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Ghost Against Ghost 'still love' deluxe 2xLP earns Vinyl of The Day, releases this week

"Evokes a wide array of inspirations to create a vast and intense field of sounds. Christopher Bono constructs a darkly spiritual aura in this post-rock inspired composition." -- Stereogum

"A substantial work of art." -- Arctic Drones

"Cathartic soul-bearing space prog masterwork." -- Prog Magazine

Woodstock, NY band Ghost Against Ghost's epic album still love is at last available on vinyl as a double disc gatefold set. European deep-dive archival psychedelic music magazine It's Psychedelic Baby has profiled still love in its Vinyl of the Day feature HERE. The vinyl edition is available to order via Our Silent Canvas

Reviews widely praised the epic album's musical and emotional complexity upon its release. The Obelisk's insightful album review highlights the full length's "stylistic ambition and melodic depth," HEREArctic Drones takes an in-depth look at what it calls "a substantial work of art," HERE. UK print tome Prog Magazine deems it a "masterwork" HERE

Stereogum shared early single "Unarm" HERE while Tiny Mix Tapes showcases the track HEREMetal Injection featured album track "Resume" HERE.

This 65 minute LP weaves themes of love, heartbreak, and betrayal into monolithic synth-driven space-rock, with inspiration as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Sigur Ros, Vangelis and Pink Floyd

Writer and producer Christopher Bono utilizes his classical background to sculpt this expansive and engaging series of compositions, contrasting heavy walls of sound with ambient passages, contemporary classical and experimental electronic influences.  Bono collaborated with Thomas Pridgen, whose drumming credits include the likes of The Mars Volta, Trash Talk, Suicidal Tendencies and Memorials. The album's enveloping sound also contains special contributions by ambient guitarist Anthony Molina, the multi-instrumentalist famous for playing with Mercury Rev, and otherworldly choral sections featuring vocalists Jamie Rae, Stacie Bono and Michele Kennedy. 

Ghost Against Ghost recently issued a new single, Todeserfahrung which showcases a different side of the project, pairing Christopher Bono with the Czech FILMHarmonic (Arcade Fire, Ridley Scott, Celine Dion, et al.) The track takes the group's sound in evermore grandiose directions, including ethereal vocals, ambient keyboards and effects all driven by a detailed and dynamic electronic drum arrangement. 

VICE's The Creator's Project also previously premiered the short film directed by Craig Murray (Mogwai, Converge) for the remix Ghost Against Ghost song "Checkpoint Charlie." Watch HERE

For full biography on Ghost Against Ghost and Christopher Bono, please CLICK HERE.

Artist: Ghost Against Ghost
Album: still love
Label: Our Silent Canvas
Release Date: April 14th, 2017

01. Son of Cessiphus
02. Still Love
03. A Relapse of Remembrance
04. The River of the Intimate, Pt. 1
05. The River of the Intimate, Pt. 2
06. Resume
07. You Secret Ocean
08. Unarm
09. Guerison

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