Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Quin Galavis shares new single from forthcoming album, Austin songwriter announces 3-album series for 2019

"Much like Paul Westerberg, Galavis proves to have a penchant for writing songs that are are fast and at times heavy while still managing to be insanely catchy." -- Glide Magazine

"Jam of the Week: Are you ready for an urgent jam that will get all up in your brain and will live rent free?" -- CvltNation

"An emotionally-charged vocal over a musical setting that recalls Guided By Voices at its most exhilarating... Galavis takes us on an emotional and musical journey that doesn't provide easy answers or easy ways out." -- PopMatters

Austin, TX songwriter Quin Galavis shares a new track today from his forthcoming album Victim / Non-Victim, Pt. 1 via PopMatters. Hear and share the heart wrenching "Our Loved Ones" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Galavis recently shared an eerie POV video for the lead single "Burn The Room" via CvltNation. Watch & share HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Quin Galavis returns February 15th with another brilliant album of emotionally raw and revealing music that deftly leaps between heavy experimentalism and catchy melodies. Victim / Non-Victim, Pt. 1 launches a 3-album series to be released throughout 2019 on Super Secret Records

"This record I wrote after an intense period in my life," Quin explains. "I decided to approach this record as a way to confront all the things that created the feelings and characters in my double album My Life In Steel And Concrete and in the process confront all the things that has driven me to art and self destruction, so where MLISAC was expressing a sense of uncertainty and resignation, this record is truly a way to find out why I am the way I am and what abuses I have been through and the abuse I deliver on others. So, I am going to have to spread it out in three records! These records aren't just going to be a cathartic thing like MLISAC, but more as a purge of my old life and finally a reset."

The album includes many wonderful eclectic players on the songs; Graham Low (A Giant Dog), Victor Gutierrez (Impalers,Vaaska), Natalie Ribbons (TeleNovella, Agent Ribbons), Jason Chronis (Voxtrot, TeleNovella), Jenny Arthur (Lung Letters, The Dead Space) and many more. 

Quin Galavis has built a strong reputation for producing a variety of high quality music via acclaimed
bands including Nazi Gold and The Dead Space, and through his previous solo work. Unpredictable and experimental from record to record and from live performance to live performance, Quin Galavis continues to challenge himself and his audience to reconsider and subvert what it means to be an artist and musician.

Victim / Non-Victim, Pt. 1 will be available on LP, CD and download on February 15th, 2019 via Super Secret Records.

Artist: Quin Galavis
Album: Victim / Non-Victim
Label: Super Secret Records
Release date: February 15th, 2019

01. Theme 1
02. Our Loved Ones
03. Not Aware
04. It's Golden
05. This Real Home
06. Burn The Room
07. What It Takes
08. Thunder
09. Anthem
10. This Water

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