Friday, October 11, 2019

Portland post-metal band ALLTAR share video from debut album

"A//TAR brings solemn post-metal and sludgy doom with the crushing ferocity of Souls At Zero-era Neurosis and cinematic metal of Amenra." -- Metal Injection

"An echoing and massive effort...This truly beastly album is one of the better releases in this vein from the Pacific Northwest this year, and that's saying something. Don't miss out." -- Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"A root form of post-metal, bringing the aesthetic full circle and back to its cerebral roots in churning rhythms and shifts between deeply-weighted contemplation and voluminous sway and crash." -- The Obelisk

" Epic in the sense of grandiose, though not bombastic; layered with emotional depth and rich slabs of doom-laden atmosphere. You won’t mosh to this. What you will do is become absorbed by it, body and soul." -- Doomed & Stoned

Portland quintet A//TAR share the first video from their newly released debut album today via Ghost Cult Magazine. Watch and share the video for "Horology" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Metal Injection recently launched the single "Horology" HERE. Heavy Blog is Heavy hosted epic closer "Spoils" HERE and Doomed & Stoned showcased "War Altar" HERE

Hailing from the dark and gloomy Pacific Northwest, Alltar (stylized as A//tar) deftly combines elements of Post-Metal, Doom, and Sludge; and in an act of pure alchemy, wholly creates their own image. In the midst of the bass-heavy, distortion-laden wall of sound lies an element of somber, melodic beauty. 

The Portland, OR quintet are masters of slow-burn dramatic tension and explosive riffs with impassioned vocals giving their songs a formidable intensity. Reminiscent of the crushing ferocity of Souls At Zero-era Neurosis, the cinematic metal of Amenra, and multifaceted haze of Cult of Luna, A//tar are a return to thoughtcrafty heavy music.

Founded by guitarist Tim Burke (also of Hound The Wolves) in 2016, the band has developed through a careful, deliberate evolution to reach its perfect lineup with Juan Carlos Caceres (vocals, Moog), Nate Wright (drums), Colin Hill (guitar, samples) and Casey Braunger (bass.) With the same deliberation, the band spent the latter half of 2017 recording their 4-song debut album at 3 different studios in Portland, then mixing and mastering in Spring 2018. A record label came into the picture soon thereafter, though the album release was held up as the label's funds were scarce. Eventually, the label folded and the band wrestled back their masters, choosing to self-release, now well into 2019. 

"Upon the A//TAR we place our past," the band declares. "Through the triumphs and tribulations of human-kind. From the technical and artistic birth of society's achievements in art and technology, as well as the rise of power, war, destruction, and the control of humanity. Through the inevitable dark decay and cold loss, our music is inspired."

Hallowed is available on CD and download as of September 6th, 2019. Orders are available HERE

Artist: A//tar
Album: Hallowed
Label: Monochord Records
Release date: September 6th, 2019

01. Horology
02. War Altar
03. Induction
04. Spoils

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