Thursday, March 30, 2017

Antibalas members HERE LIES MAN -- "if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat" share new song from forthcoming debut

"It's funky, groovy, heavy, and trippy all at once, and it rules pretty hard." -- Brooklyn Vegan

Los Angeles quintet Here Lies Man share a new song from their forthcoming self-titled debut album today via The Obelisk. Hear and share the eponymous track "Here Lies Man" HERE.(Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Brooklyn Vegan previously launched the song "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere," available to hear and share HERE. (Direct YouTube and Soundcloud.) And, Tiny Mix Tapes recently shared "When I Come To" HERE. (Soundcloud).

What if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat? In short, that’s the underlying vibe to the self-titled debut by Here Lies Man. The L.A. based quintet is founded and conceptualized by Marcos Garcia of Antibalas, bringing his erudite experience of World rhythms and music to the more riff-based foundations of heavy rock. The results are an incredibly catchy and refreshing twist on classic forms, without sounding forced and trite like some sort of mash-up attempt. Here Lies Man merges and expands musical traditions organically, utilizing the talents of drummer Geoff Mann (son of jazz musician Herbie Mann and former Antibalas member) and a host of skilled musicians to make Garcia’s vision a reality. 

“These repetitive guitar figures that happen in Afrobeat music are pretty close to heavy rock guitar riffs,” Garcia explains. “It’s based on the clave. It’s the musical algorithm that the rhythms revolve around. That’s what gives it integrity and is part of this musical conversation going on. I knew I wanted it to be psychedelic and heavy, and I wanted to be expanding on a musical tradition than pretending to be creating something new.” The recording and band came together in the somewhat spontaneous fashion for which L.A. is famous. Garcia and Mann laid down the foundations and the band quickly expanded the recording and live shows soon followed. 

And that expansion is the brilliant, hazy, psychedelic, hook-laden 8-song masterwork Here Lies Man, available on LP, CD and download on April 7th, 2017 via RidingEasy Records. Pre-orders are available at iTunes and

Artist: Here Lies Man
Album: Here Lies Man
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: April 7, 2017

01. When I Come To
02. I Stand Alone
03. Eyes of the Law
04. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
05. Letting Go
06. So Far Away
07. Belt of the Sun
08. Here Lies Man

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NYC trio Blackout returns, adding hints of classic Big Apple heft (Cro-Mags, Helmet, Judge) to signature doom

NYC trio Blackout premiere the first track from their forthcoming new album today via CvltNation. Hear and share "Graves" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud). 

Ask any New Yorker what makes them special and they’ll all tell you something different. But there’s something very particular about a city so condensed with a vast range of humanity all facing myriad daily challenges that gives its rock music a brash, direct aggression unlike other places. Case in point, NYC trio Blackout’s take on doom and stoner rock is filled with a gritty, mechanistic heft unlike bands of their ilk from anywhere else. 

Subsumed within the greasy grooves of The Horse there are echoes of NYC heavy legends like Helmet, Cro-Mags, Judge, Prong and others -- not as intentional homage, but rather a vibe that permeates and inadvertently gives its bands a unique power that few can match. 

After a brief hiatus between the March 2015 release of their self-titled sophomore album on RidingEasy Records, Blackout has regrouped and (ahem) gotten back on The Horse for an 8-song blast of riffs that does not fuck around. 

On one fateful day in July 2016, with a handful of mushrooms and a bottle of tequila, vocalist/guitarist Christian Gordy set out to write an entire new Blackout record. Following the departure of original drummer Taryn Waldman earlier that year, the band’s fate was uncertain. But, Gordy’s writing forray resulted in a wellspring of inspiration and by happenstance he contacted drummer Adam Taylor who had just parted with his band Ghost Punch. Within two months of banging out riffs with bassist Justin Sherrell, Blackout was back in action. 

The Horse was recorded over 4 days in September 2016 at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, which the band describes as “a whirlwind session laced with loads of buds, Petey’s burgers and lipstick.” 

