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65Daysofstatic post track w/ guest vocals by Robert Smith of The Cure via Pitchfork, deluxe album out Oct. 25th

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"Deliriously exhilarating." -- BBC Music

"Ever unafraid to shoot for the stars, 65's fourth album retains the skyscraping elegance of their past work but infuses the familiar guitar-based noise with a heftier dose of electronica. 'Come To Me' features former tourbuddy Robert 'The Cure' Smith on vocals but chopped up as if it was just another sample - there aren't many bands brave enough to do that and ever fewer who pull it off with so much style." -- Rock Sound

British electronic-infused post-rock faves 65Daysofstatic premiere a new track today via Pitchfork that features guest vocals by Robert Smith of The Cure. The song "Come To Me" is available to stream/download HERE.

The song is culled from the forthcoming North American release of 65Daysofstatic's latest album We Were Exploding Anyway in a special deluxe edition that also features the recent Heavy Sky EP. The expanded set will only be released in North America and hits stores on 2xCD, LP and Download on October 25th, 2011 via Monotreme Records

Check out additional MP3s for tracks from the deluxe edition: "Crash Tactics" from We Were Exploding Anyway download/stream HERE and "PX3" from Heavy Sky download/stream HERE.  

65daysofstatic - the name still shrouded in inspirational ambiguity, the band still one of the most arresting live acts on the circuit - arrive at album four reborn. Following years of incessant touring, and three albums in as many years, a break in momentum has given them the breathing space necessary to revaluate their artistry, to focus on fresh ambitions and reach for them. From the underground, over; out of the basements and into the light: this is the Sheffield quartet as you've never heard them before. 

The quintet -- Joe Shrewsbury, Paul Wolinski, Rob Jones and Simon Wright -- scored an unlikely hit in 2004 with their debut album, The Fall Of Math. A critical success, it launched the band into a new league of recognition; here, they would hone their sound, transforming from studio operatives crafting rave music for rockers into a rock band impossible not to rave to. Live, they excelled. Audiences swelled. Album two, 2005's One Time For All Time, furthered their already enviable reputation. Audiences got larger still. In 2007 they released The Destruction Of Small Ideas -- album three was supported not only by domestic treks up motorways, but also by worldwide touring alongside The Cure. The ante had been upped.

But then, silence. A pause. Stasis for the 'static. Rediscovery of music that passed them by before -- Daft Punk, house music, hedonism over IDM headaches -- and a prolonged period of writing where new ideas could exert substantial pressure on the old. Audacious, disregarding of former glories, We Were Exploding Anyway is 65days anew. This is not a rock band with a bit of glitch on the side, all guitars with the slightest semblance of high-BPM beat-craft as underlay; it's a not-so-distant dance party, the purest euphoria as earworms that dig deep and nestle tight. It's an arms-aloft salute to the thrill of letting yourself go in the tide, and riding that rush 'til it leaves you breathless but so prepared to go around again.

We Were Exploding Anyway is a game-changer from a band that has only ever followed its own rules, and now they're broken. Don't pick up the pieces. Leave them. Dance over them. This time, and for all time.

The deluxe 2-CD edition includes bonus 7-track Heavy Sky CD EP. Vinyl edition is heavyweight 180 gm vinyl (dark blue and white versions) and includes a free copy of the album CD, poster and digital download coupon for the Heavy Sky EP. 

Artist: 65Daysofstatic
Album: We Were Exploding Anyway (Deluxe Edition)
Label: Monotreme Records
Release Date: October 25th, 2011

01. Mountainhead
02. Crash Tactics (MP3)
03. Dance Dance Dance
04. Piano Fights
05. Weak
06. Come to Me (MP3)
07. Go Complex
08. Debutante
09. Tiger Girl 
01. Tiger Girl (Wishful Thinking Edit)
02. Sawtooth Rising
03. The Wrong Shape
04. PX3 (MP3)
05. Pacify
06. Beats Like a Helix
07. Guitar Cascades

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