Friday, January 20, 2023

UK psych-punk phenom DEZ DARE shares "Bloodbath-on-HI" video from forthcoming album Perseus War


"This balance - between big and small, between composure and fury - is what makes the record so engaging, Smallman's gaze of disdain flitting from universal issue to idiosyncratic bugbear without pause. Where the emotive weight could easily be lost within the tumult of post Geelong guitars, here it is high and bold, registering with intimacy and wit." -- The WIRE Magazine

“The lone fighter is something like the punky-grungey and above all a few years younger version of Bevis Frond, offering fuzzy psychedelic noise rock on ‘Ulysses Trash’.” OX FANZINE [8/10]

“It’s a wild mix of classic garage rock, psychedelic elements (Hawkwind says hello), typical punk riffs of the late 1970s, noise rock à la Sonic Youth or Fugazi, repetitive, shamanic recitations. 34 captivating minutes over thirteen songs from one cast.” Amplified [8/10]

“’Ulysses Trash’ is brilliantly conceived, shockingly under-produced and a worthy testimony to one man’s trip. Over in the blink of an eye in a gloriously extended WTF moment of unbridled chaos “Ulysses Trash” is a triumph and will comprehensively add more aural colours to your sonic palette.” All Music [9/10]

“I would say if Hawkwind wrote two-three minute punk songs, they would sound just like this and that’s a hell of a compliment!” Über Rock

"Bloodbath-on-HI" is the 1st video and single from the forthcoming album, Perseus War by Dez Dare. Diving in hard, animated and full of riffage, the track tackles one of humanity's best pastimes: Collapsing societies. We fight with our neighbours, over farm lands we steal, pollute in the name of progress. Societies fall, we never learn and, now we live globally. Watch/share "Bloodbath-on-HI" via YouTube

Perseus War is the 3rd album by Australian born, UK based artist Dez Dare. Leading on from 2022's Ulysses Trash, Dez presents 10 songs of dystopian indifference captured over 4 weeks in late 2022. Meant to be a companion EP to the last record, ideas spilled, riffs flowed, Perseus was born.

Dez Dare (aka Darren Smallman of BATTLE WORLDWIDE, Low Transit Industries, Thee Vinyl Creatures, The Sound Platform, Warped) grew up in Geelong, a port city located on Corio Bay and the Barwon River, in the state of Victoria, Australia where he became involved in the local punk and rock scene in 1990, playing in a band called Warped, sharing stages with the likes of Bored!, The 5678s, Fugazi, and The Dirty Three, going on to play in multiple bands spewing out sludgy punk rock, drone riffage and noisy pop abundance. Darren was embedded in the scene, playing music, running labels (founding record label and touring company Low Transit Industries in 1999 working with bands such as The Essex Green, Lilys, Elf Power, Okkervil River, Of Montreal, Black Mountain, Trans Am) before moving to the UK in 2010 where he has operated ever since.

Perseus War album will be available on March 17th, 2023. Pre-order the CD and pre-save streams at

Artist: Dez Dare

Album: Perseus War

Record Label: CH!MP Records

Release Date: March 17th, 2023

01. Bozo

02. Perseus War

03. Myopic Tropic

04. Bloodbath-on-HI

05. A Chimp, A Tricycle, New World Order

06. I Know Why You Cry at Adam Sandler Films

07. OUCH!

08. My Heels + My Toes, My Lies + My Nose

09. BEACH!


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