Tuesday, November 7, 2023

L.A. band NORMANS (ex-FEELS, Prissy Whip) join Solid Brass Records, share first single from forthcoming debut

Southern California noise-punk band NORMANS announce their forthcoming debut self-titled album, to be released in January '24 on Solid Brass Records. Hear & share the lead single "Murder Rich", out today on all DSPs HERE

In 2021, in the lingering haze of the global pandemic and several nautical miles off the coast of Los Angeles in a broken down boat, Southern California natives and stalwarts of the local DIY music scene Matthew Reid (Blonde Summer) and Michael Perry Rudes (FEELS) decided it was time to embark on a new musical odyssey together; one that championed fearlessness, rawness, and above all, freedom. 

NORMANS was born on the dirty streets of L.A. and baptized in the punk rich waters of Hermosa Beach; the city that gave us Black Flag, Redd Kross, Minutemen and more. Years of exposure and participation in the myriad of genres and sounds that make up the vibrant music scene resulted in a multi-genre-bending, bass and synth fueled cacophony that pays homage to the ghosts of Killing Joke, The Jesus Lizard, GVSB and The Birthday Party

NORMANS have managed to stitch together elements of surf, post punk, noise rock and Wax Trax era electro-industrial music for a sound that is urgent, angry, and simultaneously danceable. Oozing with satire and shrouded in bizarre visual art and imagery, bassist and vocalist Matthew Reid explores issues of violence, drug use, and the terrified animal caged within us all. Where their musical journey takes them will keep us wondering. What is certain is the band’s willingness to propel themselves into uncharted waters, unlike the boat they started on just a few short years ago.

NORMANS will be available on LP and digital on January 12th, 2024 via Solid Brass Records. Pre-orders are available for North America HERE, UK/EU orders HERE.


11/12 Los Angeles, CA - Footsie’s Bar



Label: Solid Brass Records

Release Date: January 12, 2024

A1: John Hockey

A2: Shut Up I'm Shopping

A3: Murder Rich

A4: Anti Crusoe

A5: Firepower

B1: Dead Snakes

B2: Healing An Eyesore

B3: Schloss Loss

B4: Bending The Branch

B5: Fury On The Island

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