Thursday, July 23, 2020

Gaytheist share clever COVID-19 safe video; livestream show this Saturday night

"The fifth -- and best! -- album from longtime MetalSucks faves, Gaytheist... Another blast of infectious, energizing metal, punk, and noise rock from a band that has already proven to be masters of the form." -- Metal Sucks

"A trio that brings Thin Lizzy-like riffing, AmRep-styled noise rock mayhem, and a punk attitude to everything they do. An absolute motherf**ker of a record." -- No Echo

Portland, OR trio Gaytheist share a clever new video from their recently released 5th album today via Metal Injection. The clip, shot partly before COVID-19, and finished after lockdown shows the band's approach to health precautions just about as over-the-top as its music. Watch/share "The Dark Deep" video HERE. (Direct YouTube.) 

Gaytheist also play a unique livestream show this Saturday, July 25th at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern Time. For more information, see the Facebook event HERE

Metal Sucks recently streamed their new album How Long Have I Been On Fire? HERE. (Direct Bandcamp.)

Gaytheist return Spring 2020 with their 5th full length record and their finest work to date, How Long Have I Been On Fire? Following several years of living on opposite ends of the country, the band reassembled in Vancouver, Washington and delved into a writing frenzy.

Once again under the watchful eye of master engineer Stephan Hawkes, Gaytheist recorded all of HLHIBOF on the last weekend of June, 2019. Thirteen songs of KABOOM rock, depression anthems and various attempts at communication. Feedback, rhythm and speed, it is an amalgamation of punk, hardcore, metal, and wild rock.

Incredibly catchy leads and soaring vocals are carried by subatomic, weighty bass grumblings while a tornado of drum wailing knocks the listener on their ass. Oh, and they're really funny too.  Who says metal has to be so serious all the time?

How Long Have I Been On Fire? is available on LP and digital, released April 10th, 2020 via Hex Records. Purchase available HERE

07/25 The Internet @ Facebook Event 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

Artist: Gaytheist
Album: How Long Have I Been On Fire?
Record Label: Hex Records
Release date: April 10th, 2020

01. The Dark Deep
02. Let The Wrong One Out
03. Hashbrownblessed
04. Crooked
05. Hornsoggled
06. Fetid Delights
07. Dental Records
08. Border Patrol
09. Anticestry
10. It's Reigning Men
11. All Choices End In Death

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