brian Olive (The Greenhornes, Dan Auerbach, Dr. John) and mixed alongside Black Keys engineer Collin Dupuis at Easy Eye in Nashville, TN. It was released on May 13th, 2016. 

Electric Citizen is a rock n roll band from Cincinnati, Ohio whose heavy sound is timeless and music to the ears of any rock n roll fan. Formed in 2013 by guitarist Ross Dolan, vocalist Laura Dolan, bassist Randy Proctor and drummer Nate Wagner, the band has busied itself with turning heads and ears on to their music. Since signing with RidingEasy Records in early 2014, they've done several direct support tours with Wolfmother, Fu Manchu, Pentagram and Budos Band. The band's debut album Sateen ended up on several 'Best of 2014' lists and Higher Time has been met with even more praise since its release earlier this summer. 

Higher Time is available on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records as of May 13th, 2016.

10/31 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall *
11/01 New York, NY @ Studio at Webster Hall *
11/02 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop *
11/03 Ft. Wayne, IN @ Brass Rail *
11/04 Detroit, MI @ Third Man Records Cass Corridor *
11/05 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's *
11/06 Rock Island, IL @ Rock Island Brewing Company *
11/07 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater *
11/10 Oakland, CA @ Starline *
11/11 Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom *
11/13 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar *
11/14 Mesa, AZ @ Club Red *
11/16 Dallas, TX @ Curtain Club *
11/17 Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall *
11/18 Austin, TX @ Beerland *
11/19 Tampa, FL @ Orpheum *
11/20 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade *
11/22 Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage *

* w/ Horisont

Artist: Electric Citizen
Album: Higher Time
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: May 13th, 2016

01. Evil
02. Social Phobia
03. Misery Keeper
04. Devils in Passing Time
05. Golden Mean
06. Higher Time
07. Ghost of Me
08. Natural Law
09. Crux
10. Two Hearted Woman

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Friday, October 28, 2016

'Brown Acid: The Third Trip' compilation of rare 60s-70s proto-metal singles streaming at Noisey ahead of release

"A great distillation of what the underground was capable of back in the day, and still feels as fresh and poignant now." -- Clrvynt

L.A. label RidingEasy Records and retailer/label Permanent Records are streaming in full the third edition in their celebrated compilation series of long-lost vintage 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles, Brown Acid today at Noisey. Hear and share Brown Acid:The Third Trip HERE. (Direct Soundcloud). 

Dangerous Minds previously hosted the stream of the predecessor, Brown Acid: The Second Trip released back on April 20th, 2016. Hear/share the entire album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud)

About Brown Acid: The Third Trip:

"Screaming out of the gate, here's the third volume of the critically acclaimed Brown Acid series! We curate these heavy compilations so the heads can hear the best songs they've never heard. As usual, this batch of tracks is off the rails. It's an absolute tragedy that these cuts aren't in heavy rotation on classic rock radio...yet.

"We continue down the wormhole of hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal here on The Third Trip with a set of tunes so obscure they can't be seen without a third eye. Most of these tracks were recorded in shack-sized studios, privately pressed for promotional purposes, and tossed out like last night's half empties only to later be discovered to be half-full, if not overflowing with greatness. The majority of these tracks are from the good ol' US of A with two exceptions, Ash-labelmate Australians, Chook, and the mighty Limeys, Factory.

"We won't take full credit for it, but we're sorry to say that these types of 45s have skyrocketed in value over the last little while and some of the records included in this volume have only changed hands a handful of times on the collector market. Although it's a bummer for the pocketbook, we say "Hell Yeah!" it's about time these rarities have become recognized as the priceless artifacts that they are.

"Unlike many labels doing compilations of rare dusties, we've actually gone to the trouble to contact the bands included here for permission to use their material. It was a long and arduous task to say the least, but it's the way it should be done. And we paid 'em! So sleep easy knowing that no one was ripped off in the making of this record.

"As they say, first is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest. So take a shot of whiskey, shotgun a beer, and put some fuzz in between your nipples with the hairiest Trip you've taken yet. You won't be sorry you did."

Some of the best thrills of the Internet music revolution is the ability to find extremely rare music with great ease. But even with such vast archives to draw from, quite a lot of great songs have gone undiscovered for nearly half a century -- particularly in genres that lacked hifalutin arty pretense. Previously, only the most extremely dedicated and passionate record collectors had the stamina and prowess to hunt down long forgotten wonders in dusty record bins - often hoarding them in private collections, or selling at ridiculous collector's prices. Legendary compilations like Nuggets, Pebbles, ad nauseum, have exhausted the mines of early garage rock and proto-punk, keeping alive a large cross-section of underground ephemera. However, few have delved into and expertly archived the wealth of proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks collected on Brown Acid: The Third Trip

Lance Barresi, co-owner of L.A./Chicago retailer Permanent Records has shown incredible persistence in tracking down a stellar collection of rare singles from the 60s and 70s for the growing compilation series. Partnered with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, the two have assembled a selection of songs that's hard to believe have remained unheard for so long. 

