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San Francisco psych-pop sextet Adios Amigo premiere video from new EP via The Bay Bridged

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"Pure California dreaming: nostalgic, jangly music that makes you feel sun-soaked and happy." -- The Deli SF Magazine 

"Happy, hopeful, celebratory music." -- NPR

"The pure indie-pop bliss of Adios Amigo occasionally dipped towards mellow Belle & Sebastian sentimentality, at other points rocking more Shins-like." -- SF Bay Guardian

"This indie pop group bolsters itself with warm, murky harmonies and lovely, listless vocals. All four instrumentalists sing on every song, and the resulting music is more akin to British Invasion-style rock than contemporary pop - three-part harmonies rather than a lead over backing vocals. Most tracks start with a tantalizingly drawn-out major seventh chord. Sometimes the musicians hover on one tonal center for an entire song, the same way a painter might obsess over a single color. They're forgiven." -- East Bay Express

San Francisco psych-pop sextet Adios Amigo today premiere the first video from their sophomore release, Dos . The shuffling, upbeat sweet love song "Chicken" is depicted in stop-motion photography of director Caitlyn Adkins, posted by The Bay Bridged. Watch video HERE

The song is culled from Adios Amigo's new 5-song Dos EP which available to download/stream HERE.

Adios Amigo began in the South American capital city of Santiago, Chile. It was here that singer/songwriter/guitarist Johnny Major, during his college year abroad, began writing love songs on an old, beat-up guitar for a Chilean girl whom he would go on to marry. It would be 8 years and tens of thousands of miles traveled before John would record his music and assemble a band. Adios Amigo is the culmination, and also the beginning of his musical aspirations coming to light. 

Adios Amigo, the band, was put together after completion of recordings in the Sacramento studio of engineer David Pullin (Sholi, The Soft White Sixties). All instruments were performed by Major, and the recordings would go on to become Adios Amigo's self-titled debut EP. With only songs written on acoustic guitar, and having never been played with a full band, the sound was invented through layering of guitar and vocal tracks, and the end result was a harmonious wall of sound, reminiscent of Broken Social Scene's grandiose indie rock symphony. Major's singing and writing style can be likened to Elliott Smith, his vocals delivered softly with strategic harmonies, in traditional pop song structure.
The band's two EPs are an eclectic batch of songs tied together by a pop sensibility and a calm, upbeat sentimentality. The songs are about various elements of life: love, past, present, future, and falling asleep on the couch with somebody special. There is not an unhappy note among them. 

In the spring of 2011, Major recruited musician friends to bring his music to life in a live setting. Following some minor lineup changes in recent months, the band has now expanded to a six piece with new members from defunct SF indie-folk group, Red Weather. Johnny Major also plays drums in San Francisco based indie-folk band, Il Gato. All members of Adios Amigo reside in San Francisco, CA.  

10/05  San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room

Artist: Adios Amigo
Album: Dos
Label: Adios Amigo Music
Release Date: June 1st, 2012

01. Colony's Dead
02. Chicken  (MP3) (VIDEO)
03. Never Forget
04. Take Me to Heaven
05. Pretty Pretty Princess

Artist: Adios Amigo
Album: Adios Amigo
Label: Adios Amigo Music
Release Date: March 5th, 2012

01. Intro
02. Play You (VIDEO)
03. Debut (MP3)
04. Easy To Hide (VIDEO)
05. The Couch

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