Thursday, November 2, 2023

Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol now selling last copies of limited edition Beef Beast LP direct, announce final shows of 2023


“Fuzzed-out, speaker-exploding groove that's both sonically excruciating and intoxicatingly alluring. They find a weird sweet spot of harshness and catchiness that goes down like a greasy, gut-busting bad decision.” — Invisible Oranges

“Very little pretense but a whole dollop of kick, conjuring the sounds of early Red Fang or Dead Quiet.” — Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Oozes originality from their vocal delivery to their sleazy brand of stoner, doom and rock n roll and Doom Wop is no exception. You can put on this album and get absolutely crushed by fuzz, but all the while with a big smile on your face.” – Doom Charts 

"Epically catchy... Imagine the ear-wormy fuzz-rock riffage of Dinosaur Jr. if it was played on an eight-string guitar with super heavy low-end." -- Revolver Magazine

Austin trio Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol are now selling the final copies of the limited edition vinyl release that pairs 2 of the band's early digital EPs, Beef and Grease Beast on one LP. Titled Beef Beast, the 12" is the first time these songs have ever been released on vinyl. Beef Beast was released October 27th in partnership with Try Hard Coffee Roasters as part of the Austin company's series of limited edition coffee/vinyl pairings. The slime green variant is sold out, and the band is now selling the last of the black vinyl copies direct to fans via their webstore HERE and Bandcamp

Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol played a set for the history books last weekend at the popular Austin festival LEVITATION 2023 on October 29th. They play a handful of regional dates to close out the year, in anticipation of what's going to be an incredibly busy 2024 for them with a new album and a massive amount of touring to be announced soon. Please see current dates below. Ticket links HERE.

RBBP released their sophomore album Doom Wop on vinyl August 11, 2023. Hear Doom Wop on your favorite streaming service HERE. Revolver Magazine recently premiered the official video for "Heel" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

With their 5th studio release, Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol is putting a name to the style of fuzzed out, overdriven, melodic, groovy music they have been making since 2016. In 9 concise, no bullshit songs, RBBP demonstrates their ability to blend the merciless low end of Leo Lydon’s 8-String guitar, Aaron Metzdorf’s masterful chordwork on the bass, and Sean St.Germain’s driving drumwork. Lydon and Metzdorf’s vocal melodies cut through the high frequencies to deliver fresh layers to the hooks that RBBP fans have come to love.

As the name implies, Doom Wop is a heavy, melody-driven, party metal album. With riffs as big and dumb as ever, and lyrics that stab at the worst members of society and ourselves (while keeping tongue firmly in cheek), listeners will find all the elements that make up the soul of RBBP on this record. 

Beef Beast is available on limited edition slime green vinyl and solid black vinyl and download/streaming on October 27th. Doom Wop is available on LP and download via Bandcamp HERE and Big Cartel HERE


11/10 San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger

11/11 Houston, TX - Black Magic Social Club

12/01 Lafayette, LA - Boom Boom Room

12/02 Bryan, TX - The 101

12/09 Austin, TX - Rathbone Moto Works

Artist: Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol

Album: Beef Beast

Label: RBBP / Try Hard Coffee Roasters

Release Date: October 27th, 2023

01. Mouthbreather

02. Sugarman

03. JR Wastes It

04. Goddess Whore

05. The Cincinnati Tilt


07. Grease Beast

08. Johnny Boy Tell 'Em

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