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Mysterious Italian group N.A.M.B. announces US debut of epic concept album praised by NME, European press


December 8th, 2009

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Mysterious Italian group N.A.M.B. announces US debut of epic concept album praised by NME, European press

"Think Muse are bonkers? Well get your listening gear around NAMB. The quartet's nearest reference point is Nine Inch Nails, relentless beats and demonic riffs forming the backbone of the 18 tracks here. But they're more playful than Reznor and their dabblings make for intriguing listening." -- NME

"BMAN is, as a record, a bit of an onion, sonically speaking; full of layers and textures and shapes and such. Comparable, perhaps, to Flaming Lips but with a Sonic Youth-esque twinge and even moments of Modest Mouse like quirkiness. Ignoring the comparisons and focusing on what really matters – this is a really good, interesting and diverse record. A lot of tiny things remind me of a lot of people, but N.A.M.B have certainly brought the influences and individuality together incredibly cohesively. This is definitely one to remember. 4/5." -- Subba Cultcha

Amid a wealth of praise overseas, the mysterious Italian quartet N.A.M.B. announces the stateside release of its second album, BMAN in February 2010. The album will be issued via UK label Monotreme Records (65Daysofstatic, Thee More Shallows) in a deluxe package with a 96-page full-color booklet illustrating an epic tale of an otherworldly robot and his quest for self-identity. A teaser clip for the first video, "Radiorace", depicting the album's animated protagonist, BMAN can be seen HERE.

N.A.M.B.'s heavy-leaning, electronic psychedelic sound elicits comparisons to the Flaming Lips, Muse, Girls Against Boys, et al. Check out the MP3 for "L.O.N." (HERE). Stream the album HERE.

N.A.M.B. is a band from Turin, Italy. Ask them what the initials stand for, and you will probably get a different answer every time. Visit their MySpace page one day, and you might see the caption “Nascere Artisti Morire Buffoni” (“Born Artists, Die Clowns”), but the following day it could be something entirely different, like “Neuroni Annoiati Masticano Boiate” (“Bothered Neurons Chew Rubbish”)

One thing we do know for certain: their second album, BMAN, is a magnificent sonic adventure, with a psychedelic flair reminiscent of The Flaming Lips, dynamics and industrial elements รก la Nine Inch Nails, massive stadium-friendly tunes and, beating underneath it all, a big heart of soulful pop.

N.A.M.B.’s self-titled debut album Mescal was released in 2005 in Italy. The album was mostly sung in Italian, and won the band a good following in Italy, where they shared stages with international touring bands including Fantomas, Blonde Redhead, Michael Franti, Spoon and Chikinki.

In November 2006, work began on their sophomore album, BMAN -- an ambitious, multi-layered odyssey about a little robot called BMAN. For this album, the lyrics were written mostly in English. The album was produced by N.A.M.B in their own Superbudda studio, and mastered in London, UK by Bunt Stafford Clark (Thom Yorke, Graham Coxon, Elbow, Placebo, Jesus and Mary Chain). Accompanying the CD album is a 96-page booklet of original drawings by Maq4ka, illustrating the story of BMAN, with additional drawings by Gabriele Ottino.

While BMAN is equally enjoyable as an album, the story line is integral to fully appreciating this ambitious concept album. To read the story and lyrics of BMAN visit:

Artist: N.A.M.B.

Album: BMAN

Label: Monotreme Records

Release Date: February 23, 2010

01. T.C.3

02. Radiorace (VIDEO)

03. TV Invasion

04. Musichetta In Pausa Sigaretta

05. Champagne

06. Supernaturaloser (Part 1)

07. Running

08. L.O.N. (MP3)

09. Bye Bye Sides

10. Work It Out

11. Serrato

12. FWR

13. Primula

14. Hate My Telephone

15. Into the Mud

16. Supernaturaloser (Part 2)

17. F.A.R. (Fools Are Right)

18. Blue Sky

On the web:

Members of N.A.M.B. are available for interviews. For more information, please contact Dave Clifford at

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