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Knifight shares lyric video for first track from forthcoming album

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Austin heavy post-punk band Knifight shares the first track from their forthcoming album today via PopMatters. The lyric video for "Young Lovers" is dark and rumbling, yet infectious and anthemic at the same time. Watch/share the video HERE. (Direct YouTube link HERE.)

Knifight's sophomore full length, V follows three previous EPs that have established the band throughout the Southwest. The quintet take to the road for a series of tours throughout that region beginning in January 2015 and continuing through March. All dates will be announced soon. 

Knifight is not the type of name you’d associate with a synth-rock group. You’d probably think of a rough-and-tumble bar metal band with a name like that, cargo shorts and Mesa stacks abound. Vocalist John Gable did grow up in the hardcore scene of Tyler, Texas, where he saw bands like Hatebreed and Brutal Truth. Perhaps that’s where the tough name came from. Knifight started as an industrial project of Gable, and later keyboardist/saxophonist Patrick Marshall would also become part of the group’s nucleus. They performed as a noise duo, eventually finding their way into Austin, and formed into a full band, rounded out by guitarist Nick Garrison, bassist John Hetherington, and drummer Nick Cogdill.

Knifight may be the only group that’s played a noise fest and opened for Future Islands and Duran Duran in 2014, and dipping in both of those worlds has worked in their favor. They’re set to release their album, V in 2015, which is their first album with live drums. Last year’s Dark Voices saw them heading in a murkier direction, and while this record is clearer, it ups the darkness in many ways. They’re less focused on pop structures, stretching out so Gable and Marshall’s synths sound more brooding and gorgeous. “A Perfect Day To Die” sounds like it was commissioned for a James Bond film, right down to the title. “Buttons (Slow)” has echo-laden growls from Gable that suggest his metal past isn’t entirely behind him. Knifight haven’t gone completely doom and gloom on us, though. John H dials in some bouncy basslines throughout, especially evident on the brief ray of sunshine in the form of “Broken Feeling.”This still has all the hallmarks to make the goth club go up on a Tuesday; the weekend’s too bright, after all. Dance floors are staging areas for all sorts of desires and danger, and Knifight are reflecting that with this new record.

will be available February 10th, 2015 on LP, CD and download via KnifightMusic. 

12/12 Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain (w/ My Education)

Artist: Knifight
Album:  V
Label: KnifightMusic
Release Date: February 10th, 2015

01. Mistakes
02. Everything's Perfect
03. A Perfect Day To Die
04. Broken Feeling
05. Young Lovers (STREAM)
06. Buttons (Slow)
07. Vii

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