"I essentially go through hell and high water just to find these records," Barresi says. "Once I find a record worthy of tracking, I begin the (sometimes) extremely arduous process of contacting the band members and encouraging them to take part. Daniel and I agree that licensing all the tracks we're using for Brown Acid is best for everyone involved," rather than simply bootlegging the tracks. When all of the bands and labels haven't existed for 30-40 years or more, tracking down the creators gives all of these tunes a real second chance at success. 

"There's a long list of songs that we'd love to include," Barresi says. "But we just can't track the bands down. I like the idea that Brown Acid is getting so much attention, so people might reach out to us."

Brown Acid: The Third Trip will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 31st, 2016 via RidingEasy Records. Pre-orders are available for digital (with immediate download of the first single) at Bandcamp, physical pre-orders at RidingEasy Records

Artist: Various Artists

Album: Brown Acid: The Third Trip 

Label: RidingEasy Records

Release Date: October 31st, 2016

01. Grand Theft "Scream (It’s Eating Me Alive)" (STREAM)
02. Chook "Cold Feet" (STREAM)
03. Lindholm Brothers "No Time For Last Goodbyes"
04. Diehard "Heartbreak" 
05. Blown Free "The Wizard" 
06. Factory "Time Machine"
07. Inside Experience "Be On My Way"
08. Cold Swett "Quit Your Foolin'"
09. Elliott Black "Highway Song"
10. First State Bank "Before You Leave"
11. Flash Beverage "The Train"

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Brown Acid: The Second Trip
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: April 20th, 2016

01. Ash "Midnight Witch" (STREAM)
02. Sweet Crystal "Warlords"
03. Raving Maniac "Rock and Roll Man"
04. Crossfield "Take It" (STREAM)
05. Spiny Norman "Bell Park Loon" (Unreleased)
06. Glass Sun "Silence of the Morning"
07. Volt Rush Band "Love To You"
08. Buck "Long Hot Highway"
09. Iron Knowledge "Show Stopper" (STREAM)
10. Sonny Hugg "Daybreak"

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Brown Acid: The First Trip  ALBUM STREAM
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: August 11th, 2015

01. Zeke's "Box"
02. Snow "Sunflower"
03. Tour "One of the Bad Guys"
04. Zebra "Wasted"
05. Bob Goodsite "Faze 1"
06. Raw Meat "Stand-By Girl"
07. Punch "Deathhead"
08. Bacchus "Carry My Load"
09. Lenny Drake "Love Eyes (Cast Your Spell On Me)"
10. The Todd "Mystify Me"
11. Josefus "Hard Luck"

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nowness premieres Halloween themed video for Tsyphur Zalan directed by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead)

Tsyphur Zalan, the experimental, electronic side project of Ghost Against Ghost frontman and composer Christopher Bono, premieres a haunting new video today via esteemed arts platform Nowness. The video, directed by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead, Screaming Females) entitled "The Spectacle is the Theater of the Sublime", is available to watch and share HERE

Vice's The Creator's Project previously launched the video for Tsyphur Zalan track "Dobryy Vechir", also directed by Stretch and available HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

It's hard to pinpoint the origins of Bono's influences. One can definitely hear moments of various genres including Trap (electronic), Industrial, and Black Metal in "The Spectacle is the Theater of the Sublime"; However, for a prolific composer who is known for his orchestral music, choral music and arty-progressive post rock, it's no surprise to hear him experimenting with new, fringe genres and writing. For anyone interested in hearing a young composer using new production techniques and to explore new sound worlds, both light and dark, "Spectacle" does not disappoint.

Hear and share the debut Tsyphur Zalan album Sink. in its entirety via Soundcloud HERE.

Bono also draws from his neoclassical background as a composer and producer to create the enveloping soundscape that is Ghost Against Ghost. The band features drummer Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Trash Talk) and guitarist Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev) along with various other musicians. 

