Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sama Dams launch "Not Gonna Lie" video via PopMatters, EU tour starts March 26th

"Throbbing, growling lines of distortion and understated rhythms buoy a deeply emotional vocal performance that propels the track... Somehow bridges the distance between the grit and grime of garage rock and the high conceptualism of Krautrock." -- PopMatters

Portland, OR trio Sama Dams share the official video for new single "Not Gonna Lie" today via PopMatters. The video is available to watch/share HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Sama Dams also kick off a European tour later this month. Please see all dates below. 

The band's confidently sleek and smooth avant-rock is available to hear and share via Bandcamp.

Few bands command the unexpectedly fine line that divides tension and release like Sama Dams does. And it's no wonder: songwriters Sam and Lisa Adams have been playing music together for over a decade -- as long as they have been married -- developing a creative forthrightness that sometimes feels voyeuristic. Taking cues from jazz, R&B, new wave, indie-rock, and classical art song, the alt-rock trio weaves a sensuous musical fabric that is distinctly theirs.

Much like the Dirty Projectors or Thom Yorke, Sama Dams's high art sensibilities are wrapped around a subversive knotty core of uncompromized radicalism -- like if Leonard Bernstein was signed to K Records. In that way, the DIY ethos of the Pacific Northwest has shaped much of the band's path forward since graduating music school in 2008 and relocating to Portland in 2012.

Sama Dams' fourth and most recent full-length album, Say It surprises you with its gritty yet precise instrumentation, striking a keen balance between reserve and power, from wiley "Neil-Young-riding-a-rocket-sled" electric guitar riffs and mutant waves of organ to distorted ukulele and cut-up-on-the-spot breakbeats. The Portland Mercury said "Say It is an endlessly fascinating sonic concoction, and a confident step forward for Sama Dams." What should be a series of stylistic contradictions results in each song firmly standing its ground as an interwoven compositional masterpiece, bending and twisting with eclectic abandon.

The band's sprawling sonic footprint is held together by their dynamic vocal power - an alternate-reality vocal pairing of Kate Bush and Jeff Buckley. Sam and Lisa's combined proficiencies and unique approaches to songwriting merge with the brilliant percussive work of drummer Micah Hummel, creating a matchless sound in live settings as well as in the studio.

Sama Dams can regularly be found gracing stages, music festivals, and living rooms across the United States and Central Europe, their music finding a place in the hearts of both music enthusiasts and general audiences alike with their intelligent arrangements, catchy melodies, and playful musicality.

The band's new single was released on February 28th via Portland collective label Self Group on all digital platforms as well a limited 7" record. 

03/26 Fürstenfeld, AT @ Die Akte
03/27 Scharnstein, AT @ Die Moserei
03/28 Klangenfurt Am Wörthersee, AT @ Lendhafencafe 
03/30 Winterthur, CH @ Portier
04/01 Mainz, DE @ Kulturclub schon Schön
04/02 Kiel, DE @ Cafe Prinz Willy
04/03 Oldenburg, DE @ Polyester
04/04 Jesteburg, DE @ Cafe Book
04/06 Hamburg, DE @ Hebebühne
04/07 Bayreuth, DE @ Sübkültür
04/08 Dortmund, DE @ Subrosa
04/09 Kaiserslautern, DE @ Salon Schmitt
04/10 Sarreguemines, FR @ Brasserie Terminus
04/11 Immendinger, DE @ Gloria Lichtspielhaus und Kulturraum
04/12 March, DE @ Klimperstube
04/14 Bochum, DE @ Bastion Bochum
04/16 Leipzig, DE @ Casa Pepe
04/17 Hausham, DE @ Chili-Bar Inh. Marlies Kraus-Mayer
04/18 Viechtach, DE @ Altes Spital
04/19 Haag, AT @ Böllerbauer
04/21 Dresden, DE @ Societaetstheater
04/23 Chemnitz, DE @ Aaltra
04/24 Magdeburg, DE @ Volksbad Buckau
04/25 Ottersweier, DE @ Grüner Baum
04/27 Bamberg, DE @ Live-Club
04/29 Marburg, DE @ Q - Cafe. Club.. Kultur
04/30 Hamburg, DE @ Deichdiele
05/02 Krefeld, DE @ Südbahnhof
05/03 Offenbach Am Main, DE @ Hafen 2

Artist: Sama Dams
Album:  Not Gonna Lie 
Label:  Self Group
Release Date: February 28th, 2020

01. Not Gonna Lie
02. Principle of Loving
03. A Vacant Room

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