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Blue & Gold streaming entire album ahead of release, NYC album release party this Saturday, 1/10 at Mercury Lounge

"Blue and Gold channel the best and most soulful parts of the classic rock canon...Would be just as much at home on a Black Keys record as it would on a Stax record." -- Blah Blah Blah Science

"Nothing overly fancy, just loud guitars, earth shaking drums, and in your face, ass kicking and leave a footprint vocals." -- Pancakes and Whiskey

New York quartet Blue and Gold stream their entire forthcoming album ahead of its release beginning today. Listen to the full album HERE and please feel free to re-post the album widget below:

The 2-girl, 2-guy outfit play a NYC album release show this Saturday night, January 10th, 2015 at the Mercury Lounge. The full album is available for pre-order -- physical HERE and digital HERE (iTunes HERE.) The band previously shared the track "Tommy Gun" via PopMatters. Listen/share HERE

Picture a crowded party. It's sweaty, rowdy, and most of all, it's raucously loud. That's the experience of a Blue and Gold show, and it's the atmosphere they've captured on their debut album, In My Head.

The band formed in 2013, but the members of Blue and Gold go way back. Both singers and guitarists, Alex Kapelman and Chloe Raynes, started developing their musical chemistry in their college cover band, serenading drunken coeds with everything from Led Zeppelin and Green Day to Pat Benatar and No Doubt - so long as it rocked hard. Blue and Gold's other half goes back even further. Both students of the pop punk movement, GG Gonzalez and Derek Cabrera have been band-mates since high school. Alex and Chloe recruited GG first, blown away by her heavy-hitting, take-no-prisoners drumming style. Derek rounded out the quartet a few months later, supplying the group with his brand of punk, supplemented by a heavy dose of jazz, which he studied as an undergrad. 

These four musicians developed their chemistry on stage first, playing high-octane shows around New York City. Now with In My Head, Blue and Gold have created a debut bursting with as much swagger as their live show. It's also a meticulously crafted statement from a cohesive team. "I love the way the four of us make music together," Alex says. "It's raw and dirty and every piece fits together perfectly."

You can hear that perfect fit in the album's lead single, "In My Head," a tumult of wailing guitars and interweaving vocals. Shot through with adrenaline and dripping with a treacherous kind of romance, "In My Head" sets the tone for the whole album. The group also blends its influences on its second single, "Tommy Gun." The track starts out with jangly guitars and sunny surf rock melodies. But the band quickly blasts away that mellow mood with crashing cymbals, massive riffs, and pulsing bass. It's a fitting juxtaposition for a song about love in the trenches. Expect earworm hooks and harmonies and fierce blasts of sound - but most of all, expect a party.

In My Head is available on CD and download on January 13th, 2015 via ByrdHouse Records

01/10  New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (Album release party)

Artist: Blue and Gold
Album: Blue and Gold
Label: ByrdHouse Records
Release Date: January 13, 2015

01) In My Head (STREAM)
02) I Will Not Wait
03) Heartbreaker
04) Bowery Ball and Chain
05) Tommy Gun (STREAM)
06) I Can't Breathe
07) Make You My Baby
08) Wastin' Time
09) Soho
10) Don't Let Me Be

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