Or, described by blackout themselves: “What you have before you now is a messy plate of meat, slathered in weird sauces. A haunted steak from from Centaurus A to sink your dirty fangs into. Sit back, crack a semi cold one, maybe get some snacks... and turn this motherfucker up to 8.”

The Horse will be available on LP, CD and download May 26th, 2017 via RidingEasy Records

Artist: Blackout
Album: The Horse
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: May 26, 2017

01. Graves
02. Let 'Em Ride
03. Roach Bites
04. Rat Spirit
05. Amnesia
06. Mean Pads
07. Holy Wood
08. The Horse

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Kraken Quartet - percussion-driven band (drums, marimba, vibes, glockenspiel, synths) - share first track from upcoming album

Austin, Texas band The Kraken Quartet share "Chance the Dog (the song)“, the first track from their forthcoming album Separate | Migrate today via Bandcamp Weekly stream HERE and Heavy Blog is Heavy post HERE. Direct Soundcloud HERE

To really appreciate the band's subtle artistry, watch this live multi-camera studio performance of "Chance the Dog" on YouTube

A massive force of percussion and electronics, The Kraken Quartet is a genre-crossing group known for its highly energetic and engaging performances. Since their formation in 2012, the Austin-based group has been heralded for merging elements of math rock, minimalism, indie, post-rock, electronica, and the avant-garde. 

The Kraken Quartet has been featured on festivals and broadcasts including Fast Forward Austin, Audiotree Live, Austin Instrumental Music Festival, WNYC, KUTX, SoundSpace, and more. Their debut full-length album, Separate | Migrate, will be released on April 28th. 

The Kraken Quartet is Chris Demetriou, Andrew Dobos, Taylor Eddinger, and Sean Harvey. The group is proud to use Vic Firth sticks and mallets, and Grover Pro Percussion and Hammerax instruments.

03/28 Ithaca, NY @ Ford Hall, Ithaca College
03/30 New York, NY @ Brooklyn Bound (presented by So Percussion)
03/31 Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
04/01 Ithaca, NY @ Community School of Music & Arts
04/22 Denton, TX @ Courthouse Square
05/04 Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlie's

Artist: The Kraken Quartet
Album: Separate | Migrate
Release Date: April 28th, 2017
Record Label: self-released

01. Chance the Dog (the song)
02. House 11
03. The Gates
04. Interlude One
05. Ox
06. Clover
07. Interlude Two
08. Amethyst
09. Giant Battle Robot's Day Off
10. Separate | Migrate

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Swansea (Loch Lomond, Blue Cranes members) share first single from infectious new album

"Plays up traditional synth rock jams to make something super innovative and ultra catchy. Full of great quippy lyrics that will make you think Flaws is unstoppably fun." -- Impose

Portland trio Swansea premiere the first track from their forthcoming sophomore album, Flaws today via Impose Magazine. Hear and share "Red Mittens" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Swansea formed in 2011 when Portland, Oregon mainstays, musician/actress/writer, Rebecca Sanborn (Loch Lomond, Blue Cranes) and drummer, Ji Tanzer (Blue Cranes, Rebecca Gates) recruited Kansas City multi-instrumentalist/singer Kyleen King to expand the sound of their long standing duo project. 

As a trio, in 2012 the group released their first full length album Old Blood and completed multiple tours of the United States. Between 2013-2015, Swansea toured Europe and found significant success in scoring and licensing music for a diverse array of films, including the track & field documentary We Grew Wings (2013), the feature length, multi-award winning dramas Light of Mine (2013), A Standing Still (2014) and Death On A Rock (2015). 

With the engineering/production help of John Askew (Neko Case, Wild Flag), Swansea's sophomore album, Flaws is slated for a Spring 2017 release on the Self Group label. Stylistically, Swansea combine artful narrative and atmospheric sweep with a touch of dancey, off-the-cuff toughness, often drawing comparison to LCD Soundsystem, St. Vincent and My Brightest Diamond.