For full biography on Ghost Against Ghost and Christopher Bono, please CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pamphleteers (ex-The Dials, The Returnables) share "Shivering" video from new album 'The Ghost That Follows'

"One word to sum up The Ghost That Follows? Raw." -- Speak Into My Good Eye

"An undeniable piece of rock perfection." -- Music & Riots

Chicago trio Pamphleteers premiere the first video from their new album today via Northern Transmissions. Watch and share the video for "Shivering" (directed by Phil Hall) HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

Pamphleteers' full length debut The Ghost That Follows is available to hear and share via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Pamphleteers support the album this Saturday night, 10/29 in Madison, WI at Mickey's Tavern. 

The band recently spoke candidly about the tragic events that brought them together and gave a rousing in-studio appearance on Chicago's NPR radio affiliate WBEZ. Hear & share the entire interview/performance HERE

Pamphleteers have been unleashing their shimmering post-punk assault since 2012. After debuting with a split EP, the band released its first full length today. The Ghost That Follows overflows with fantastic hooks and urgency reminiscent of X-Ray Spex, Bikini Kill, Young Marble Giants and The Gun Club

As a group, Pamphleteers are steeped in history and friendship. Having played in such bands as 
The Dials (No Fun Records/Latest Flame), Telenovela, and The Returnables (Jettison Music/Dirtnap), bassist/vocalist Rebecca Crawford, drummer Geoff Atkinson, and guitarist Jonathan Ben-Isvy have played side by side, if not together, for more than a decade, and their friendship goes back years earlier. When event conspired to find Crawford and Ben-Isvy simultaneously bandless for the first time in their years of friendship, they naturally looked to each other to fulfill their musical compulsion. 

As Pamphleteers, Crawford, Atkinson, and Ben-Isvy darkly smash anything and everything that excite them into the rock 'n' roll caldron. The result is a sort of psychedelic new wave delivered with the punk urgency that rests at the trio's core. Angular, melodic guitar, repetitively grooving bass lines, massive, yet danceable drumbeats, and dark yet soaring vocals imbue Pamphleteers with an inescapably hook laden urgency. 

The Ghost That Follows is available on LP and download as of September 23rd, 2016. 


10/29 Madison, WI @ Mickey's Tavern 

Artist: Pamphleteers
Album: The Ghost That Follows
Label: Pamphleteers Music
Release date: September 23rd, 2016

01) Shivering
02) L.A. L.A.
03) Hit It Clean
04) Bloodshot
05) Ghost That Follows
06) My Lipstick Stain 
07) Every Second
08) Just Your Style
09) Canonized
10) It's So Much More

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Touched By Ghoul play midwest dates this week, twisted noise-punk band haunts the road

"Mullenhour's vocals rise to heated roars worthy of stardom, which lend themselves perfectly to Touched by Ghoul's brand of rock that is loud and heavy..." -- Gaper's Block

"A thrilling, if at times terrifying, listen." -- Chicagoist

Chicago quartet Touched By Ghoul play a handful of midwestern shows this week in support of their recently released debut album Murder Circus. Please see dates below with event links. 

She Shreds Magazine interviewed singer/guitarist Angela Mullenhour recently with a stream of the full album HERE. Or, Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Raised in a basement and surviving only on sheer will and flamin' hot cheetos, Touched by Ghoul clawed their way to the surface to induce the vomit of your soul. Touched By Ghoul exists in their own post-nostalgic now, rock and roll gravediggers tearing right through their dissonant yet beautiful Earth. Helmed by Angela Mullenhour (Sybris, Coins) along with a broody bunch of rock and roll ruffians of the Chicago scuzz scene, Touched By Ghoul constructs a soundtrack that is equally at home at a dive bar or a séance.

On their debut LP coming out on new Chicago imprint Under Road Records, Mullenhour hollers her way through a filthy, living, breathing, kidnapping, dead body finding love story backed by Paige Sandlin's animal drums kicking through the fog and fury of guitar wars. Recorded by Bill Skibbe (The Kills, Blonde Redhead, The Dead Weather) at the legendary Key Club Recording Company, the Ghouls have found that Eternity is today and blood in the sand is just mud. 

Sounds like: If Stephen King wrote an episode of Columbo scored by the bastard children of The Birthday Party, Babes In Toyland and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Murder Circus was released on LP, CD and download on April 15th, 2016 via Under Road Records

10/25 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Birthday Suits (tickets/info)
10/26 Milwaukee, WI @ Frank's Power Plant (tickets/info)
10/28 Kalamazoo, MI @ Shakespeare's Pub (tickets/info)

Artist: Touched By Ghoul
Album: Murder Circus
Label: Under Road Records
Release Date: April 15, 2016

01) B.A.C.M.
02) Western Child
03) Whores
04) Rapevan
05) Immaculate Consumption (STREAM)
06) Nice Corpse (STREAM)
07) Murder Circus
08) Adios!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Alabama Deathwalk stream forthcoming debut at Consequence of Sound, emo/indie/Americana lush songcraft

"An Americana take on emo, something that finds itself on the spectrum between The Weakerthans and Pinegrove, with a bald lyricism that recalls the likes of John Darnielle." -- Consequence of Sound

El Paso's Alabama Deathwalk are streaming their forthcoming full length debut Steep Hills ahead of release beginning today via Consequence of Sound. Hear and share the gorgeous album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Alabama Deathwalk is currently touring the West Coast, playing Los Angeles tonight at the Redwood Bar. Please see current dates below. 

