Friday, August 5, 2011

The Boxing Lesson take space rock underwater with premiere of new video from Muerta EP

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"Sci-fi, outer space and all things NASA were always a big influence for the Austin band and they take it one step further with this collection of slow, dreamy shoegaze songs. sounding a bit like The Cure in the early Eighties with Pink Floyd, The Jesus and Mary Chain (in a mellow mood) and The Apples in Stereo lurking in the background." -- Here Comes The Flood

"Pink Floyd influences the music but there is more to their sound than a Floyd fixation. Elements of M83, the “Northern Soul”-period of the Verve, and the adventurousness of Ponytail all are present here. The effects-laden guitar weaves in and out of the soaring Moog parts, creating a sonic landscape that draws the listener in from the first sound. Muerta has to be in my Top 10 for the year." -- Vivogig

Austin, TX psychedelic space rock band The Boxing Lesson premiere the first video from their new Muerta EP today via Consequence of Sound. The intense, apocalyptic clip depicts singers and a variety of debris slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, set to the song's dark, sweeping lament. Watch it HERE.

Muerta is available on vinyl and digital download. Stream the entire release via Bandcamp.

The Boxing Lesson is a group of audiophiles as much as musicians. The overall sound they create is a blend of many things; small sounds that build a stir and grand orchestrations that create movement. The Austin, TX band successfully combines expressive guitar rock and synthesized ambient tones on their new Muerta EP which chronicles a band's evolution over several years. 

Although they’ve been touted as “space rock”, there is so much more going on here. The slow-burning songs that make up the Muerta EP are fantastically cohesive despite being recorded at several different studios with three different drummers. The Boxing Lesson accomplishes in four songs what many achieve on a full length. Each song projects a similar dark and moody vibe while retaining its own identity. Clocking in over 23 min, this is more of a mini-album than an EP. 

Founding member and songwriter Paul Waclawsky’s lush electric guitar soundscapes and soaring vocals dance with Jaylinn Davidson’s synth-bass lines, shimmering outer-space frequencies, and keyboard prowess. The band’s stratospheric sound creates a rock journey whose destination is the dark corners of the mind.

Artist: The Boxing Lesson
Album: Muerta
Label: New Fortune Records
Release Date: August 2nd, 2011

01. Darker Side of the Moog
02. Muerta (VIDEO
03. Cassiopeia
04. Drone To Sleep

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