Flaws will be available on LP and download on April 28th, 2017 via Bandcamp

Artist: Swansea
Album: Flaws
Label: Self Group
Release date: April 28th, 2017

01. Red Mittens
02. Gain Their Grace
03. Just Like it Used to Be
04. This Time
05. Samurai
06. Brighter
07. No Power
08. Cincinnati
09. No Blame
10. Blue Sky (digital only bonus)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Big Walnuts Yonder: Mike Watt (Minutemen), Nels Cline (Wilco), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos) share new song from forthcoming debut

Big Walnuts Yonder premiere a new track from their forthcoming debut full length today via Stereogum. Hear and share "Sponge Bath" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Consequence of Sound recently shared album track "Raise The Drawbridges?" HERE(Direct Soundcloud) See track listing and Raymond Pettibon's cover art below. 

Big Walnuts Yonder is bassist/vocalist Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), guitarist Nels Cline (Wilco, Nels Cline Singers), drummer Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos). It is not a supergroup. "It's worlds colliding," says Mike Watt. 

Four exceptional musicians whose work spans multiple genres and generations, Big Walnuts Yonder is a monumental endeavor that's more than the sum of its parts. The results are a truly epic album defying categorization, where one might hear elements of proto-punk, free jazz, power pop, experimental music, psych-rock and your first teenage acid trip all in one. 

The impetus for Big Walnuts Yonder came about way back in 2008 from a conversation between Watt and Reinhart while their bands toured together in Japan. The two discussed recording together and who they might bring in to the sessions. "Nick gets ahold of my first opera," Watt explains. "Made in 1997 with Nels Cline. He said 'what's it like playing with Nels?'" 

"So Watt says, 'if you want to know the man, play with the man,'" Cline elaborates. Cline agreed to join if Reinhart picked the drummer. Reinhart quickly mentioned Saunier, unaware that Cline had previously brought Watt to see him perform at a Deerhoof show years before. "Greg immediately came to mind," Reinhart says. "His drumming has highly influenced my guitar playing over the years." The lineup solidified in its mutual appreciation and they began making plans to write and record - while circumnavigating the schedules of 4 extremely busy musicians. "We had planned it for so long," Saunier says. "Then several years passed in which nothing occurred due to everyone's schedules. It was 2-3 years of warm, leisurely prep time, then suddenly made in a panic with time and money on the line."

Prior to recording, Watt sent the band demo recordings of 8 song structures of just him playing bass, unaccompanied. (Cline and Saunier also later brought 1 song each to the session, to which the band contributed their parts, making the album 10 songs total.) Reinhart worked out guitar parts to fit Watt's riffs and the two traded files back and forth. "I'm pretty sure the other guys didn't have parts set before going into the studio," Reinhart says. "Maybe we hadn't discussed what we would do. But it's interesting how a lot of the songs began as Mike Watt basslines, and everyone was able to pull songs and melodies out of them."

The album was recorded in just 3 days in summer 2014 in Brooklyn, NY with producer and former Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone engineering at his Studio G. "It was this concentrated sort of freakout," Saunier says. "We basically had to invent a new band on the spot. And, people might have a stereotype of what each person does, but we all showed up to do what we're prevented from doing in other groups." The band would play through each song a couple of times to make up parts, then hit record. "Nels can improvise with anything," Watt notes. "It was trippy to watch the huge pedal dance! Both those guys have like 35 pedals each. And, Greg's not just a drummer man, he's incredible." The album's 10 tracks were recorded primarily live with very few overdubs. Although Big Walnuts Yonder was created under somewhat spontaneous circumstances, the group endeavored to ensure the album wouldn't sound like a jam session. "It was very clear among us," Saunier notes: "Let's not overindulge and make it a 'musician's recording'." 

It wasn't until many months later that vocals were added to the songs, with Reinhart recording vocals to 7 songs and Watt singing on 2 tracks at their home studios. "It was actually a surprise that it ended up having vocals on it," Cline admits. "But it added a layer of accessibility that I didn't expect." Saunier, a revered producer in his own right, volunteered to mix the album - a fact that the other 3 musicians each express as a major boon for the album. Saunier was able to take his time to mix each song very differently from the others. This, too, gives the album the unique feel of all rock history condensed into a single explosive, compelling whole. 

