Friday, December 8, 2017

Ether Feather premiere "Kiss The Earth" video, trio w/ Cursive, Cibo Matto, Reggie Watts band members play odd, heavy psych

Los Angeles trio Ether Feather premiere the video for "Kiss The Earth" from their debut EP today via
New Noise Magazine in the U.S. and The Spill Magazine in Canada. Watch and share the video styled after early-90s era thrillers via New Noise, The Spill and YouTube

Although they took their name from a Captain Beefheart lyric, Los Angeles trio Ether Feather seems to worship more at the alter of Black Sabbath, Budgie, and Rush. In many ways the band, with only one release to its name, actually began in 2011 when drummer/singer Dylan Ryan (Cursive, Fatal Jamz) started the band as an instrumental trio called Sand with future Ether Feather collaborators Devin Hoff (Cibo Matto, Julia Holter) and Tim Young (Reggie Watts, Wayne Horvitz

After two Sand records Ryan set the moniker aside in favor of a new name that better reflected the new direction of the material he was writing, specifically psychedelic proto-metal. Ether Feather self-released an EP in 2017 called Other Memory and are sorting out plans for the 2018 release of their debut full length.

Director Matt Hewitt on the video: "Dylan and I were definitely inspired by the early 90s style thriller. The plot and mood was referencing movies like Unlawful Entry and Sliver, something of a desert-bound Judgement Night homage.  We definitely wanted to create a video that Michael Douglas or Eric Roberts could have starred in. And of course by the end of the piece it becomes a full-bore Seagal movie, a la Out for Justice or Above the Law. Without being a complete visual rip-off we wanted to recreate that brand of thriller and action film that we hold so dear in a concentrated, miniature format."

Drummer/singer, Dylan Ryan: "Lyrically, 'Kiss The Earth' is somewhat inspired by the film The Witch that we were quite into when we were arranging the parts. I had a long sparse melody that I wanted to stretch out like Ozzy on the second half of 'Fairies Wear Boots'. As far as the music goes, I was heavily into the White Zombie Box Set and the stuff they did right when Jay Yuenger joined the band.  I love his playing."

12/11 Los Angeles, CA @ Resident w/ The New Trust

Artist: Ether Feather
Album: Other Memory
Label: self-released
Release Date: July 1, 2017

01. Kiss The Earth
02. Captain's Quarters
03. Crystal Palace
04. Kyanite
05. Stalker

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