Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introducing rural Louisiana "Jungle Punk" band Bill Mountain with debut track via Noisey

"What happens when you add Fela Kuti horns and percussion, spazzed-out Contortions-y sax, wild Ian Svenonious vocal delivery to a rolling thunder post-punk burner? Bill Mountain, a sophisticated five-piece post punk band from the very rural Houma, Louisiana provide the nitro. A call to arms if there ever was one." -- Noisey

Bill Mountain is a new quintet from Houma, LA often described as "jungle punk" for evoking the raw, primal energy of early No Wave bands like The Contortions and Chain Gang, West Coast punk (Weirdos, Minutemen, 100 Flowers) and later underground heroes Nation of Ulysses run through steamy Southern proto-rock'n'roll. Bill Mountain's first single premieres today via Noisey. Listen to and please share "Let's Get it Started" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud link HERE.)

"Imagine you’re running through a hot, heavy jungle, branches slapping you in the face while you sprint from a ferocious and beautiful tiger," writes the Beaumont Enterprise's Beth Rankin. "Bill Mountain is frenetic and primal and rabid; it's screaming vocals punctuated by pounding jungle drums and, surprisingly, earth-shattering horn sound coming from saxophone player Jon Kelpsch."

Bill Mountain formed in the summer of 2013 in Houma, LA (60 miles southwest of New Orleans). Four of the group's members were in a previous project that lasted a few years called Secret Society in Smaller Lies. Following the sudden departure of their singer, the remaining members quickly formed a new band with one of their guitarists taking over lead vocals. Bill Mountain started writing new songs and embarked on a West Coast tour followed shortly thereafter by the addition of a saxophonist/percussionist to the line up. 

Currently, Bill Mountain is finalizing their debut release, making videos, and playing shows in and around Louisiana. 

03/31 Houma, LA @ The Boxer & The Barrel
04/03 Hot Springs, AR @ The Exchange
04/04 Dallas, TX @ Double Wide
04/25 New Orleans, LA @ Banks St Bar
05/08 New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
06/19 New Orleans, LA @ TBA w/ Quintron & Miss Pussycat
06/21 Houma, LA @ The Boxer & The Barrel

Artist: Bill Mountain
Track: "Let's Get it Started"
Label: Bill Mountain Music
Release Date: March 10th, 2015

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Anonymous said...

Houma is not rural, I think the population is close to 200,000 now.

Anonymous said...

34,040 in 2013.. not 200,000

Anonymous said...

Tight band, sexy members. I particularly like their knee caps.

Anonymous said...

Don't get smart with me, Houma is an economic hub. Not rural.