As Watt and Reinhart note, the 30-year span between the ages of Big Walnuts Yonder members is also a contributing factor to its magic. And, likely a key to the band's iconoclast sound. "That's insane playing and connecting with someone who's almost 30 years older than me," Reinhart says. "Observing how these dudes are just hammering away so much later is inspiring. They're still learning and exploring." Watt adds, "it's interesting that people are much more open-minded now. We were all just trying to be adventurous with music."

Asked how he might describe Big Walnuts Yonder, Cline succinctly nails it on the head: "It's sick. It has an extreme quality and kicks ass."

Big Walnuts Yonder features a cover illustration by punk art legend Raymond Pettibon. The album will be available on LP, CD and download on May 5th, 2017 via Sargent House. Physical pre-orders are available at and at iTunes HERE

Artist: Big Walnuts Yonder
Album: Big Walnuts Yonder
Label: Sargent House
Release Date: May 5th, 2017

01. All Against All
02. Sponge Bath
03. Flare Star Phantom
04. I Got Marty Feldman Eyes
05. Raise the Drawbridges?
06. Ready to Pop!
07. Forgot to Brush
08. Rapid Driver Moon Inhaler
09. Pud
10. Heat Melter

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Charming Disaster premiere lead track from forthcoming album, folk-noir duo mixes dark lore with melodic sensibility

"Gothic folk murder balladry, not unlike PJ Harvey at her most ornate. But there’s an accessibility and pop sensibility that also nods to the likes of Andrew Bird or Regina Spektor. It’s darkness cut with a melodic immediacy, and it’s a thing of fanciful beauty." -- Treble

Brooklyn, NY duo Charming Disaster premiere the first track from their forthcoming sophomore album Cautionary Tales today at TrebleZine. Hear and share "Sympathetic Magic" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud). 

The band hits the road this week for a handful of East Coast shows, followed by a longer tour in April. Please see complete dates below. 

Charming Disaster is a songwriting and performance duo formed by musicians Ellia Bisker (of Sweet Soubrette and Funkrust Brass Band) and Jeff Morris (of Kotorino) in 2012. Inspired by the gothic humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the noir storytelling of Raymond Chandler, the stylish aesthetic of French new wave film, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret, they write songs that tell stories - exploring themes like love, death, crime, ancient mythology, and the paranormal. 

Their song "Ghost Story" was featured on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, and they were awarded "best closing credits music" by the 2016 Garden State Film Festival for their song "Right Words to Say" (featured in the short film Mary and Louise). They released their debut album, Love, Crime & Other Trouble, in 2015, and their second album, Cautionary Tales, will be released in spring 2017. 

Many of the songs on Cautionary Tales were created in February 2015, when the duo spent two weeks holed up in an isolated cabin in the snowy woods of northern Michigan. Cautionary Tales expands on Charming Disaster's spooky, offbeat universe of paranormal romance, circus and carnival characters, con artists, and Egyptian mythology with new songs of espionage, occult practices, supernatural creatures, and the end of the world as we know it. The album's musical influences include traditional murder ballads, the duo collaborations of PJ Harvey and John Parish, and the folkier side of Led Zeppelin. Charming Disaster's literary bent is also in evidence, with references to cult fantasy novels Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and The Golden Compass as well as ancient lore from Greek and Norse mythology.  

Cautionary Tales will be available on CD and download on April 21st, 2017. Preorders are available via Bandcamp

03/23 Cambridge, MA @ Lost Marbles Salon at the Lizard Lounge
03/24 Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
03/25 Jamaica Plain, MA @ Magnolia Loft
03/26 Putnam, CT @ The Stomping Ground
03/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store
04/14 Baltimore, MD @ (secret house concert)
04/15 Kingston, NY @ The Anchor
04/16 Becket, MA @ Dream Away Lodge
04/18 Charlottesville, VA @ Blue Moon Diner
04/19 Greensboro, NC @ Common Grounds
04/20 Wilmington, NC @ (secret house concert)
04/21 Hillsborough, NC @ Mystery Brewing Company
04/22 York, PA @ (secret house concert)
04/29 Brooklyn, NY @ Hell Phone

