Friday, February 12, 2016

Oscillator Bug streaming two new tracks for your Valentine! Shapers member and Hood Internet, BMSR collaborator returns

"Oscillator Bug's strange sound exists at the previously unforeseen axis of Dan Deacon's maximal brainiac pop and Gary Numan's arty synthetic dream." -- SPIN

Chicago analog synth psych-pop outfit Oscillator Bug shares two new tracks today from the forthcoming release ZP. The gliding pop groove of "Brain Rain" is available to hear & share via New Noise Magazine (Soundcloud HERE.) And the somewhat haunting chime tones of "Fuzzy Peach" are streaming via TrebleZine (Soundcloud HERE.)

The Spill Magazine recently shared the infectious mind-melting/melding track "Soft Rabbit", which drives like an electronic Motorhead fronted by Gary Numan. Hear and share "Soft Rabbit" HERE. (Soundcloud HERE.)

The 5-track ZP (see track listing and cover art below) is the followup to Oscillator Bug's heralded 2014 album debut Bursts of the Million (Dymaxion Groove). Hear and share that album HERE

Oscillator Bug is like a force of nature in the age of climate change: unpredictable. Borrowing from the revolution-minded mass hallucinations of 60s psych as well as weirdo bedroom pop and several decades worth of avant-garde synth experimentalism, Oscillator Bug is a wild, infectious and occasionally disturbing rendering of 21st Century popular music. 
Oscillator Bug's Zaid Maxwell has been making music in the Windy City for several years, playing in various bands (including Shapers with The Hood Internet's Steve Reidell) and recording others. While currently playing in a couple of more explorative and caustic outfits, Maxwell was compelled to extract the auditory earwigs of pop goo that had taken roost in his brain. The result is a tunefully fun and twisted Candyland passage through someone else's fever dream that pulls listeners ever-inward. 

ZP will be available on February 19th, 2016. Pre-orders include immediate download of advance tracks via Bandcamp

Artist: Oscillator Bug
Album: ZP
Label: Oscillator Bug Music
Release Date: February 19th, 2016

01. Twisting Every Way
02. Run Along Run
03. Brain Rain (STREAM)
04. Soft Rabbit (STREAM)
05. Fuzzy Peach (STREAM)

Artist: Oscillator Bug
Album: Bursts of the Million
Label: Dymaxion Groove
Release Date: September 9th, 2014

01. Enavasion
02. Bursts of the Million
03. Giimmi Goe (STREAM)
04. Big Snow
05. Feel Rif (STREAM)
06. Don't Go to Sleep
07. Dearest, Arthur
08. Nadya Lyons and the Imposing Peril of a Brave New World
09. Cilycada
10. Solo

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