Thursday, January 11, 2024

Max Boogie Overdrive share "Stoned Again" single via Decibel Magazine (FFO: Fu Manchu, Kyuss classic melodic '70s style Desert Rock)

 “Right in line with fellow SoCal tokemeisters Fu Manchu and Nebula, with plenty of hazy Sabbath rifferama and a generally sludgy, laconic approach.” — Decibel Magazine

Los Angeles band Max Boogie Overdrive share the title track from their forthcoming debut album Stoned Again today via Decibel Magazine. Hear and share "Stoned Again" HERE. (Direct Bandcamp HERE and all DSPs HERE.)

Hailing from greater Los Angeles, Max Boogie Overdrive was originally conceived in 2022, as a recording project between guitarist Max Boogie a.k.a. Jim Bacchi (Hittman, Fuzzbubble, The Tikiyaki Orchestra) and Drop Dee a.k.a. Daren Ford (Red Square Black, Ravine, The Generals) as a way to pursue their passion for all things Stoner and Boogie... mammoth guitar riffs, bellowing vocals, and the swagger of early '70s Detroit rock nʼ roll -- dirty, fuzzy, with just a dusting of doom, and whole lotta boogie (not Disco... Heavy Boogie Rock.)

The cyclonic drumming of Tom ʻKnucklesʼ Hernandez (Lords of Altamont, Superbeez) propels the band past the sludge and doom pace, and guitarist Richard ʻRCʼ Clarkʼs guitar adds the necessary beef to the mix, fattening up the tone, and added vocal duties.

Presented here in its full length album glory, the bandʼs debut, Stoned Again serves up a classic blend of all the aforementioned genres in its own unique hybrid. Listeners have drawn comparisons to Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, even Motorhead... Of course the Sabbath influence is there, but throw in some old Kiss, UFO, Budgie and classic early 80ʼs metal as well... “Stoned Again" focuses on songwriting more than any particular “sound”, so there is a bit more of classic rock structure to the songs, but all heaviness is there, a bit of space-out psychedelia, some epic guitar jams, and of course... riffs o' plenty. Dig it!

Stoned Again will be available on CD and download on March 29, 2024. 


03/28 Los Angeles, CA - Resident - album release show 

Artist: Max Boogie Overdrive

Album: Stoned Again

Label: Future Primitive Recordings

Release Date: March 29th, 2024

01. The Devil Knows My Name

02. Suffer Sister

03. Freakazoid

04. Van Boogie

05. Bomb Incoming

06. Demonaire

07. King of Fire

08. Stoned Again


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