Artist: Charming Disaster
Album: Cautionary Tales
Label: Charming Disaster Music
Release date: April 21st, 2017

01) Sympathetic Magic
02) Snake Bit
03) Selene & Endymion
04) Phosphorescent Lilies
05) Ragnarok
06) Little Black Bird
07) Days Are Numbered
08) Infernal Soiree
09) What Remains
10) String Break Song

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ghost Against Ghost share new song from forthcoming album 'still love'

"Evokes a wide array of inspirations to create a vast and intense field of sounds. Christopher Bono constructs a darkly spiritual aura in this post-rock inspired composition." -- Stereogum

Woodstock, NY band Ghost Against Ghost share a new track from their forthcoming epic album still love today via Tiny Mix Tapes. Hear and share "Unarm" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud)

Metal Injection also recently launched the album track "Resume", available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud). And, Prog-Sphere premiered "The River of the Intimate, Pt. 1" HERE.

Ghost Against Ghost will release their first full length album on April 14, 2017 via Our Silent Canvas. Pre-orders are available now via Bandcamp. This 65 minute LP weaves themes of love, heartbreak, and betrayal into monolithic synth-driven space-rock, with inspiration as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Sigur Ros, Vangelis and Pink Floyd

Writer and producer Christopher Bono utilizes his classical background to sculpt this expansive and engaging series of compositions, contrasting heavy walls of sound with ambient passages, contemporary classical and experimental electronic influences.  Bono collaborated with Thomas Pridgen, whose drumming credits include the likes of The Mars Volta, Trash Talk, Suicidal Tendencies and Memorials. The album's enveloping sound also contains special contributions by ambient guitarist Anthony Molina, the multi-instrumentalist famous for playing with Mercury Rev, and otherworldly choral sections featuring vocalists Jamie Rae, Stacie Bono and Michele Kennedy. 

While in the midst of completing the yet unfinished Ghost Against Ghost concept album, Oia, front man Christopher Bono was unexpectedly struck by a psychologically disorienting family tragedy in the spring of 2014 forcing him back into the writing studio to process this new trauma through music. Over the following months, Bono reflected on the confusion and internal conflict that resulted when the life he knew was ripped apart by disturbing revelations of a shocking betrayal and a Pandora's Box of dark, misaligned secrets. To dig further into the heart of the experience, he based the lyrical point of view from that of the female victim, his mother. 

The album also comes in two versions, the audiophile version which is more dynamic and quieter, and a louder master that appeals on a more commercial level. About the production process Bono says, "as a producer, I'm continuously exploring vintage, analogue gear and instruments contrasted with the precise benefits of modern, digital techniques and equipment. Simultaneously, as a composer, I see the pros and cons of the analogue-digital domains similarly to the differences found in writing and arranging for acoustic versus electronic instruments.  In both cases there is a colourful beauty created when the different production styles and sound worlds are blended in unexpected ways." 

VICE's The Creator's Project also recently premiered the short film directed by Craig Murray (Mogwai, Converge) for the remix Ghost Against Ghost song "Checkpoint Charlie." Watch HERE

For full biography on Ghost Against Ghost and Christopher Bono, please CLICK HERE.

Artist: Ghost Against Ghost
Album: still love
Label: Our Silent Canvas
Release Date: April 14th, 2017

01. Son of Cessiphus
02. Still Love
03. A Relapse of Remembrance
04. The River of the Intimate, Pt. 1
05. The River of the Intimate, Pt. 2
06. Resume
07. You Secret Ocean
08. Unarm
09. Guerison

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Sand (Cursive, Julia Holter band mbrs) premiere stunning animated video by Joe Presser (Netflix, CNN)

Click image to watch video

"Dylan Ryan is a drummer adept at combining his jazz skills with adventurous rock, resulting in music that maintains the cerebral and visceral qualities of both.” -- JazzTimes 

“With an ass-kicking palate of sonic texture, Ryan, Young and bassist Devin Hoff offer something in between John Zorn's raucous free-jazz and the romantic stylings of Black Sabbath." -- L.A. Weekly 

Los Angeles psychedelic power trio Sand premiere the video for their new single "Haggard Hawk" today via Impose Magazine. The 3-D animated clip was directed by Joe Presser (Netflix, CNN motion graphics designer) and available to watch & share HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Sand hit the road later this week for shows supporting Minus The Bear. Please see dates below. 

