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Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies premieres video via Exclaim, new song via Noiseporn

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UK electronic artist Stumbleine premieres a new video today via Exclaim from his genre-defying collaboration with Welsh songwriter/vocalist Violet Skies. The video for "Clip My Wings" is culled from the pair's forthcoming Chasing Honeybees EP on Monotreme Records. Watch/share video HERE.

Additionally, new music site Noiseporn premieres a new Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies track today. The song, "The Moonlight Flood" is available to listen/share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Emerging from Bristol's music scene (perhaps most famous for legends like Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky, but also widely considered "Britain's most musical city"), Stumbleine has already built a sizable following for his blissed-out, genre-transcending music, before forging a new collaboration with Violet Skies.

The duo have been hard at work in the studio, crafting a collection of songs that fuse the dreamy, shoegazy atmosphere and beats for which Stumbleine (aka Peter Cooper) is beloved by many, with a more classic pop sensibility, framed in the soulful vocals of Violet Skies.

The result is a welcome progression of the pop genre, with nods to the pop music of the 60’s (including a modern update of the Phil Spector classic "And Then He Kissed Me"), 80’s shoegaze artists like The Cocteau Twins, and post-dubstep and R’N’B, with songs that drift serenely between heartache and ecstasy. “Shoegaze had a big impact on me - Kevin Shields is one of my favourite producers”, says Peter. “I’m also really inspired by Phil Spector, I love his dedication to finding the ‘perfect’ pop track.”

The music still retains the trademark lush production that Stumbleine is noted for, with strong melody lines and compelling lyrics penned by Violet Skies. With Violet now involved in the songwriting, the likes of "Clip My Wings" and "Just Tell Me" sparkle and smolder. Peter admits she’s given Stumbleine a face and stamped his music with her personality. “She makes the music stand out and has opened the door to a wider audience,” he says.

The collaboration has been so productive that a full-length follow-up album is scheduled for release in April 2014. “These five tracks give a good indication of what’s to come - I’ve got more aces lined up for the album. I’ve pushed myself much harder over the past year to create something a bit different,” says Peter.

With Chasing Honeybees, Peter has added Violet’s vitality to the dreamy essence of Stumbleine and the results are breathtaking. Peter also reports for active duty as one third of dubstep envelope pushers Swarms.

Chasing Honeybees will be available February 11th via Monotreme Records on CD and download.

Artist: Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies
Album: Chasing Honeybees EP
Label: Monotreme Records
Release Date: February 11th, 2014

01. Clip My Wings (Vimeo) (YouTube)
02. Just Tell Me 
03. The Moonlight Flood (STREAM)
04. And Then He Kissed Me
05. Caroline

Artist: Stumbleine
Album: Spiderwebbed
Label: Monotreme Records
Release Date: November 13th, 2012

01. Cherry Blossom
02. If You
03. Capulet (VIDEO)
04. The Beat My Heart Skips (ft. CoMa) (MP3)
05. Honeycomb (MP3)
06. Solar Flare
07. Fade Into You (ft. Steffaloo) (MP3)
08. Kaleidoscope
09. The Corner of Her Eye
10. Catherine Wheel (ft. Birds Of Passage) 

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