Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nowness premieres Halloween themed video for Tsyphur Zalan directed by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead)

Tsyphur Zalan, the experimental, electronic side project of Ghost Against Ghost frontman and composer Christopher Bono, premieres a haunting new video today via esteemed arts platform Nowness. The video, directed by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead, Screaming Females) entitled "The Spectacle is the Theater of the Sublime", is available to watch and share HERE

Vice's The Creator's Project previously launched the video for Tsyphur Zalan track "Dobryy Vechir", also directed by Stretch and available HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

It's hard to pinpoint the origins of Bono's influences. One can definitely hear moments of various genres including Trap (electronic), Industrial, and Black Metal in "The Spectacle is the Theater of the Sublime"; However, for a prolific composer who is known for his orchestral music, choral music and arty-progressive post rock, it's no surprise to hear him experimenting with new, fringe genres and writing. For anyone interested in hearing a young composer using new production techniques and to explore new sound worlds, both light and dark, "Spectacle" does not disappoint.

Hear and share the debut Tsyphur Zalan album Sink. in its entirety via Soundcloud HERE.

Bono also draws from his neoclassical background as a composer and producer to create the enveloping soundscape that is Ghost Against Ghost. The band features drummer Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Trash Talk) and guitarist Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev) along with various other musicians. 

For full biography on Ghost Against Ghost and Christopher Bono, please CLICK HERE.

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