Friday, October 31, 2014

Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos releases all-guitar Halloween album sequel, 'Scary Sounds II'

Nick Reinhart, guitarist and vocalist in Tera Melos released a follow-up to last year's special Halloween-themed album, Scary Sounds II today and is streaming all 16 spine-tingling tracks. The painstakingly composed album was created entirely on guitar, making other-worldly noises befitting the holiday tradition. Listen to and share Scary Sounds II HERE -- if you dare!

About Scary Sounds, Reinhart explains:

"I've wanted to do a Halloween themed, guitar-based ambient record for a long time now. Halloween is really special for me. I worked the seasonal shift at Party City for years -- into my late twenties --surrounded by clueless 16-year-old first-jobbers, just to be inundated with the spirit of the holiday. I'd heard lots of 'Halloween sounds' recordings over the years, and it was important to make this recording a conscious and focused effort. In other words, it's not just me hitting record and then farting around on my pedals. there was a lot of thought put into every sound created.

"Every single sound on the recording came from a guitar -- albeit a very processed guitar, but 100% guitar. My dream would be for people to play this on their porch to scare the shit out of trick or treaters, or at haunted houses or parties. Anything Halloween related. Not everyone is into noisy, ambient records, but ALMOST everyone is into Halloween!"

Artist: Nick Reinhart
Album: Scary Sounds II
Label: Nick Reinhart
Release Date: October 31st, 2014

01. You Burn Nicely
02. Tweaker
03. Worship Monsters
04. Dark Forest
05. Post-Slaughter
06. Tweaker II
07. You're F*cked III
08. Eating a Rat
09. Lost My Head
10. Brain Wipe
11. Help Me, There's Someone in My House
12. Alone on Neptune
13. Torture
14. Missing Time
15. Become Death


Artist: Nick Reinhart
Album: Scary Sounds
Label: Nick Reinhart
Release Date: October 28th, 2013

01. Descent
02. Your Abyss
03. Psychological Warfare
04. Demon's Dream
05. You're Fucked
06. Graveyard
07. Pre-Slaughter
08. You're Fucked II
09. Alone In Space
10. They All Must Die
11. Looking Through Your Window
12. Keep It Dark
13. Didn't Survive
14. Hell

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