Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Red Scare host Bandcamp Listening Party tomorrow, 6/12 for Solid Brass Records discography out 6/14

"Off-kilter and totally on point... Their musical impact on the underground is still being felt until this very day." -- CvltNation

Late 90s Knoxville, TN band The Red Scare host a Bandcamp Listening Party tomorrow, Wednesday, June 12th at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern Time for their forthcoming 2xLP discography reissue on Solid Brass Records. RSVP for the live stream event HERE

Hear/share 3 singles on all DSPs HERE.

The Red Scare was formed by four college friends in Knoxville, TN, in August of 1997, bringing together Matt Hall's explosive and unique drumming with Kip Uhlhorn's frantic guitars, Abby Wintker on bass, and Adam Ewing on 2nd guitar. 


The Red Scare began playing locally, building a name for themselves with short but propulsive sets likened after those of the Sleepytime Trio and Gravity Records heroes, Heroin. By 1998, Jon Asher had replaced Adam Ewing on guitar and the band embarked on their first tour with Milemarker, Orchid, and Hail Mary


Capillary Lockdown came in November of 1999; an album of apocalyptic visions and propulsive, almost overwhelming rhythms. The album was released on vinyl by Hand Held Heart and CD by Troubleman Unlimited.


In June of 2000, they toured again with Orchid and Lightning Bolt and then recorded Strangers Die Everyday at Inner Ear Studios. On this release they melded together explosive songs like "Risking Your Life With a Capital R" and "Smoky Mountain High" with strange metallic collages. The guitars, while still edging on brutal, also emit dreamy segments like that of the title track. This would prove to be their final album together as Uhlhorn moved to New York City. He would go on to form Panthers (with 3 members of Orchid) and eventually, Cloudland Canyon. Matt Hall went on to play in New Brutalism.


Smoky Mountain High is a collection of both LPs, all their 7”s, and live recordings from WNYU. It will be released digitally and as a Limited Edition 2xLP on Red and Ultra Clear vinyl on June 14th via Solid Brass Records. Pre-orders are available HERE


09/13-15 Richmond, VA - The Broadberry - Dark Days, Bright Nights Festival

Artist: The Red Scare

Album: Smoky Mountain High 

Label: Solid Brass Records

Release Date: June 14th, 2024

01. Automate Insection

02. Device For Annihilation

03. Jetset

04. 12 Years Past

05. Post Meridian

06. Crushing Blows

07. Inertia /Distance To Empty

08. Earache

09. Full Steam Ahead

10. Jetset (45 version)

11. Epiphany #2

12. Sequenced for Explosion

13. Send Me An Angel

14. Risking Your Life With A Capital R

15. Smoky Mountain High

16. Strangers Die Everyday

17. Cranial Masses

18. Kodaliths

19. Asphyxial Eclipse

20. Iron Curtain

21. Five Months In Poland

22. Automate Insection (Live WNYU)

23. Kodaliths (Live WNYU)

24. Smoky Mountain High (Live WNYU)

25. Post Meridian (Live WNYU)

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Lord Buffalo share "I Wait on The Door Slab" video from forthcoming Blues Funeral Recordings album 'Holus Bolus'

“Known for their atmospheric spin on folk-rock, at times sounding like the Anthology of American Folk Music beamed from outer space.” — NPR Music

“A dusky, moody, roots-quaking disc of tension and release.” — Austin Chronicle

“Reimagines Wovenhand as fronted by Nick Cave… Grim, grey, thoroughly American gothic. Violins and violence.” — The Obelisk

“Lord Buffalo masterfully mixes straightforward, stoner-tinged rock with more violin-driven post-rock tones into one beautifully captivating sound that everyone should be familiar with.” — Metal Injection

Austin heavy psychedelic-Americana band Lord Buffalo release a lyric video today for "I Wait on The Door Slab" from their forthcoming album Holus Bolus. The Obelisk shares the video alongside an insightful album review HERE. Direct YouTube.)

Metal Injection previously launched the title track and official video for "Holus Bolus" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Lord Buffalo is heavy in the way that ghosts are heavy… in the way that billowing dust is heavy. 

That is to say, the Austin, TX Psych-Americana band’s music impacts hard, though it seems impossible to touch. Their sound flows through us, it doesn’t invite the Pavlovian response of typical heavy rock music. 

Perhaps it’s fitting then that their new album Holus Bolus takes its name from an antiquated term meaning “all at once.” It materializes instantly from the first notes of the opening title track, like a dark grey haze drawing listeners in with the band’s deft juxtapositions of droning violin, guitars, drums and vocals. It draws equally from Morricone and Badalementi as from Sabbath and Swans

While the quartet trudges the same murky waters as dark emotive brethren David Eugene Edwards/Woven Hand, Chelsea Wolfe, Emma Ruth Rundle, Earth/Dylan Carlson, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nick Cave, etc., their creative interplay of Middle Eastern influence with a distinctly Western feel takes listeners in entirely new directions as the album envelops them. 