Drummer/singer Dylan Ryan formed Sand in 2012 after writing a batch of songs between tours with Cursive and Rainbow Arabia. He recruited bassist Devin Hoff (Julia Holter, Cibo Matto) and Tim Young (Reggie Watts' Late Late Show band) to fill out the group. What began as a dynamic fusion unit has become a heavy psychedelic power trio lined with nods to porto-metal. They have have two releases on progressive music label Cuneiform Records and are currently plnning the release of another recording in 2017. 

Regarding the video, director Joe Presser says, "The song has a bouncy sort of feel with odd time signatures, so I made all the cameras as close to hand-held as I could and angled them to parallel that rhythmic angularity. Cel-shaded in highly contrasted 3-D animation, and referencing 70s B-movie tones, warriors swing skip-its atop four-horned, overgrown wildebeests like something out of the No Fear folders in your five-star binder. A shaman shakes a Polaroid and a Stretch-Armstrong/Barbie effigy in preparation for a ritual reminiscent of a vintage Nickelodean sliming."

03/10 Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Boise *
03/11 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot *
03/12 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall *
03/13 Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge
03/29 Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite

* supporting Minus The Bear

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Like 'Evil Dead' meets 'Office Space': Touched By Ghoul share video for "Immaculate Consumption"

Click image above to watch video

"Mullenhour's vocals rise to heated roars worthy of stardom, which lend themselves perfectly to Touched by Ghoul's brand of rock that is loud and heavy..." -- Gaper's Block

"A thrilling, if at times terrifying, listen." -- Chicagoist

Chicago quartet Touched By Ghoul share a creepy, thrilling new video today for a track from their recently released debut album Murder Circus over at Echoes & Dust. Watch & share "Immaculate Consumption", which the site describes as an "awesome Evil Dead meets Office Space sketch of hallucinatory madness" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

She Shreds Magazine interviewed singer/guitarist Angela Mullenhour recently with a stream of the full album HERE. Or, Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Raised in a basement and surviving only on sheer will and flamin' hot cheetos, Touched by Ghoul clawed their way to the surface to induce the vomit of your soul. Touched By Ghoul exists in their own post-nostalgic now, rock and roll gravediggers tearing right through their dissonant yet beautiful Earth. Helmed by Angela Mullenhour (Sybris, Coins) along with a broody bunch of rock and roll ruffians of the Chicago scuzz scene, Touched By Ghoul constructs a soundtrack that is equally at home at a dive bar or a séance.

On their debut LP coming out on new Chicago imprint Under Road Records, Mullenhour hollers her way through a filthy, living, breathing, kidnapping, dead body finding love story backed by Paige Sandlin's animal drums kicking through the fog and fury of guitar wars. Recorded by Bill Skibbe (The Kills, Blonde Redhead, The Dead Weather) at the legendary Key Club Recording Company, the Ghouls have found that Eternity is today and blood in the sand is just mud. 

Sounds like: If Stephen King wrote an episode of Columbo scored by the bastard children of The Birthday Party, Babes In Toyland and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Murder Circus was released on LP, CD and download on April 15th, 2016 via Under Road Records

Artist: Touched By Ghoul
Album: Murder Circus
Label: Under Road Records
Release Date: April 15, 2016

01) B.A.C.M.
02) Western Child
03) Whores
04) Rapevan
05) Immaculate Consumption (STREAM)
06) Nice Corpse (STREAM)
07) Murder Circus
08) Adios!

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