Friday, June 16, 2017

Quin Galavis premieres several tracks from 'The Battery Line', followup to multi-Album-of-the-Year nominated 2xLP

"Much like Paul Westerberg, Galavis proves to have a penchant for writing songs that are are fast and at times heavy while still managing to be insanely catchy." -- Glide Magazine

"Less than 10 months after releasing his melancholic magnum opus, My Life in Steel and Concrete, emotionally intense songwriter Quin Galavis returns with The Battery Line, his personal pop apex. Don’t worry, it’s not as uplifting as it sounds." -- Austin Chronicle

Austin, TX songwriter Quin Galavis premiered additional new tracks this week from The Battery Line, the more refined yet lyrically weighty followup to last year's critically-praised double album. Spread out across a variety of press outlets, songs from The Battery Line have propagated one by one. The full album is released today via Super Secret Records and is available to hear and share in full on Soundcloud and Spotify

Austin Chronicle interviews Galavis on the new, catchier sounding album and its dark portents, alongside song premiere "Faces In The Crowd" HERE. Culture Creature unveiled the "reprieve from the intensity" of "No Return" HERE. Austin Town Hall calls him "one of Austin's most valued songwriters" with their share of "Garden Wall" HERE. Aesthetic Magazine launched dark ballad "We Are Good Here" HERE. Punk Rock Theory dropped "Bleed With Me" HERE, which Vandala Magazine described as "a psychedelic tear-jerking folk rock adventure" HERE

Glide Magazine describes album track "Any Head" as the work of a long-lost son of Paul Westerberg. Hear & share the powerful track HERE. (Soundcloud). The Spill Magazine shares the powerful album track "Guiding Light" HERE. (Soundcloud).  

Quin Galavis has built a strong reputation for producing a variety of high quality music via acclaimed
bands including Nazi Gold and The Dead Space, and through his previous solo work. Unpredictable and experimental from record to record and from live performance to live performance, Quin Galavis continues to challenge himself and his audience to reconsider and subvert what it means to be an artist and musician.

The Battery Line was recorded with Aaron Blount (Knife in the Water) & John Michael Landon at Austin's Estuary Recording Facility. The album's powerful, expressive and hook-laden songs show that Galavis isn't beholden to the dark avant rock of his previous album. Catchy riffs and quasi power pop moments give the album a lifting spirit. Ten songs of heart & guts, the new album comes out on 16 June 2017 via Super Secret Records.

His sophomore album, 2016's immersive, ambitious double-LP, My Life in Steel and Concrete, appeared on multiple end-of-year top ten lists and was spotlighted in an Austin Chronicle feature story. The record's soundscape is as varied and challenging as the themes it explores, and it features a host of Austin's diverse musical elite: Thor Harris (Swans and Shearwater), Sabrina Ellis (Sweet Spirit/A Giant Dog), Graham Low (A Giant Dog), and Ian Rundell (Ghetto Ghouls), to name a few.  

The Battery Line is available on LP, CD and download on June 16th via Super Secret Records and iTunes

Artist: Quin Galavis
Album: My The Battery Line
Label: Super Secret Records
Release date: June 16th, 2017

01. Garden Wall 
02. No Return
03. Any Head
04. Paul's Phone is Dead
05. Bleed With Me
06. Faces in the Crowd
07. Guiding Light
08. Question
09. Please Plead
10. We Are Good Here

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