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Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio share first track from Broken Clover Records album out in early 2023


Renowned electronic artist/producer Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio share the first single from their forthcoming album Glossolalia today. The album will be released in February '23 on Broken Clover Records. Hear and share "Aquamarine Dream (feat. The Rennix Sisters)" via Spill Magazine HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Never one to pull inventive punches, Left Coast electronic music producer Dave Aju reassembled this notorious cast of characters for a remarkably fitting album package made during one of the most strange times our world has ever faced in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. While things were essentially shutdown, reopened, cycle-repeat worldwide, and every other species in mother nature’s kingdom temporarily rejoiced while humans remained still in their caves, Aju and The Invisible Art

Trio, his formidable if not-seen-in-a-minute musical team behind such underground anthems as “Be Like the Sun”, went to work in the final days of the glorious G-Son studios in Atwater Village L.A. to record this LP.

Indeed, the same four/five walls and vocal booth that saw the Beastie’s iconic Check Your Head and Hello Nasty come to life, became the birthplace of Glossolalia, Aju’s fifth studio album and appropriately impressive seven-song set. As always, a myriad of musical styles and influences are strung together and boldly combined here, to the degree that drawing comparisons or attempting genre references feels truly futile. There are, however, clear visceral expressions of political provocation, hope and anger, fear and joy laid over twisted yet dedicated grooves in a lockdown era where Aju’s imaginary collective dance floor feels in the temporary absence thereof and bizarro sixth-world unification strategy of recording every song’s lyrics in complete non-languages aka total gibberish, feels right at home. 

Even the vocal guests join in the literal chant here, granting us diverse spell-casting and sensual nonsensical lyrical lines over tech-funk mother lodes, before closing the otherworldly proceedings with a powerful grand finale tribute to the US of A’s proud boys-in-blue in the wake of George Floyd’s very public assassination. Equal parts timely anti-establishment and uplifting call-to-action, Glossolalia serves as a decidedly coarse yet crucial reminder of the possibilities in collaborative and devoted noise-making, booty-shaking, and alternative world-building during greater global disarray - beyond stylistic, nationalistic, and linguistic dividing lines. An overtly universal and unifying message liberating us from any fixed cultural identities and thus differences, to instead just focus on how the music delivers and we physically respond, together, as the foundation. Perhaps also an inspired response to the talking heads in every corner of the world’s media, spewing useless and politically-tainted mouth data at us amidst these turbulent times. As the apt album title implies, the ritualistic if not religious and ceremonial speaking in tongues leaves us with as many questions as answers, while we are enraptured in a complex yet nuanced sonic balancing act of unknown while strangely-familiar rhythmic bliss, which Dave Aju & The IAT wouldn’t have any other way.

Glossolalia will be available on LP and download on February 17th, 2023 via Broken Clover Records. Pre-orders are available HERE

Artist: Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio

Album: Glossolalia

Record Label: Broken Clover Records

Release Date: February 17th, 2023

01. Kilanala

02. Luxurio

03. Predica

04. Sdrow (feat. Ailuy)

05. Aquamarine Dream (feat. The Rennix Sisters)

06. Ponezu

07. Devas Esti La Loko

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