Lord Buffalo is Daniel Pruitt (guitar, bass, piano, vocals, melodica), Garrett Hellman (guitar, sub-bass, piano, synths), Patrick Patterson (violin), and Yamal Said (drums, percussion). Holus Bolus was recorded by Danny Reisch and Max Lorenzen at Good Danny's in Lockhart, TX. Mixed by Danny Reisch. Mastered by Max Lorenzen.

“While the making of this record feels a bit like a sleep-deprived hallucination to me,” Pruitt says. “Listening to it now, I find it strangely hopeful — there's a kind of release that you hit in exhaustion. I think the record knew what it was after, even if we didn’t. It felt very much like the record just appeared one day, holus bolus.”

Holus Bolus will be available worldwide on vinyl, CD, and digital via Blues Funeral Recordings on July 12, 2024. Pre-order HERE

Artist: Lord Buffalo

Album: Holus Bolus

Label: Blues Funeral Recordings

Release Date: July 12, 2024

01. Holus Bolus

02. Slow Drug

03. Passing Joy 

04. Malpaisano

05. I Wait on the Door Slab

06. Cracks in the Vermeer

07. Rowing in Eden

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Fever Moon (FVRMN) share "Esoteric Lover" video from album feat. Mike Watt, Chris Broach (Braid) and more

"Blazing title track... With the dream-pop of early Blondie as a base and crunchy, fuzzy punk guitars on top of that, 'Back to the Whip' has a rock edge tempered with a pop softness." -- New Noise Magazine

“A balance of both sincerity and a sick sense of humor.” — Ghettoblaster Magazine

"This album is so good and so different from anything else out there today. I strongly recommend it.” – Jersey Beat

Tokyo based punk band Fever Moon (now stylized as FVRMN) share a new video from their recently released album Back To The Whip today via Scene Point Blank in North America and Echoes & Dust in the UK. Watch "Esoteric Lover" HERE (US) or HERE (UK) and direct via YouTube

Bandleader, vocalist/guitarist Jay Holmes recently opened up about the cathartic album's creation after becoming sick and its impressive list of guest musicians in an interview with Psychedelic Baby Magazine, along with a full album stream HERE

The official video for the title track cleared over 29k plays in its first week! Watch it now on YouTube.

Many songwriters have unveiled their "pandemic albums" over the past few years and most of them carry the weight of isolation and yearning through soft quiet spaces away from society. When Tokyo-based songwriter Jay Holmes got sick, he bashed out nine tracks of heavy hefty songs that relied on a deep inner sense of musical drive and a wicked balance of both sincerity and a sick sense of humor.

Back To The Whip was meant to be a "one and done" kind of a raw slam punch to the guts; but once he got a few friends on board to help out, things began shaping up into a more refined type of beast with multiple layers that slowly began to expose themselves with each repeated listen.

Back To The Whip is FVRMN's fourth studio album (and the first under their new moniker as it was previously Fever Moon) and features a wide-ranging line up including:

Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges, fIREHOSE)

Chris Broach (Braid)

Christian Madden (The Liam Gallagher Band)

and Motoharu Fukada (ex-member of Japan's wildly popular Soil & "Pimp" Sessions)

The album was mixed by Dan Konapka (OK GO)

Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Matthew Barnhart

Each special guest brings their own unique element to the album with main songwriter Jay and longtime friend Scott Lupton on guitar and drums, respectively. Ex-bandmate Michael Ulliman also added extra guitar and handled pre-production duties and after a fairly long and sometimes frustrating weight of time, the new album is finally set to be released on vinyl via Bifocal Media on May 24th, 2024. Fans of heavyweight hooks a la Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk, Husker Du, Leatherface should all rejoice as FVRMN's big wall of sound guitars create a dense blast of sound that match up perfectly with the fine-tuned razor-sharp art of true songcraft.

Jay Holmes has been actively making noise for a long time. The American-born, Tokyo resident was the lead singer and songwriter in the epic indie math rock band The Ladderback in the late 90's up until his overseas move in 2003 after the band ended a successful nine show tour of Japan. From then, Jay took time off from music to get centered in his new surroundings where he is currently a full-time artist and graphic designer who has created designs for Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Sebadoh, Babes In Toyland, The Dead Milkmen, Windhand, and many more.

Back To The Whip is available digitally and as a Limited Edition LP on Red and Ultra Clear vinyl released on May 24th via Bifocal Media. Orders are available HERE.

Artist: FVRMN

Album: Back To The Whip

Label: Bifocal Media 

Release Date: May 24th, 2024

01. Back To The Whip

02. Diamonds

03. Raleigh

04. Esoteric Lover

05. Decoder Ring

06. Into The Earth

07. Forkburn On the Tongue

08. Wig

09. Grim Finale