Brooklyn Vegan launched the album's first single, "Freaky" HERE. TrebleZine premiered "Peter" HERE. Music and Riots Magazine shared "Two Weeks" HERE

The geographic intersection of the ghosts of yesteryear and the electric hum of modernity is at the forefront of the music of Eric Reed. For the past eight-and-a-half years, El Paso native Reed has worked under the moniker Alabama Deathwalk. Once a disciple to the heavier corners of prog-rock, Reed went through a West Texas rebirth as a singer-songwriter. His emphasis shifted from complex instrumentation to in-depth narratives-from riffs to lyrics. And here in the mountains of the Southwest, 700 miles from LA and 760 miles from the Texas/Louisiana border, Reed has spent nearly a decade honing his craft, occasionally recruiting friends to round out the project into a full band, and solidifying his reputation as one of the region's premier songwriters.

While Alabama Deathwalk harbors vestiges of Americana traditions-acoustic guitar underpinnings, forlorn ballads, stripped down production-the music made by Reed sounds distinctly modern. Western twang has been excised in favor of the electric austerity of Weakerthans and Low. The folk parables of old country have been replaced by the kind of stark vignettes uttered by Sufjan Stevens or John Darnielle. Reed doesn't sing about shooting a man over a lovely barmaid, but he opens the song "Friends" with the admission that he's "lost three friends in the last two years." El Paso may no longer be the lawless Wild West, but the undercurrent of death is still present.

Every city has its unsung troubadours, but with regional shows supporting artists like Built To Spill, Sleepercar, Deer Tick, and Porches under his belt, Reed is already pollinating his craft outside of the downtown crowd. And with a new album in the works and an upcoming tour dates with Jim Ward on the calendar, it's only a matter of time before Alabama Deathwalk passes beyond El Paso and into the greater national consciousness. 

Steep Hills will be available on CD and download on October 21st, 2016 via Bandcamp

10/19 Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood Bar
10/20 Oceanside, CA @ Mr. B's Necessities
10/21 Phoenix, AZ @ Stinkweeds
10/22 El Paso, TX @ The Perch (upstairs of Tricky Falls) Album release party
10/29 El Paso, TX @ The Perch (w/ The Appleseed Cast)

Artist: Alabama Deathwalk
Album: Steep Hills
Label: Self-released
Release date: October 21st, 2016

01. Two Weeks
02. Freaky
03. Dallas
04. Purse
05. Friends
06. Peter
07. Rest
08. Intermission
09. Confessions Pt. Two
10. All At Once

Halycine premiere dark, clever video directed by singer/guitarist Chloe Raynes

Click image to watch video

"A a hazy and dreamy ballad, which sounds a bit like a torch song fed through a Kevin Shields filter, or some of the more darkly romantic material from Dum Dum Girls." -- Treble

"Spontaneously calling to mind both Bethany Cosentino and Jenny Lewis... comes to life through gutsy guitar lines and soothing vocal harmonies." -- Impose Magazine

NYC band Halycine premiere the first video from their debut release today via Impose Magazine. The clever clip, directed by singer/guitarist Chloe Raynes, is a dark David Lynch style tale of frenemies, hatred and deceit. Watch and share "One More Try" HERE. (Direct Vimeo & YouTube). 

Halycine recently released their debut, In The Salt and it's available to hear and share on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Halycine, the moniker for the solo project of singer/guitarist Chloe Raynes, is a fresh new voice in indie rock. Her debut EP, In The Salt, is a collection of 5 songs that she wrote and produced, and 3 videos that she directed. 

Chloe previously co-fronted NYC's rock outfit Blue & Gold before embarking on the new project that would become Halycine. In The Salt is a luscious blend of reverberating guitars and spacious vocals. It's a sonically imaginative and and lyrically vivid collection of deeply affecting songs. The EP was tracked and mixed at The End in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with GG Gonzalez on drums and Derek Cabrera on bass. 

After hearing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for the first time at 10-years-old, she decided that she had no choice but to pick up the guitar and begin shredding. Her life was forever changed, and she's been playing and writing songs ever since.  

