Friday, July 9, 2021

Old Moon announce debut full length 'Altars', Bandcamp Daily New & Notable featured pick!

"Jangly, hooky post-punk from New Hampshire that strikes that key balance from its '80s forebears of romanticism and gloom." -- Bandcamp Daily

“A descent into a swirling world where shimmering noise meshes with clamoring guitars, pounding drums, and melodic hooks.” — Idiotec

Rural New Hampshire band Old Moon announce their debut full length today. Hear and share Altars via Bandcamp and Soundcloud

The project of singer and multi instrumentalist Tom Weir, Old Moon seamlessly blends clamoring post punk rhythms with jangling guitars and shimmering noise. Old Moon’s new album Altars is a descent into a swirling world full of driving basslines, melodic hooks and emotive lyrics. The album is an assured debut from Weir who plays all instruments on the record.

Altars is Old Moon’s first full length record after a string of EPs and demos throughout 2020, and its first release on up and coming label A La Carte Records. The album was recorded by Weir in rural New Hampshire over the fall and winter of 2020, mixed in Portland and San Francisco by Shaun Durkan of Weekend, and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Western Massachusetts' Dead Air Studios.

Recent descriptions of Old Moon’s music from peers include, “like Blitz if they were on Slumberland Records” and “like For Against playing with True Widow’s gear.” While these descriptions ring true, Altars is more than just a rehashing of tropes. Old Moon has created a sound of its own that seamlessly blends genres and references its forebears without falling prey to familiar patterns. 

Altars is available for download on July 9th, 2021 and on vinyl in late July via A La Carte Records. Orders are available HERE. 

Artist: Old Moon

Album: Altars

Record label: A La Carte Records

Release date: July 9th, 2021

01. Ephemeral

02. Chains of Sleep

03. Past Lives

04. Anhedonia

05. Taste

06. Untouched

07. Drowse Down

08. Laid To Waste

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