Thursday, December 3, 2015

RidingEasy Records shares Winter 2016 Mixtape: Featuring NEW songs by Electric Citizen & Mondo Drag

Southern California label RidingEasy Records celebrates the end of a massive year and gives a peek at more ass-kickery to come in 2016 with the RidingEasy Winter 2016 Mixtape. Presented by KR3W, the mix features new, unreleased tracks from forthcoming albums by Electric Citizen and Mondo Drag. Hear & share HERE. FREE download HERE

The 14-song set also includes tracks from many RidingEasy bands with releases in 2015, like
MonolordSons of HunsSlow SeasonSpelljammer, Holy Serpent and more. Please see complete track listing below. 

Limited edition CDs will be available FREE with orders at the top of 2016 while supplies last via and distributed at skate shops throughout the USA, Japan, Europe and Australia. Available for free download now!

01. Electric Citizen - "Evil" from the forthcoming album Higher Times out April 2016
02. Mondo Drag - "Out of Sight" from the forthcoming album The Occultation of Light out Feb 2016
03. Slow Season - "Day Glo Sunrise" from the album Slow Season
04. Salem's Pot - "The Vampire Strikes Back" (Full Version) 
05, Zekes - "Box" from Brown Acid - The First Trip compilation
06. Old Man's Will - "Got It" from the album Hard Times Troubled Man
07. Sons of Huns - "Philosopher's Stone" from the album While Sleeping Stay Awake
08. Spiral Shades - "Frozen Fear" (Originally performed and written by Bedemon)
09. Holy Serpent - "Shroom Doom" From the album Holy Serpent 
10. Spelljammer - "The Pathfinder" From the album Ancient of Days
11. Monolord - "Cursing The One" From the Album Vænir
12. Blackout - "Tannered" from the album Blackout
13. The Well - "Crawling Mist" (McPullish Dub Mix)
14. The Picturebooks - "Hail These Words" from the album Imaginary Horse

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