Chloe studied music composition at the arctic campus of Bates College in Maine. She managed to get through the long winters with a soundtrack of Liz Phair, Sleater-Kinney, and Sublime. She moved to NYC shortly after graduation, absorbing the sights and sounds that would eventually shape her musical sensibilities. Other musical influences include Dum Dum Girls, St. Vincent, and Jenny Lewis.

In The Salt was released on August 12th, 2016. 

Artist: Halycine
Album: In the Salt
Record label: Halycine Music
Release date: August 12th, 2016

01. Circles
02. Elixir
03. One More Try
04. Woman, You Better Run
05. Silver Moon

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Reunited noiseniks Daughters launch East & West Coast tour next week

"A feast to be savored. 8.2/10." -- Pitchfork

"[An] acid trip of a band. 8/10." -- Metal Injection 

Reunited Providence, RI band Daughters launch their first tour since 2009 next week with a series of sold out shows on the East Coast. The band follows those dates with a West Coast tour in early November. Please see all dates below. Tickets are available HERE.

Daughters' live shows are legendary amongst those who saw the band during its original run from 2001 - 2010, as well as those who'd only heard the outlandish stories of onstage debauchery, nudity, chaos, violence, destruction and incredibly virtuosic musicianship at the center of the maelstrom. Now, audiences have a chance to (re)live the experience in 2016. 

Daughters frontman Lex Marshall discusses the band's fabled live shows, the reunion and their open-ended plans to record new material in a very insightful interview with esteemed writer and Russian Circles bassist Brian Cook at Clrvynt HERE

The band is available for interviews. Please get in touch to arrange interviews, guest list requests and anything else you might need. 

10/20  Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus - SOLD OUT
10/21  Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus - SOLD OUT
10/22  Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's - SOLD OUT
10/23  Allston, MA @ Great Scott - SOLD OUT
10/23  Allston, MA @ Great Scott - SOLD OUT
11/06  San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar *
11/07  Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room *
11/08  Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex *
11/09  San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside - SOLD OUT *
11/11  Portland, OR @ Ash Street *
11/12  Vancouver, BC @ The Cobalt *
11/13  Seattle, WA @ Highline *

* with The Body, Loma Pieta

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Irish singer Katie Kim premieres dark ambient folk/drone track from upcoming album at CvltNation

"A work of staggeringly intense beauty... Cinematic in scope and tectonic in delivery, Salt is a richly rewarding and profoundly intense listening experience." 4/4 stars -- The Skinny

"Salt is intriguing, sharp and bold, and where you could be forgiven thinking Katie Kim already had a solid mastery of inventive songwriting, this is a fairly staggering leap forward." -- Thumped

Dublin, Ireland based Waterford singer Katie Kim premieres the first single from her forthcoming album today via CvltNation. Hear and share the stunning track "Ghosts" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Katie Kim is the pseudonym of Irish singer Katie Sullivan, who performs slowcore, ethereal, ambient folk/pop. Her third full length album entitled Salt will be released on November 11th, 2016. Pre-orders are available at iTunes

Salt was recorded in a self-built recording and artist space in Dublin called Guerrilla Studios which has become an integral part of the Independent Irish music scene. Guerrilla has hosted live performance video collective the Practice Tapes as well as being the studio where releases by The Jimmy Cake, Hilary Woods and much more have been recorded.

Salt is a departure from Katie's previous albums and delves further into the drone side of her other releases with textured production added by producer John "Spud" Murphy, who is central to the album's sonic feel. Salt comes four years after Katie's previous album, the critically acclaimed Cover and Flood and it shows an evolution musically. 

Since Cover and Flood Katie has toured the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium playing mostly sold out venues. She has also played Union Chapel in London and played shows in New York and Canada. 

Katie joined The Waterboys, singing the parts of the dark fairy queen and playing guitar and bass on their WB Yeats tour which lead to a performance on the legendary Later with Jools Holland TV show. 

Salt will be available on LP, CD and download on November 11th, 2016 via Bandcamp and iTunes. 

10/15  Dublin, IE @ Dublin Unitarian Church - SOLD OUT
10/27  Dublin, IE @ Bello Bar *
10/28  Cork, IE @ Triskel Arts Centre *
10/31  Reykjavik, ISL @ The Loft
12/02  Waterford, IE @ St. Patrick's Gateway

* with Xylouris White

Artist: Katie Kim
Album: Salt
Label: self-released
Release date: November 11th, 2016

01. Ghosts
02. Day is Coming 
03. Someday
04. Body Break
05. I Make Sparks
06. Life or Living
07. Beautiful Human
08. Thieves
09. Wide Hand

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