Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Alpha Hopper (Hex Records) drop "The Goods" video alongside interview at No Echo

"A frantic, messy variety of guitar rock, that won’t say no to a night out with punk, hardcore, new wave, or which ever genre (or hottie, or mark, or naive and corruptible young fool) catches their eye that evening." -- New Noise

"Alpha Hopper have boiled down the finer elements of noise rock, no wave. and art-punk to create something so distinctly their own, while paying homage to the sordid style of early 90’s AmRep and Touch & Go favorites." -- Post-Trash

"The album will assuredly have everyone mesmerized... Strikingly riveting and original." -- GhettoBlaster

Buffalo, NY quartet Alpha Hopper share a new video today alongside a revealing interview with No Echo. Watch & share "The Goods" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

The band recently released another stunning video, for the album track "En-Skin" from their recently released third album Alpha Hex Index. The video was created by Tbilisi, Georgia collaborators UTA (wearable sculpture artist) and Virtual Reality filmmaker Flatsitter. Watch & share "En-Skin" video via YouTube.

Hear and share the full album Alpha Hex Index via Bandcamp.

The video is a collaboration between wearable sculpture artist Uta P. Bekia and virtual reality filmmaker Flatsitter and was conceptualized and directed by Jessica Wegrzyn, a costume designer and the band’s long-time personal friend. The concept was inspired by lead singer Irene Rekhviashvili’s lyrics, which demands us to armor ourselves with the protective hides of creatures and the head and heart of our own spirit.

"A bartender, a personal trainer, a graphic designer, and an immigration attorney walk into a practice space..." 

Formed in Buffalo, New York in 2014, Alpha Hopper creates a frenetic stew of guitar-driven rock'n'roll with ingredients from punk, hardcore, noise rock, and no-wave. Their 3rd LP Alpha Hex Index shows them deeper than ever down their rabbit hole. Sassy, snotty vocals punctuating the ever growing wall of catchy, bizarre riffs and prison break drum beats. Dummy math, noise-rock for art-punk drop outs.

For this album the band decided to record the effort themselves in their homes. Pandemic-related shelter in place recommendations caused some hiccups in being able to track the entire effort in a single block, and instead recording sessions were conducted in intervals when the members could safely get together and hash out their respective parts. Once they were satisfied with the mix they handed things over to engineer John Angelo (Gwar, Every Time I Die, Gas Chamber) to handle mastering duties.

Alpha Hex Index is available on LP, CD and digital, released on November 20th, 2020 via Hex Records

Artist: Alpha Hopper
Album: Alpha Hex Index
Record label: Hex Records
Release date: November 20th, 2020

01. In The Desert In The West
02. Not the Universe
03. Big Body
05. En-skin
05. #592720
06. The Goods
07. Glows, Explodes
08. Wrestles Snakes
09. #1D2951
10. Spiral
11. Third Man
12. #16161D

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