Thursday, February 8, 2018

MARRIAGE + CANCER stream forthcoming debut early, "like 'In Utero' Nirvana meets Drive Like Jehu and Jesus Lizard'

"A perfect example of the Portland, OR quartet’s compelling merging of In Utero-era Nirvana’s raw emotional intensity with Drive Like Jehu and Jesus Lizard’s musical prowess and melodic contortions." -- New Noise Magazine

"An absolute beast of a noise-rock sound... A furious pummel of post-hardcore. It's gnarly, brawny stuff and it kicks some serious ass." -- Treble 

Portland, OR quartet Marriage + Cancer are streaming their forthcoming full length debut ahead of release today via Echoes & Dust. Hear the full album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Treble launched album opener "Command + Comply" HERENew Noise Magazine hosted the gut wrenching "Honor, On Our Knees" HERE. And, CvltNation previously shared the first track, "God is Tan" HERE

Marriage + Cancer are a quickly rising noisy melodic band from Portland, OR. Their heavy, driving, chaotic sound has captivated audiences in the Pacific Northwest, grabbing the attention of Austin label Self Sabotage, who jumped to release the band's full length debut. The album was recorded LIVE at vocalist/guitarist Robert Comitz's Stop/Start Studio, engineered by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, Neurosis) and mixed by Brent Asbury (Pinback). 

Marriage + Cancer sounds off from the jagged recesses of domestic landscape, their self-titled debut letting out a bellicose & harrowing howl into today's political & social voids. Rising from the ashes of K Records band Nucular Aminals, vocalist/guitarist Robert Comitz reformed the band under its new moniker, shedding the former's organ grinding & jaunty goth riffs for a heavier approach ranging from the thumping bass of album opener "Command + Comply" to the early-Sonic Youth-esque riffing of "Gound" to the rhythmic expanse of "View From A Cross." 

The band is comprised of Comitz (who also plays guitar is Ssold [w/ members of Get Hustle, Rabbits]), guitarist Jay Mechling, bassist Christian Carmine (also currently in Marmits, previously in Fist Fite) and drummer Chase Hall (also of The Swan Thief). 
Marriage + Cancer will be available on LP and download on February 9th, 2018 via Self Sabotage Records, a division of Super Secret Records. Pre-orders are available HERE

02/10/18 Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge - album release party

Artist: Marriage + Cancer
Album: Marriage + Cancer
Label: Self Sabotage Records
Release Date: February 9, 2017

01. Command + Comply
02. God is Tan
03. Honor, On Our Knees
04. Headache
05. Six Feet + a Box
06. Flora + Fauna
07. Gound
08. Thirteen Stairs
09. View From a Cross

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