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Products Band share "Count To Ten" video from Some Sudden Weather album out now on Solid Brass Records

“The kind of jangly guitar music they called 'college rock' in the ’80s and 'indie rock' in the ’90s.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Honestly, I couldn’t stop jamming out. There’s tons of nods to all the eras of punk and punk-adjacent indie rock.” — Austin Town Hall

"This could be the melodic post punks’ big break. 'Shell Text' sounds like an extremely confident band that’s honed their sound, expertly walking the line between disaffected art pop and exuberant groove." -- Reviler

Minneapolis quartet Products Band share the official video for "Count To Ten" from their Solid Brass Records debut album Some Sudden Weather today. Watch/share video HERE. The full album is available to hear and share on all DSPs HERE.

Brooklyn Vegan recently featured the official lyric video for lead single "Shell Text" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

Some Sudden Weather finds Products Band sharpening their focus on presence of mind in a culture of noise. Sure, what else is new, another rock record detailing this late-capitalist hellhole, blah blah blah — but then it hits you. This record refuses to default to post-punk tropes of obliqueness, intellectual box-checking, or emotional alienation. Instead, they strike a balance between critique and sincerity with stunning grace on their sophomore effort.

For each pummeling wave of distorted guitars, a tender, melodic vocal floats over its crest. With every winking, deadpan lyric comes a genuine admission of desire, shame, or hope. Products Band embraces the literary traditions of their influences while telling their stories on their terms. We may spend our days scrolling through conjecture about impending doom, but they angle their songwriting toward capturing conscious experiences: maintaining intimacy under the chokehold of professional life, trying to heal with humility, and confronting Carl Jung know-it-alls who misread their big-britching as sullen sex appeal.

These songs in sequence create a striking mosaic, and faithfully represent the diversity of Products Band’s musical influences. From high-energy, airtight punk’n’roll to intricate, groove-driven pop, Some Sudden Weather refreshes rock vocabularies by sculpting them within the band’s unique perspective. Whether you crave dancefloor-ready bass hooks, spiderwebbed guitar skronk, interwoven vocal duets, hell, even melodies sung by a busted toy Casio, Products Band delivers. An essential listen for all fans of contemporary post-punk, guitar pop, and thoughtful Midwestern charm.

Some Sudden Weather is available on limited edition Coke-Bottle-clear vinyl and download, released on October 20th, 2023 via Solid Brass Records. Orders are available HERE.


01/20 Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry

Artist: Products Band

Album: Some Sudden Weather

Label: Solid Brass Records

Release Date: October 20, 2023

01. Shell Text

02. Dead (But Not Like Me)

03. The Matter

04. I Can’t Praise Your Head Trip

05. Proverbial Con

06. Canary Dream

07. Reclined Derealized 2022

08. Warped Page

09. Count To Ten

10. Lab Rack

11. On A Curve

12. Sun Turned Over

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