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Old Man's Will stream entire album via The Obelisk; Share new video via Classic Rock Magazine

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“Listening to the unpretentious Swedish four-piece, who capture warm tones in the dark cold of Umeå — a northern town known for being the birthplace of Meshuggah and Refused — they make little attempt to hide their ’70s affinities, their Graveyard influence or their penchant for swinging their way into a memorable hook, but there is a vitality at the core the material that only emphasizes how much the sound of then has become the sound of now.” — The Obelisk

Umea, Sweden's Old Man's Will stream their new album Hard Times -- Troubled Man in its entirety today via The Obelisk. Hear and share the full album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Classic Rock Magazine also recently premiered the video for lead single "Troubled Man", which is available to watch and share HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

The album track "Easy Rider" recently premiered via Roadburn, available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.) MetalInsider previously shared the single and semi-title track "Troubled Man" HEREHard Times - Troubled Man is available everywhere on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records as of October 2nd, 2015.

Real rock ‘n’ roll requires a little bit of mystique, a little bit of swagger, and a little bit of trouble for good measure. Sweden’s Old Man’s Will possesses all three of those ingredients in spades, and they comingle into a wonderfully inebriating aural concoction on the band’s second full-length album, Hard Times - Troubled Man. The quartet -- Benny Åberg [vocals], Klas Holmgren [guitar], Tommy Nilsson [bass], and Gustav Kejving [drums] -- delivers a brash, bluesy, and brilliant opus that’s the perfect soundtrack for all kinds of trouble.

In between drunken late night jam sessions, parties in apartments with instrument-covered walls, a healthy diet of Deep Purple, Free, and Stray Dog, and other assorted mayhem, the boys emerged from Umeå’s underground with their self-titled debut in tow. They embarked on a successful European tour before RidingEasy Records came upon their Soundcloud and offered them a deal to reissue their first offering. In the midst of it all, Old Man’s Will began compiling ideas for what would eventually materialize as Hard Times - Troubled Man, sharing a collective vision.

“It was a step towards a more classic rock sound,” says Klas. “On the first album, we were heavily influenced by a lot of contemporary sounds and bands-something we are moving away from. For Hard Times - Troubled Man, we used old hard rock and blues as a foundation, creating something that’s meant to become the sound of Old Man’s Will.”

The first single “Troubled Man” shucks and jives between a hummable riff and a swinging stomp. “Basically, it’s about being a creative musician today and the life around it,” explains Klas. “Musicians and creative people are unique, and they’re troubled. Sometimes, the more troubled you are, the closer you are to writing that magic An ordinary life just can’t compete. Playing rock music today means big sacrifices and insane amounts of work with barely no return, but we love what we do and we don’t trim our sails to the wind.”

Ultimately, Old Man’s Will do what their idols did. They take the foundation of rock ‘n’ roll and leave an indelible stamp of their own. “We never had the intention of inventing a new genre,” concludes Klas. “We’re not about social media, posing, being ‘hip,’ or playing a certain fuzz or guitar pedal. For us, it’s just about great songs.”

Artist: Old Man's Will
Album: Hard Times - Troubled Man
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

01. Fools
02. Troubled Man (STREAM) (VIDEO)
03. Easy Rider (STREAM)
04. Ratking
05. Got It
06. Hazel Eyes
07. How Could You Know?
08. Another Seven Days

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