Monday, December 21, 2015

Jad Fair & Jason Willett of Half Japanese premiere animated video for "Mars Invaded Earth" from new album

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“If the old adage is true and all of Fair’s songs are either about monsters or love, this one could be one of his first that’s about both, offering goofy depictions of the downfall of our planet paired with a surprisingly maudlin air for the indie rock goofball.” — SPIN

Jad Fair and Jason Willett of legendary art-punk band Half Japanese premiere the first video from their new album as a duo today via Exclaim! The video was hand-animated by Jad Fair using his signature cutout art and is available to watch and share HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

SPIN recently premiered the song "Mars Invaded Earth", which is available to hear and share HEREConsequence of Sound previously shared the album title track "The Greatest Power", available to hear and share HERE.

The 18-track album sees the longtime bandmates return hot on the heels of Half Japanese's 2014 album Overjoyed, which was the band's first recording in over 13 years. 

In keeping with Half Japanese's tradition of all songs being "either love songs or monster songs," Jad & Jason's latest effort vacillates between these lyrical themes throughout with Fair on vocals and "occasional instruments" (mostly guitar) and Willett on "other instruments." Drag City artist Michael Evans plays drums on title track "The Greatest Power." 

In 1974, with his brother David, Jad Fair co-founded the lo-fi alternative rock group Half Japanese. Over the ensuing three decades, Half Japanese released nearly 30 records, and in the process, attracted a solid base of fans passionate about the band's pure, unbridled enthusiasm for rock and roll. Jad also performs and records as a solo artist, and occasionally collaborates with such musicians as Daniel Johnston, Danielson, Teenage Fanclub, Moe Tucker (of Velvet Underground), Yo La Tengo, Steve Shelly and Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth), John Zorn, Kramer, and more.

The Greatest Power was released on LP, CD and download on December 18th, 2015 via Dymaxion Groove Records

Artist: Jad Fair & Jason Willett
Album: The Greatest Power
Label: Dymaxion Groove
Release date: September 8th, 2015

01. 1111
02. Monster On the Loose
03. Are You Ready?
04. Peace Sign
05. Hold That Tiger
06. I Remember Every Word You Said 
07. Far Away At Sea
08. Bubblegum Cottoncandy
09. Frankenstein Conquers the World
10. Let’s Go To Paris
11. Attack of The Giant Leeches
12. Ain’t No Sin
13. Good as Soda Pop
14. Giant From the Unknown
15. Everybody Happy?
16. Mars Invaded Earth (STREAM)
17. Drum Drop
18. The Greatest Power (STREAM)

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